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Inside Out: Intermediate: Student's Book - Sue Kay

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Genre: Languages / Author: Sue Kay, Vaughan Jones, Jon Hird, Philip Kerr / Paperback / 160 Pages / Book is published 2001-04-24 by Macmillan Education

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    1 Review
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      22.03.2012 12:03
      Very helpful



      A fantastic resource in the world of TEFL.

      Inside Out, Students Book, Intermediate - Sue Kay & Vaughan Jones

      Inside Out, Students Book, Intermediate is a paperback course book first published in 2000 and is written by Sue Kay and Vaughan Jones. The book teaches English language and grammar to students learning English as a Second Language (ESL). When purchased in the shops, this book originally came with a cassette tape to be used alongside the book, but, as this book is no longer available in the shops I bought my copy off eBay and did not get the cassette included, however after a few months of successful use of this book without the cassette I don't feel it is 100% necessary although at times it would have made life easier! There are a few other, newer versions of this book including New Inside Out which comes with an audio CD.

      As some of you may know, I am currently living in Krakow in Poland working as a Private English Language teacher giving one to one personal English lessons to my students of all ages and ability here in Krakow. Before I moved here I had never taught in my life, so not only was this a big change in life, but also a whole new career too and as a result of this I found myself searching eBay for a few language books to aid me in my lessons and help my students to learn English in an interesting way. I chose this book because I needed something at Intermediate level as this seems to be where a lot of my students are at and also because the book was cheap at just £1.50 plus £3.50 postage.

      Inside Out
      Inside Out is sectioned into 16 Units and each unit is split into 3 sub sections,
      Speaking and Writing: Usually a few exercises which get the student to answer a few questions about the unit topic and have a short conversation to warm them into the topic.
      Reading and Listening: This part of the unit usually contains a reasonable length article for the student to read and then either answer some questions or complete an exercise to show they have understood the text correctly. The listening part of this section would usually involve playing the cassette tape that originally cam supplied with the book, however as I do not have these I have been making use of the tape scripts located at the back of the book. As I appreciate that it is important for my students to listen as well as speak to learn I usually read this script either alone or together with them and so far this method has been working really well and it is also a bit of extra reading practice for them too.
      Grammar, Lexis and Pronunciation: This part of the unit concentrates on various components of grammar used within the unit and uses a variety of exercises throughout the book to ensure that the students not only know the grammar but they also understand why and where to use it. The Lexis part focuses on words that are commonly used in the English language but aren't 'proper' words, such as 'wanna' and 'gonna' and helps the students to understand where these words come from and their meaning and when/if it is acceptable to use them in different situations.

      The units in this book cover a lot of day to day activities such as friends, family, children, age and telling the time. It also covers subjects such as travel which is a great conversation starter and has so far proved to be the unit that my students find the most interesting as they get to talk to me about all of their travels... the bonus for me here is that I learn about new places I would like to visit!

      The Inside Out Student book uses a wide variety of articles and exercises to keep students attention and interest and makes it easier for them to learn English. The feedback I have received from my students is, so far, all positive and they are really enjoying learning from this book. One of my students has told me that some of the units we have covered have not only taught him some new vocabulary, but also some facts and information that he didn't know about places and people in various parts of the world.

      The difficulty of the book increases the further you progress through it and in my opinion is written really well as it encourages and pushes my students to learn while still keeping a strong interest in the language. By the end of the book students should feel confident enough in their English language to be able to move on to the Inside Out Upper-Intermediate book. At the moment I have not finished this level with any of my students, as each unit easily takes a couple of lessons to complete and then review, but I can definitely see an improvement in them since we started this book and I hope the improvement will continue as we progress through the book.

      Additional Material & Tape Scripts
      The last few pages of the book are filled with additional material and tape scripts. The additional material consists of short paragraphs of conversation which can be used with the different units. They also include the answers key to some of the exercises and a section about verbs and a long list of irregular verbs.

      The tape scripts I have found to be very useful as I do not have the original cassettes, so when it comes to a listening part of a unit I will very often read the tape script to or with my student and we can make use of the complete unit without having to skip parts. Obviously it would be better with the recordings to play, but I think it is great that the scripts have been included in the book for a situation like this one.

      Price & Availability
      Unfortunately, due to the age of the book and new versions being written and published, Inside Out Intermediate is no longer available to purchase in the shops. It can be found on eBay for a low price like mine, or you can purchase the more recent version: New Inside Out Intermediate for around the £20 mark depending on where you make your purchase.

      Inside Out, Students Book, Intermediate level was first published in 2000 and is printed by Macmillan. I bought my copy of this book on eBay and I am really pleased with my purchase. Although there are newer and more up to date versions of the book available the language in this book is still English and perfectly comprehensible. I use this book in a lot of my lessons and I think I would be lost without it. I would recommend Inside Out Intermediate to anyone else teaching English in the world of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

      Thanks for reading! :)


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