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Detox Your World: Quick and Lasting Results for a Beautiful Mind, Body and Spirit - Shazzie

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2 Reviews

Genre: Health / Family / Lifestyle / Author: Shazzie / Edition: 2nd Edition / Paperback / 382 Pages / Book is published 2003-04-29 by Rawcreation Limited

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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2009 21:02
      Very helpful



      A great Introduction to Raw Foodism

      Detox your world.

      Author:- Shazzie

      First Published by RawCreation Limited UK in April 2003

      ISBN:- 0-9543977-0-3

      Source:- Detox your World book

      I first came across this book whilst researching the benefits of a Raw Food Diet and found Shazzie's website http://www.detoxyourworld.com/.

      The author has been a Vegan for many years and blogged her transition to Raw food on a daily basis the success's and failures and everything in between. It was this blog that prompted me to explore Raw Foodism further as the author didn't appear to embark upon the huge dietary change as a Fad, but ensured that she was in possession of all the facts in relation to good nutritional practice and a sustainable lifestyle change.

      Raw Foodism

      A Raw Food diet is essentially a diet jam packed with NON - COOKED foods and incorporates Fruit, Vegetables, Cocoa Powder and other non cooked food essentials.

      The Book.

      Shazzie's writing style is informative and backed up by a plethora of research yet this isn't a book which makes the reader feel as though they are being dictated to, Shazzie retains a human element and sense of humour whilst gently informing the reader of the benefits of Raw Foodism, the science behind the diet.

      The book is divided into sections or chapters, with the initial chapter focusing upon the aforementioned science, statistics and general information regarding Raw Foodism.

      This is followed by the your Toxic World and Detox Helpers section and delves into non-dietary lifestyle changes incorporating switching to "green products" where possible and useful pointers regarding toxicity in the home etc.

      The next chapters focus upon the Detox plan, the guidelines and the tips which ensure you are on the road to success.

      There is a Recipe and resources section which are both highly informative.

      Does this book live up to the hype?. I followed an adapted version of the Raw Food Diet for a month and lost just under two stone yet felt alert an energised. My skin literally glowed from the inside out, new hair growth was no longer grey but back to my original colour, cellulite was literally banished and I have never felt better in my life.

      The downside to Raw Foodism is that it's incredibly difficult to summon the willpower in the depths of winter.

      I would recommend this book as a great starting point for anyone wishing to explore the Raw Food concept further or anyone who is looking for a healthy detox and wants to ensure that they detox safely and incorporate food combining to ensure optimum nutrition. A highly informative, well researched book.


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        25.03.2009 21:07
        Very helpful



        Currently £14.44 on amazon but worth every penny

        Shazzie is probably one of the most well-known raw vegans in the UK. She manages Rawcreation Ltd and has written various books on the subject. This book was recommended to me by a friend as I have often toyed with the idea of raw veganism. However this book is far more than just a book about raw veganism; it's a comprehensive bible detailing hundreds of ways in which you can make tiny differences that will make big differences to your life. Its probably one of the most useful books I've read, and I often dip back into it. I would highly recommend anybody to read it as it contains a lot of eye opening information.

        First of all, this book will probably not appeal to the cynical. Shazzie does not come from a medical background and to my knowledge has no medical training therefore many will dismiss a lot of what she says. However to me, this is missing the point. Shazzie rightly states that if we consider the medical profession as a whole, how much can we trust them? There is so much emphasis placed upon treating the symptoms of illnesses, whereas Shazzie argues how much more sensible it would be to treat the causes. Indeed she champions a holistic approach, which means looking at the individual person behind the illness and looking at why they have become ill in the first place.

        The book is divided into loads of small chapters, and covers numerous topics. To start with, Shazzie explains how to use the book and what it means to detox your life. She then states her argument as to why humans are fundamentally designed to eat raw food. Not everyone will agree with the theory behind this; personally, I do, but I don't adhere to it! And even if you don't agree its clear that Shazzie has some valid points. She then covers topics such as:
        Household items
        Colon cleansing
        What's the best way to eat food
        Cooking your food
        The book also contains various detox plans, success stories and countless raw recipes.

        Most chapters are short - only 4 pages - which makes this an easy book to dip into. Shazzie outlines why the methods that we use for many things are unsafe and unethical, and she suggests alternatives. She also outlines why parts of our daily routine - simple things like walking on a cold bathroom floor, using fluoride toothpaste, carpets, dairy products - could be making us ill. There are a lot of revelations in this book - some that everyone will agree with, and some that people will dispute, but Shazzie puts her points across in an honest, friendly, non-preaching way and I found it very thought-provoking. She includes lots of references for each topic, so that the reader can investigate it further if they so wish.

        One revelation that has changed me is a point Shazzie makes about breakfast. I've always followed the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and have forced myself to eat even though I rarely feel hungry in the mornings. Shazzie argues that our bodies are still detoxing in the mornings, therefore if we aren't hungry, there's a reason for this, so forcing ourselves to eat isn't doing us any good. I now just have a raw smoothie, or if I'm not hungry I have fruit later in the morning and cannot stress how much better I feel by starting the day this way.

        There are loads of other eye-opening tips - too many to stress here - but the focus is very much on cutting down on the toxins in our lives and listening to our bodies.

        The success stories are fascinating, no less Shazzie's own story, and the detox plans are straight-forward and look easy to follow, although I have yet to try one. I have tried some of the recipes but am currently saving up for a dehydrator so will be able to make more of them once I get it! The recipes are all made with raw ingredients and include:
        Nut milks
        Dips and spreads
        Walnut burgers
        Sweets and desserts
        Juices and smoothies
        A dehydrator is not neccesary for all recipes and I have made a few without one. My favourites include pink porridge, romaine roll-ups, fig stew and courgetti and rawgu (courgette spaghetti with tomato sauce). The recipes are easy to make, most ingredients are widely available, and best of all they are 100% healthy as well as tasty.

        Shazzie also champions raw chocolate, which is the best thing ever! Its as it says - chocolate made from raw cacao - which means it contains no fat, sugar or dairy and is packed with health benefits. You can literally eat it for breakfast! Its available through Shazzie's websites and tastes similar to dark chocolate with a truffle consistency.

        I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I have made many positive changes since reading it and have many more planned. I now eat raw before noon, only eat meat once a week (if that) and try to eat something raw with most meals. I have also switched to mostly natural cosmetics and make up, use fluoride-free toothpaste and use only vinegar and lemon juice for cleaning. Although Shazzie advocates a 100% raw diet, she does also stress that you take things at a slow pace, and if you don't want to go completely raw, that's OK as small changes are better than nothing.

        I found that this book has really made me think, and has inspired me in many ways. It will not be for everyone as there are many who do not believe in a holistic approach. However I would highly recommend this book, particularly if you do not keep well, as it could be the case that some small changes in your life could make a big difference.

        From what I've read, Shazzie sounds like an inspiring and interesting person and I hope to read more of her books in the near future. For more info see:


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