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Discover Your Psychic Powers - Tara Ward

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Genre: Religion / Spirituality / Author: Tara Ward / Spiral-bound / 384 Pages / Book is published 2008-09-30 by Arcturus Publishing

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2010 15:13
      Very helpful



      A great book to help you with your self development.

      Discover Your Psychic Powers ~ Tara Ward.

      Whether you choose to believe it or not, everyone is psychic........and yes I know that half of you who have clicked on to read this review will now go and find another review to read, but it is a comment worth repeating ........ Everyone is psychic!.

      It isn't some special gift, given only to the chosen few, it is something that all of us are born with, but most of us just don't know how to tap into. This is something that can be learned when and if you are ready to do so.

      Contrary to popular belief psychic work is not associated with any religious denomination and isn't intended to be a religious experience, so whatever faith you believe in, if any, it makes no difference to your ability to develop your psychic skills.

      This is one small part of my life that I have been interested in, and have been developing for many years. I have had an interest in the Tarot cards, the Rune stones and various other forms of psychic work ever since I was a teenager and one book that has been extremely useful to me is 'Discover your psychic powers' written by Tara Ward.

      ~~~ The Book ~~~

      This book has been written in a simple, factual style, making it easy for the reader to understand and follow. It allows for each of the topics to be developed in an easy and almost natural way making it a fascinating subject to learn. It shows how psychic and spiritual development can totally transform your life by way of both meditation and physical exercises.

      The book starts off by looking at Karma and re-incarnation and then the energies of the human body. It then goes onto explain the Chakra points, what they are for, where to find them and how to use and develop them for use during our psychic work. The book teaches us about meditation and deep breathing exercises, what the benefits are and how to do these correctly, so as to bring about total balance of mind and body, thus allowing us to tap into our psychic energies more effectively.

      As the book progresses we come across many more practical exercises all of which are designed to aid us in our development and so our abilities become more powerful and we can become more attuned.

      ~~~ The Subjects Covered ~~~

      1. ~ What are the benefits?
      2. ~ Karma and Reincarnation
      3. ~ Looking at energy.
      4. ~ Human energy.
      5. ~ Chakras.
      6. ~ Creating your own space.
      7. ~ Breathing and relaxation.
      8. ~ Tuning in.
      9. ~ The early stages.
      10. ~ Expanding everything.
      11. ~ Your sitter.
      12. ~ Giving an auric reading.
      13. ~ Psychometry
      14. ~ Flower reading.
      15. ~ Self healing.
      16. ~ Healing others.
      17. ~ Using crystals.
      18. ~ Discovering Aurographs.
      19. ~ Pendulums and dowsing.
      20. ~ Crystal balls.
      21. ~ The Tarot cards.
      22. ~ The Runes.
      23. ~ Palmistry.
      24. ~ Using your psychic defences.
      25. ~ The future.

      At each stage of learning we are given meditations, practical and mental exercises, which need to be repeated over and over again until we have a firm grasp of that particular subject before we move on to the next stage or subject.

      ~~~ Opinion ~~~

      I started off many years ago by just learning the things I was solely interested in and then over the years as my knowledge grew I found myself moving naturally into other fields. Interestingly I found that the subjects that I originally had little interest in at the start have now become the more focused in my abilities. I set out to learn the more obvious and popular of the subjects i.e. the Tarot cards and the Rune stones, and whilst I have learned a lot in these areas, my forte seems to lie more in the less commonly known such as 'Flower Reading' and 'Psychometry'. This seemed to come much more naturally to me and took very little effort on my part to actually learn, it seemed to me that this ability was already there.

      But whatever you want to learn or even if you just have the desire to know how to totally relax and meditate and find your inner self, this book will show you how to do it. It will start you off on the right path and give you an insight on every subject covered. It is suitable for anyone who has little or no knowledge of psychic works giving you a taste of all the subjects covered and allowing you to choose, with added knowledge which, if any, of the subjects you would like to pursue and develop. More experienced psychic workers may benefit from reading this too, it may have ideas and concepts that have not been experienced or considered or it maybe that you have not had any experience of a certain subject and wish to develop in that area too. Definitely worth a read!

      It is a book I would highly recommend for use in your own personal self development. It is easy to understand and to follow. The exercises are fun to do and with a lot of practise you will probably find that your abilities and intuition will become more finely tuned.

      Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed working and learning from this book.

      ~~~ Cost and Availability ~~~

      It states on the reverse of the book that it costs £7.99. However it is also available on Amazon for £6.49 and I very recently saw it available in The Works for £2.50 or 3 books for £5.00.

      Paperback: ~ 384 pages
      ISBN:~ 978-1-84837-198-9
      Publisher:~ Arcturus.

      Thank you for reading!


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