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Scrabble 2013 Calendar

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Publisher: Carousel Calendars / Published: 1 Aug 2012

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2013 20:30
      Very helpful



      A calendar that keeps your mind active with a Scrabble puzzle every day

      I got this Scrabble calendar for Christmas. This calendar is different to most calendars though - it is thick and smart!

      There is a page for every day of the year, making this calendar far thicker than most. There's a good reason for that though. Each page has a calendar on the left, a scrabble puzzle on the right and a word of the day to use when playing scrabble.

      On the back of the calendar there is a stand which is useful if you wish to stand it up.

      I have found that the pages fall down when you use the stand, but the idea may be to rip off each page everyday and I do think that they would come off fairly easily. However, it seems a shame to do this so I haven't. That does mean that everyday I have to turn to the right page, which isn't the best idea as sometimes you end up seeing the next page which has the answer on to the previous puzzle, plus it means remembering the date or the last puzzle.

      The calendar:
      At the start of each month there is a page which states the month. It also states on that page that the word of the day follows a certain theme and it tells you what that theme is which is a nice addition.

      The calendar is on the left side and takes up about a third of the page. The actual calendar is only small and it shows the whole month. It has the days of the week across the top and the date is highlighted.

      The calendar is highlighted in one of four colours depending on how challenging the puzzle is. Light blue is easy, light red is medium, dark blue is hard and dark red is very hard. This is helpful as you know right away how challenging the puzzle is, although with the calendar being so small I tend to try the puzzle before I look at that.

      Most of the space is taken up with the scrabble logo, an image and the answer to the previous puzzle under that. It states the month and the calendar is then at the bottom, taking up around a third of the space. The text is quite small on the answers and dates so it's not ideal for anyone who can't read small text. This seems daft as they could have made it so much bigger and there's really no need for the same image on every page which is just two scrabble tiles with arms fighting over a triple word score square.

      Despite being a calendar the word puzzles stand out more. It's more of a daily puzzle with a date reminder than a calendar and would probably work better as a book.

      The puzzles:
      The puzzles take up about two thirds of the page with a small section at the bottom for the word of the day.

      Each puzzle is different and is in some way based on the Scrabble game. In some puzzles you get a rack of letters and in others you get the game board and letters. The puzzles range in difficulty, as shown by the colour of the calendar.

      When it shows the board it's only ever a certain section of it and there's usually already at least one word on it.

      The word of the day is always different and is given to help you when you play the board game. They are unusual words that you probably wouldn't think to use during the game, but that may come in useful - if you can remember them! Chances are I'll never think to use any of the words listed unless I already know them and use them anyway, but it's interesting to look at the words anyway as it tells you what they mean.

      Overall, I like the idea of the Scrabble calendar but I think it could have been better designed and I only really look at it to complete a puzzle rather than to know the date.


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