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Guess How Much I Love You: Baby Book - Sam McBratney

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3 Reviews

Genre: Calendars / Diaries / Annuals / Author: Sam McBratney / Hardcover / 48 Pages / Book is published 1997-09-08 by Walker Books Ltd

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    3 Reviews
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      21.12.2011 12:58
      Very helpful



      Fantastic keepsake

      We received the Guess How Much I Love You Baby Book as a gift from a friend when my son was born and I thought it was a really lovely gift to receive. It is basically a book for recording things from his first year of life and is themed around the books by Sam McBratney of the same name. The RRP on the back of the book is £9.99 but I have managed to find it for around £6 online.

      For those unfamiliar with the Guess How Much I Love You books, these tell the story of two hares - Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare - and their adventure together. This book is illustrated with the two characters throughout. The book is A4 in size and a hardback book with paper pages. The pages have a glossy feel to them, making the book feel special and well made.


      The first page records details of baby's family and there is space for you to put a photograph in. The next section is about 'my first nine months' i.e. in the womb. This records facts like due dates as well as opinions like 'mummy thought I would be a girl/boy'. There is a space for a photo of mummy when pregnant too (should she wish!!). There is then a section on being born - place of birth, time and the first days. Here there are some lovely ideas for making records with your new arrival - my first footprints, who people thought baby looks like, what gifts were received as well as room to stick keepsakes that you may have - hospital bracelets or newspaper announcements. There are also spaces to record who the prime minister is, famous film stars and how much a stamp costs. There is then a section to record your baby's 'firsts' - first grasp, clap, sleeping through the night.

      There are then various sections to record things that baby may do in their first year - holidays and celebrate Christmas. There is even a section to record 'bumps and bruises'. The last sections in the book are for baby's first and second birthdays and then growing - where you can record height and weight at whichever ages you wish. There is also a completely blank page at the back entitled 'special memories'.


      This is a lovely baby book and a very thoughtful gift to receive. The illustrations throughout the book make it childlike and fun to look at. The sections are incredibly well thought out and the book is laid out in an order that makes sense and is fairly chronological. There are sufficient spaces left to record things in as much or as little detail as you like without it looking too crammed/too empty.

      There are some really unique ideas for things to record in this book that I haven't seen in other similar books, for example illnesses and bumps and falls. I guess that this is because we don't think that we should 'celebrate' these things, but they are landmarks in your child's life none-the-less! I also like the fact that there are a lot of 'opinion' prompts in the book and not just cold, hard facts. When my son is old enough to look through the book with me, I expect he will have little interest in what time he was born or his weight but more in whether mummy though he would be a girl or boy or who daddy thought he looked like. I also think the section recording famous people and prices of things at the time he was born will be very interesting to him when he is older.

      The way the book is written, it is like your baby is recording the facts themselves - 'I first noticed my hands aged ______'. This makes the book really fun and personal too.

      Filling in the book can be as quick or as time consuming as you like. This is a great property for a book like this as you have very little time to do anything with a newborn baby in the house! I certainly didn't find much time to record anything very early on in my son's life but the book is such that you can fill a lot of the early sections out from memory at a later date (after all time of birth is etched in my mind permanently...!). As you get further through the book, it becomes more necessary to record things as they occur - for example when baby reaches milestones such as clapping hands. This is just a matter of recording an age though and (hopefully!) by then you should have just a little bit more time on your hands!

      As with a lot of these things, you get out of it what you put in. So, if you spend ages writing down your opinions and attaching photographs and the like, you will have a really lovely keepsake. If you choose to just record facts, you will have a record book - still lovely and something that baby will enjoy when they grow older, but not quite the same! At first, I did struggle to find the time to fill this in and it nearly did get neglected but I am glad I persevered as, even now, I look back at the early pages and smile. The book has prompted me to record things that I would never have even thought of and has a lovely childlike charm about it. If you are looking for a gift for someone you know that is expecting a baby, this really is a fantastic buy.


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        09.11.2010 18:58
        Very helpful



        Guess how much I love you baby book

        Guess how much I love you?? This is one of the phrases I say to my little girl all the time and then usually demonstrate by saying I love her more than all the tea in China, all the ice in Iceland, etc etc, you get the picture so to me able to read her a book that also incorporates this is wonderful.

        The Guess How Much I Love you books are written by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram. It tells the story of Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown hare and their efforts to express their love for each other. Apparently the books have sold more than fifteen million copies worldwide and I can see why.

        One form this story takes is in the form of a Baby Books. I think Baby Books are great as they allow you to record all your baby's first's and make a wonderful keepsake that you can look back at years to come with your child. I think we forget very quickly important milestones so to have them written down in such a wonderful style book is excellent.

        This baby book features characters and scenes from Guess How much I love you and records the first two years of your child's life and as it says on the back, "so that they will know for ever just how much you love them!"

        The book is A4 size and is hardback with a nice soft padding on the front of the book. It looks very well made and of very good quality. Just about every aspect of your baby's first two years has been though about in this book and I think everything you would want to cover is in here.It starts off well before your baby is born, giving you space to record your details and the baby's fathers details. It also goes on to allow you to record how your pregnancy went, allowing room for possible names, photos of you when you are expecting, heartbeats, kicks, etc. It then goes on with titles at the top of the pages to write about:

        First Days
        My First Footprints
        Other news (such as who was the Prime Minister when your baby was born, famous film stars, pop songs, etc)
        First Baby Feats
        Up and About
        Bumps and Bruises
        On holiday
        My First Birthday
        My second birthday
        Growing - a date, age, height and weight chart
        Special Memories

        All the way through this book the story of the Nutbrown hairs is cleverly incorporated which I think is lvoely. There are wonderful illustrations all throughout the book of the wonderful little hares who are very cute. Then there is also some text which goes with the information recorded on that certain page. For example on the Talking page the text, "Guess how much I loved talking!" is written on the bottom of the page.

        My favourite phrase is included at the end of the book where it says, "I could never have done it without my family! They helped me all the way. Guess how much I love them - right up to the Moon! And guess how much they love me - right up to the moon AND BACK!" Fabulous.

        The book can be found at Walker books, www.walker.co.uk and costs £9.99


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          02.03.2010 14:38
          Very helpful



          A must for new mums and dads!

          As in my previous review you will know that I am now smitten with the story book "Guess How Much I Love You ", so I was really pleased when I discovered this book to go with the rattle and board book that I had already ordered.

          Now when my Daughter in law was in the early stages of pregnancy I bought her a Baby Journal for her to fill in, which she has really enjoyed doing over the last few months. So I thought that this would make a lovely present too.

          This is quite a large hardback book which has a slightly soft padded front cover, with blue colouring going down the sides and pink going across the top and bottom. In the middle is the large Nutbrown Hare holding the baby Nutbrown Hare which is really cute. This is "The Baby Book" for Mums and Dads to fill in as their child grows over the next 2 years.

          It starts with a "My Family" page which is written as if the baby is writing it with the words " Before there was me, there was the rest of my family" and this has a part for Mum and Dads names and birthdays and other people in your family. There then follows a page for photo's which finishes on the bottom of the page with "Guess how much I love them all. And guess how much they love me!".

          It continues over the first nine months with little things like "Mum thought I was going to be a Boy or Girl box to tick and the same for Dad. Plus names that were thought of if they had been born the other sex. It just goes on and on with pages for illnesses, growing chart, first holiday, first birthday, first words ect.....

          Now I know that there are loads of these sort of books in the book shops, but I have never seen one that actually looks like a child story book with the wonderful drawings and illustrations. This is a book that children when a bit older will want to sit down with Mum and Dad and read again and again as they go through all the things that have happened in there precious first 2 years of their life!.

          As the last pages say's "Here are some special pictures and memories... of other things we did when I was small".... "Guess how much I'll treasure them..... one day when I've grown tall!".

          This book has 45 wonderful pages to fill in which I'm sure Mums and Dads everywhere will love to do!.

          This book cost me £5.98 and was worth every single penny that I paid as I know my Daughter in law and Son will love this book!.

          So I would like to thank Sam McBratney for writing such a lovely book and finally finding it after 15 years after it was written!

          If I could give more Dooyoo stars then I would!.


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