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Fox in Socks - Dr. Seuss

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6 Reviews

Genre: Humour / Author: Dr. Seuss / Edition: New Ed / Paperback / 64 Pages / Book is published 2003-05-06 by Picture Lions

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    6 Reviews
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      19.05.2010 23:20
      Very helpful



      good value

      I first came across Dr Seuss when my children were small, the cat in the hat caught my attention and my childrens, so it was only a matter of time before one of my children suggested i buy some Dr Seuss books for bedtime rading whenever I have my grandchildren to sleep over and tonight is one of those last minute baby sitting session, you know when your daughter rings and says. I've been invited out last minute, pleaseeee mum can you look after your grandchild tonight ? ( I don't like to write too much information about my family online so i won't mention my grandsons name)

      The book i bought last week from The Works book shop was Fox in Socks - Dr. Seuss for a cheap price of 99p.
      The book tells the story of a red fox in blue socks,the words rhyming through out the book quickly grab a childs attention and my grandson can often be heard quoting parts of the book as he's playing so it does entertain very well.

      As you go through the book , the characters become introduced to you and more are added towards the end of the book, its a fast pace and funny too with great colourful illustratiions that children love to look at as your reading the story.

      The book comes with a warning which grabs a childs attention from the beginning. "Take it slowly. This book is dangerous."
      trying to read it the first time is so funny if you get your words muddled like I do sometimes, this is a thing with age so reading it slowly at first is advised. The tongue twisters get tougher.

      Here are just some of the words you will have to get your toungue around :-
      Well then... bring your mouth this way.
      I'll find it something it can say.

      Luke Luck likes lakes.
      Luke's duck likes lakes.
      Luke Luck licks lakes.
      Luck's duck licks lakes.

      Duck takes licks in lakes Luke Luck likes.
      Luke Luck takes licks in lakes duck likes.

      I can't blab such blibber blubber!
      My tongue isn't make of rubber.

      Mr. Knox. Now come now. Come now.
      You don't have to be so dumb now....

      Try to say this, Mr. Knox, please....

      Through three cheese trees three free fleas flew.
      While these fleas flew, freezy breeze blew.
      Freezy breeze made these three trees freeze.
      Freezy trees made these trees' cheese freeze.
      That's what made these three free fleas sneeze.

      Stop it! Stop it!
      That's enough, sir.
      I can't say such silly stuff, sir.

      That is just a sample of the way the book goes it is hilarious to try and read and my grandchildren love it especially when I get tongue tied, my grandson will even pick this book up to read now he's older and he reads it outloud and giggles loudly when he gets muddled.
      I think Dr Seuss is a genius and has captivated childrens minds with his words for years, if you come across this book then have a read. I guarantee in no time at all you will be laughing.
      have fun x


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      16.03.2010 13:46
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      We are big fans of Dr Seuss in our house. We like rhyme, we like silliness and we like funny pictures - all to be found in his books. Fox in Socks is a real favourite as it has the most wonderful tongue twisters all the way through and very ridiculous things.

      There is a sort of story to it, with the Fox in Socks taking a certain Mr Knox, showing him all sorts of bizarre things and trying to get him to copy the tongue twisters. Mr Knox gets increasingly befuddled as the book goes on and ends up shoving the fox into a bottle with some tweetle beetles (come on, you know what they are, don't you?) and making up his own tongue twister.

      My children enjoy listening to me doing the tongue twisters, as I can now do them quite fast. An example is:
      'Through three cheese trees
      Three free fleas flew
      While these fleas few, freezy breeze blew...'
      They also like to try and say them themselves and we all end up falling about laughing. They also like the funny situations (a pig band, tweetle beetles eating noodles on a poodle...) and how Mr Knox gets more and more flummoxed.

      The book is great fun to read together and builds nicely to the finish. The illustrations are in typical Dr Seuss style and have a good level of detail. The version that we have is a small hardback book so it is great for carrying about. I would highly recommend this, even for young children. My eldest (now 9) has been listening to this since he was about 2, I think when he was that age he just loved the sounds of the words, with the repetition, rhyme and alliteration. Go on, knock your socks off!


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        31.10.2008 21:47
        Very helpful



        is a great and funny read for the whole family

        Dr Seuss's Fox in Socks always makes me laugh and the reason why...is not only because it's a funny book, but you have to try and read this when you have had a couple or a few drinks.... My son got this for Christmas and myself, my husband and friends all tried to read it when we were a little merry....I swear I could not stop laughing!!!

        It's a complete tongue twister but it's so funny, it is all about a fox in socks and another character called Knox, each trying to win the battle of the tongue twisters, now Knox is not the best and struggles, whereas Mr Fox is very good and although he keeps telling Knox he'll do an easier one, but he end up just making them even harder...but Knox does win in the end and the last twister is by far the most difficult...hehe!!....You'll have to read the book to find out!!

        My children still laugh every time we read this as we always do it as a game, I try and read it as fast as I can and when I get a word wrong they roll about laughing, sometimes not the greatest book if you are trying to settle them down to sleep.

        Example of some of the tongue twisters;

        ..........Box; Knox; Knox in box. Fox in socks. Knox on fox; in socks in box. Sox on Knox; and Knox in box. Fox in socks; on box on Knox. ...

        ....A quick trick brick stack"

        .....a tweetle beetle noodle poodle bottled paddled muddled duddled fuddled muddled .....

        I always find that most of the Dr Seuss books have a hidden message, moral or some sort of lesson behind it, but I must admit when we read this I could not think of what it was...... so I had a look on Wikipedia to see if there was anything said, it does not actually give a moral etc, but does say that it shows how one person can be stubborn and wants to be left alone and the other is persistent and quite the opposite of the other...... so I suppose there is a sort of moral...but who cares, when its soooooooo funny!!!

        Great read..... and you will laugh your socks off!!

        Amazon - 2.99

        Or even better - Go to Book people and buy the Dr Seuss gift set...it includes the following titles for £20.00

        * The Cat in the Hat
        * One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish
        * Oh, The Places You'll Go!
        * The Sneetches and Other Stories
        * Dr Seuss on the Loose
        * Green Eggs and Ham
        * Scrambled Eggs Super!
        * The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
        * Hunches in Bunches
        * Fox In Socks
        * If I Ran the Zoo
        * I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew
        * ABC
        * If I Ran the Circus
        * And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street
        * Hop on Pop
        * Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You?
        * Horton Hears a Who!
        * Dr Seuss' Sleep Book
        * How The Grinch Stole Christmas

        I think this would be a great xmas present for any little kids (or big kids!!hehe)


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          23.09.2008 17:39
          Very helpful



          Another great installment from Dr Seuss aimed at new readers

          The Fox in Socks is a very fun book written by the very popular Dr Seuss. As my eldest is getting into these books this is the next title I decided to buy for him as he has seen it in the school library and says that it is fun.

          The cover of the book is white and has a red boarder. There is a picture of a red fox wearing blue socks and gloves and the title is on the left hand side in blue lettering. The back cover is green with a red boarder and there is a short passage telling us about the book.

          The book begins by giving us 4 rhyming words, fox, socks, box and knox. Over the following 3 pages we have short rhyming sentences with these 4 words used in different ways. The story goes on to see chicks bringing bricks, blocks and clocks and the fox telling the knox that they should do tricks with these things. The fox makes stacks with the items and we see the knox in a box on top of the blocks. The story goes on and we are introduced to further characters and items which all follow the same rhyming pattern.

          This is such a fun book but if you do not fully concentrate when reading it you might get easily tripped up with some of the rhyming words. I have to make sure the television is turned off when I sit down with my 4 year old to read it to him!

          The story is told with nice simple words and the book has lots of nice big and bright colourful pictures on every page which makes it easy for younger children to follow what is happening. The book has nice big black lettering which is on plain white parts of the pages so it is easy to see and great for beginner readers to read independently.

          The book takes a good 10 minutes to read properly and maybe longer if you sit and talk about what can be seen in the pictures, we enjoy doing this as some of them are very silly.

          Dr Seuss has written this book and given it a green back which means it is ideal for new and learner readers. There are also a few different coloured back books available which are aimed at advanced and confident readers.

          The retail price for this book is £4.99 but I picked up a new copy for £2.50 from eBay which is a bargain and they are also available to buy on Amazon with prices starting at 1p on the market place and prices from £3.99 and upwards brand new.

          The book was published by Harper Collins Publishers Limited.

          Other title available in the green back collection include:-

          The Cat in the Hat
          The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
          Dr. Seuss's ABC
          Green Eggs and Ham
          How the Grinch Stole Christmas
          The Lorax

          And many many more.

          I definitely recommend this book as it is very fun to read and the children will love it. It is also a nice book for new readers to read to you.


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            26.10.2005 18:19
            Very helpful



            A magical book for children of all ages - proving that we men never grow up!

            I am not usually a great one for harping back to the “good old days”, maybe I had precious few of them to look back on dewy eyed over anyway, but there is just something about days like today that make me want to regress back to childhood.

            You may regard this particular “occurrence” today as totally irrelevant to an early reading book for children and in a sense you have a valid point. You see, this afternoon I had a “gentleman” call me on the telephone requesting to open a credit account with our company – the very same man whose company went into liquidation owing us just over £4000 only THREE weeks ago.

            I had mentioned to my wife at lunchtime that, this evening I would come home and write a review on “Mr Fox” as I have known him since my very first memories as a four year old child. My only problem with this particular review, being the “angle” from which I would approach writing it…….

            ……it was these thoughts that were going through my head when Mr Phoenix Company came on the phone, requesting that we be taken for another ride.

            Now, at 43 years of age, I still regard my 1966 (first edition) copy of Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss as THE treasure in my book collection. I am not embarrassed to tell you that I have been known to pick it up when feeling down, read it from cover to cover and feel 100% better afterwards. Maybe for me Mr Fox is some kind of comfort blanket!

            Thank you Dr Seuss, you are a genius putting me in the right mood to handle that particularly tricky business call this afternoon.

            OK, why then is Seuss such a genius?

            Far be it for me to pontificate on the subject of child psychology, but I truly believe that this book, along with his many others can aid, amuse and educate even the most unwilling of learners.

            How can a child not be drawn in by a book proclaiming on its very first page:

            Take it
            This Book

            Well in what sense is it dangerous? If a small child dropped it on their bare foot, I guess my hard backed copy could inflict pain, but no, it is only dangerous in the sense that it can prove all too addictive fun. Both for the adult reader and, certainly in my case as a child, the amused listener.

            The next progression is, of course, from amused listener to interested reader. On the cover of my book is a logo stating “I can read it all by myself” Beginner Books. In my case that certainly proved quickly to be the case. It then becomes a challenge to read out loud the ever more twisting, tongue twisters ever more quickly!

            As with all good children’s books of course there have to be illustrations, encouraging the child to read and learn about what their eyes are telling them from the pictures on the page. In my opinion (and yes I know others differ!) the illustrations are simply brilliant.

            Simple, but brilliant.

            It starts right at the beginning, introducing you to Fox – he is red incidentally. A picture of a red fox, the word Fox. A pair of blue socks, the word Socks. Then we have a brown box and a rather daffy yellow character by the name of Knox. Incidentally Knox looks very much like Sam in Green Eggs and Ham.

            As you can see from the list of words; Fox, Socks, Box and Knox we have the basis for the ever more incredible tongue twisting pages to follow.

            As with all good book reviews I have no intention of giving the whole plot and ending away, that would not be fair, after all you may not have parental controls set on DOOYOO, I would hate to break the surprise so callously.

            Of course foxes have always had an unduly hard time on the PR front and I am afraid the Dr Seuss’s invention is no exception to that rule. He is a crafty old beast indeed and certainly the hapless Knox is no match for his cunning ways.

            As the story progresses, the number of characters contained in it increase, we are introduced to; chicks, bricks, and clocks, all of which, due to the illustrations are imbued with a certain “character”.

            Clever is the way in that we meet the characters one at a time, we grow used to them before the next one enters the story. A stunning (well that is a joke!) blonde female, called Sue, of totally indiscriminate age with a shock of blond hair arrives on page 19, three pages later we meet Crow.

            All of these characters are in a sense stooges to Mr Fox, who uses them to tie up poor old Knox in ever more, ridiculous, yet funny, tongue twisting situations.

            By the end of the story we have a whole cast of characters, pigs, a goose, two Knox like characters – BIM and BEN, helpfully wearing shirts with their names on so that we can identify them, even a duck, who also looks suspiciously like Knox, but has webbed feet. The tweetle beetles, a white Knox like character called Luke and a grey poodle complete our cast list here – as you can see quite a complex arrangement of characters and yet all easy to define.

            When my sister in law first came to England in the summer of 2002, she spotted Fox in Socks on my bookshelf, drawn to it by the colourful red Fox on the cover. At the age of eight, Klaudia, who is Polish, spoke not a word of English. Some of her very first English words were learned from this very same book that hat initially taught me to start reading all those years ago. I was delighted that she was so enthralled with Fox in Socks and sent her back to Poland with an up to date copy of the book, allowing us to read it together over the telephone.

            On her second visit, and as she was about to start formal English lessons at school, we tracked down a volume of five Dr Seuss stories, including Fox in Socks and Green Eggs and Ham. At £4.99 from our local “Publisher’s Outlet Store” I think this makes a remarkably good present for any small child, as indeed do the individual Dr Seuss books such as Fox in Socks reviewed here.

            It is of great delight to me that dear old Mr Fox has endured the ravages of time, that forty years after my much treasured book was published, he is still available today. Surely a book that has been in print for all those years hardly needs a glowing review from me!

            Thank you Dr Seuss, you have given me many years of harmless entertainment, your little book has stood the test of time and still stands proud in our electronic age.

            Yes Dr Seuss was a genius!

            Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss:

            ISBN 0394800389
            Publisher Random House Children’s Books
            (There are several other forms of this same book available – with differing illustrations.)
            Priced from £0.43 from Amazon.


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              28.05.2001 04:05
              Very helpful



              Dr Seuss who is he? A cartoon cat from what I can see. 'I can read it by myself' Means books get taken from the shelf. This is the motto of Beginner Books. Ensure each book gets lots of looks. Children take great pride and pleasure. To read for themselves and at their leisure. Pictures, humour and a rhyme, bring a happy reading time. Rhyming repeated doesn't cause sadness. It's the method in this books madness. 'Knox in box Fox in socks Knox on Fox in sox box. Chicks with bricks come. Chicks with blocks come. Chicks with bricks and blocks and clocks come.' I hope from this you get the style. It continues for quite a while. If you enjoyed Peter Pipers' pickle, then your fancy this may tickle. Who picked out this tongue twister? Well it was Matthew's little sister. Fun for my five year old. On this book she is sold. To read it all took her ages. We laughed through all sixty one pages. Nonsensical story yes I know. Borrow it, buy it, Find it and try it. Only £3.50 a go. No more info now to give you. I am all rhymed out. Thankyou.


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              In this hilarious book, the irrepressible Fox in Socks teaches a baffled Mr. Knox some of the slickest, quickest tongue-twisters in town.

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