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De-stress Your Life: In Seven Easy Steps (Book & CD) - Glenn Harrold

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Genre: Health / Family / Lifestyle / Author: Glenn Harrold / Edition: Pap/Com / Paperback / 192 Pages / Book is published 2007-03-21 by Orion

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    1 Review
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      24.03.2012 18:38
      Very helpful



      A really good little set to help de-stress you!

      It is said that nowadays we make more decisions in a week than our grandaparents made in a year! Yep modern day living is fast, we're getting poorer, technology is moving on and more and more of us suffer with stress than ever...with it set to get worse too in my opinion and never better.

      We're all too busy to wipe our bums thesedays is my wise mothers explanation and me, well I tend to agree with that in a less crude manner lol. We're all so busy juggling everything on our plates that half the time we don't even realise we are stressed out, well we don't even have time to be or even think we are lol!

      Me, well I suffer with stress therefore depression and so on. Recently having being diagnosed officially with M.E though made me sit down and take stock of myself and one of the first decisions I made was that instead of filling myself up with magic potions, smothering on magic potions and popping conventional medicines down my throat at any given moment was to address my life and try and take a more holistic and kinder approach to it all.

      One thing I have become quite interesting in, in recent months is self help. There are so many books and dvds and things to work with and this is a book and cd that I purchased from Amazon. Knowing I suffer with stress and this only costing me at the time £3.00 (including postage and packaging, in used but good condition from Amazon) I felt it was worth a go as I liked the idea of being able to read the book and have a cd as well!

      So who is Glen Harrold, the author of this book then? Well in short he is a hypnotherapist who started off as a musician of all things. He isn't into making people jump up and down and thinking that they are piglets or owt buthe got interested in how hypnosis could help people with usual problems, i.e stress and went on to study it.

      The Book:

      Well the book was published in 2007 with 183 pages and then the cd is in a see through plasic case stuck to the back of it. The book is well laid out and not in too smaller a print and of course the book being called 'De-stree your life in 7 easy steps' says it all really, as it is split into steps rather than chapters.

      First off we have an introduction to the book that tells us about Glen and how the book and cd work and how to follow the steps in the book and how self hypnosis can help. Then we go into identifying what stress is and how to control it and all about mind-clearing meditation and how to create a balance in our lives. Step 2 is then all about our finances and how to get out of debt and manage our money better and also we touch on work stress and at the end of every step we do we have a small technique to try and this one is visualising prosperity. Step 3 is all all about de cluttering our homes and about feng shui. There is a case study as well to help us understand the subject more and we finish this step with visualising a positive and happy home.

      Step 4 talks about general and family relationships and how to go about healing relationship conflicts in 5 mini steps and also there is advise on how to improve parenting skills, a case study on divorce and again we finish off this step with a technique to creat harmonious relationships. Step 5 talks about detoxing our bodies and healthy eating tips and a hollistic way to exercise and become fit and again we end the step with a motivation to exercise technique to try to get us to actually do it lol. Step 6 is all about trying to de-stress the mind and detoxing it and we are taught about reframing problems and we are talked through how to time manage better and how to use our memory to our full advantage before learning a mind calming and body relaxation technique. Step 7 finishes us off with the steps and talks us through developing a more positive outlook, embracing the fact we all get older and how to set goals and about learning self-esteem before finally finishing off with a postivie future technique. Finally we are talked though the content of the cd and how to use it and how it works and of course at the back of the book further reading is advised and viewing and so on.

      Using The Book:

      On initally picking up the book and leafing through it I was impressed by it. Like I stated earlier this is a well laid out book, not cluttered or confusing and there are no photographs, pictures or diagrams in it whatsoever. To use this book you can read it cover to cover like I first did or you can use it to help problem solve a particular issue you are having. We are advised to read the book, particulary the end section before listening to the cd first so we know how to breath properly and what is going on with the subliminal messages and what to expect from self hypnosis and the likes.

      What I like about this book is how simplistic it is to understand. Case studies are used about stressful situations and explanations on how to deal with it given in a forthright way. The relaxation techniques, which are basically just breathing and visualising things really are very helpful indeed too. I like the personalisation Glen gives to this book using his own experiences to help guide us through in an honest way and I have to say that although I was scepitical that a book like this could help me I have found it more than a little bit useful of late to say the least lol!

      I now understand what stress is and how to control it a little bit more. I know my triggers and I now understand that how I manage my time now is so vitally important and believe that even if your not stressed out as far as you know that this could still be a helpful book for reference just for when you need some friendly hints and tips to get you through.

      The Cd:

      Of course this is a self hynotherapty cd so not suitable to be played when operating any kind of machinary or when driving.

      To listen to this we are advised to lie down with headphones on quietly. The mans voice is so boring and slow but actually very calming to be fair to it but it did take me a little while to get used to the drollness of it lol. He teaches us how to breath and to be calm and talks us through breathing techniques. This is a mixture of music and nature sounds and of course the voice of a man who I assume is Glen Harrold. He talks about peace, space and breathing and we are meant to drift off and absorb the subliminal messages given, sometimes you can hear things being said in the background, sometimes you cant. The cd is huge and has loads on it, tracks through to a-h and the first track lasts about half and hour the other tracks are all about 5 minutes each. Each one is similar to the last its just the music that really changes as background noise. Affirmations to enpower feature highly on this cd.

      For me this cd really does tick all the boxes. At first I giggled at the dull mans voice and now I get why its dull cos it really does chill me out and take me to the point of nodding of which is a good thing. I do feel realaxed and more positive after listening to the cd and like with the book I can go to step a-h (the 7 steps) and pick which I want to listen to if not all.

      This was a brilliant buy for me and I think this is a very thoughful gift for yourself or for someone you know is struggling with life and being stress head and I like mine so much I have re-ordered this for my friends mum as I think she may well beneift from it hopefully.

      It's very value for money this and I will certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for any other of Glen Harrolds offerings in the future! So nice one!


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