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The Eight Human Talents: Restore the Balance and Serenity Within You with Kundalini Yoga - Gurmukh

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Genre: Mind, Body & Spirit / Author: Gurmukh, Cathryn Michon / Paperback / 272 Pages / Book is published 2001-09-01 by Collins Living

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      06.01.2012 16:06
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      The Eight Human Talents

      What appealed to me about this book?
      I have worked with Gurumkh's wonderful DVD - 'Kundalini Fountain of Youth' and developed a great respect for her teaching method. She has over thirty years of experience and it shows. I sought out this book and what I saw on the cover convinced me that I was right to seek out Gurumkh's written work.

      'Restore the balance and serenity within you with Kundalini Yoga'

      Seeing that the book had an accessible 272 pages - I was reassured that I would not be over faced and leave it gathering dust on my book case. The price was right at £7.99 so I placed my order and eagerly anticipated a good read.

      I'm ready to soak up some knowledge and gain insight....
      Having been suitable impressed by the quality of the paperback book - which is a pleasing size and weight which enables you to read in comfort - I readied myself for a glorious encounter with Gurumkh.

      I was immediately comfortable with the warm style of writing which I recognise as Gurumkh's own as I have witnessed many times that same approachable dialect and style in her yoga class on DVD. It is like I have known this lady for many years and she brings a great sense of calm and peace through her written word.

      I did not know what to expect from this book and really wanted to get to grips with the chakra system. What do they relate to and how do you know when they are out of balance? How do you address that and what will it feel like when they are balanced? I had read some literature before I purchased this book and had a very basic idea of the system but didn't really 'click'. I had high hopes.

      The way that Gurumkh has formatted the book and presented the chakras works incredibly well for me. She allocates a chapter for each of the chakras and within that space she addresses clearly the facets of that energy centre and all manner of manifestations of blockages. The way that Gurumkh's presentation 'clicked' with me is that she describes a case study or an experience in her own life that relates to a blocked chakra. She described the physical symptoms and the mental symptoms. The emotions and the reactions. This was a real 'aha' moment for me and I was captivated by the whole scenario - I could not wait to see what kriyas (sets) and meditations she advised. The chapters were structured so that you had an overview of the chakra, a case study or experience which highlighted the symptoms that a blockage will present with and then with the use of clear line drawings and concise instruction there were the exercises and/or meditations that would unblock the charka.

      The case studies and personal experiences that are included within the chapters are very interesting and I could relate to them. Now that I understood the manifestations and symptoms I could easily select a class that would work on that issue and the appropriate chakra. I found this empowering and extremely interesting. It is fabulous to be able to identify a symptom and be able to address it without the need of medication or other outside influences.

      Having read the book in a matter of days I knew that this was not the only time that those pages would be accessed. This is the kind of wisdom that you can dip into anytime you need it - it is in no danger of gathering dust on my shelf!

      I also appreciate the set of exercises that Gurumkh includes as a gift you the reader at the end of the book. This is a good class that is achievable by most individuals - great to take away on holidays so that you have a class to work with and wisdom to access at any time.

      Sourcing one for yourself?
      Ranges from £7.99 and upwards


      Any pearls of wisdom from me?
      This book is easy to get along with as it is written by a talented and warm individual. Gurumkh has thirty years experience and it obvious. Chapters are accessible and may provide a 'aha' factor for you too as regards the manifestations of chakras - it is great to have the know how and be able to go along to your mat and begin to work on the chakra in order to free up the energy. I can build up commitment and willpower in an hours session - I know what to do! Willpower from the navel centre - powerful stuff! You get a lot of wisdom and tuition in this book at a steal compared to some other books and from a very good teacher. Not an overwhelming read and at 272 pages it is a good length. It is a book that I return to time and again - worth its weight in gold.


      YES - _highly_

      Thank you and goodbye...
      Also published on Ciao.


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