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The Total Detox Plan: A Comprehensive Program to Cleanse Your Mind and Body - Sarah Brewer

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Genre: Health / Medical / Author: Sarah Brewer / Paperback / Publication Date: 2000 / Publisher: Carlton Publishing Group

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    1 Review
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      12.07.2012 16:33
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      A really good book I hold in high regard!

      When it comes to books I have to admit I am not much of a reader. Give me some time spare I will watch dvds as I'm movie mad. I do try to read believe me I have bought Fifty Shades Of Grey but my interest just wanders off it big time and I'll probably still be reading it this time next year unless a movie is released from the book in which case I just wont bother lol.

      However I do read and own a lot of factual books. I'm very into alternative therapies and nutrition. I'm not the healthiest person suffering with a spine condition, Bulimia (which is controlled at the moment!) M.E and Hypothyroidism. I take medication but believe if there is a way of helping myself I will do and its a subject I find rather fascinating really!

      Over the past few years with Bulimia my diet has been appalling due to binging and being sick alot and being a laxative abuser an so on. I've drank too much, lets not talk about illegal substances and certainly eaten a load of rubbish as well as taking alot of prescribed drugs over the years! So when \ispotted this book in my local charity shop offering me an at home detox at only a pound when this book has on the back of it a suggested retail price of £12.99 I snapped it up and felt that I'd got a bit of a bargain for my ever growing collection.

      The main reason for wanting to detoxify along with the bad habits I'vve had for years is because at the moment I am eating completely normally and healthy as anything. However Hypothyroidism makes me gain weight and quickly to which I am paranoid about so I thought a detox may clear my body and mind a bit!

      The Book:

      Sadly no photograph of this book is being shown but bascailly the cover is mainly a light blue relaxing colour and there is a photograph of a woman on a beach practising yoga and then some little photographs to the bottom of the page of a rose, some bottles with liquid in and some garlic bulbs and we are told that it is The Total Detox Plan 'A comprehensive programme to cleanse your mind and body' and that it is written by Dr Sarah Brewer M.A., M.B., B. Chir and that she is (or probably was now as this book was published in 2001!) a health columist for the Daily Telegraph. On the back of the cover we are told a bit about the book and what its about and a bit about Dr Sarah Brewer and the price is stated as I have listed already.

      Getting Stuck In:

      This is a really nice, easy to look at, calming and relaxing book. The typed word isn't too small and there are plenty of sections and photographs to look at. For me this is an interesting read and an easy one. I can dip in and out of it with ease due to the index at the back of the book and also each section is headed by bold type so I can flick through easily and find out what I want to know.

      Basivcally the book is divided into 12 sections.

      These Are:

      Why Detox?
      Total Detox Plan

      Positive words and the book looks nice but is it understandable and can you follow anything from it?

      Well first off we are told pretty much anyone and everyone should occasionally detox. Smokers, people exposed to pollution, people with bad diets, drinkers and people on medication so that pretty much covers most of the adult population eh lol! We are told through this programme of detoxification what organs it effects and how. We are then given a chapter on how to assess what we need and why. I particulary liked reading about toxins in our bodies and how they make us feel and by the time I read that I was all up for trying a detox out I can tell you! Within this section there is also a piece about alternative medicine which is a simple guide to complimentary medicine which is handy for people with little knowledge on the subect.

      We then move on to the chapters dealing with detoxing. How long should we ever fast for and how and there are interesting pieces on things that can be toxic to us such as anti perspirants and so on...things I'd actually never really given much thought to prior to reading this book and something I do think about now!

      A light cleansing diet is given, ideas for juicing and we are told what foods we should always avoid and why. We are stressed the importance of organic foods again something prior to reading this book I didn't really know alot about and now I buy everything Organic, detoxing or not. Supplements is talked about and natural foods that can help our well being indepth too all throughout the book.

      We are also told about other ways and not just with food on how to detox. Advice is given on giving up smoking and how smoking and different things affects our vitamin and mineral intake, again as a smoker I was very interested in this section

      We are stressed the importance of relaxing and living life, theres a big section in this book about Bach flower remedies and alternative bits and pieces and then we get onto the section of a detox plan, which was initially the real reason I bought the book.

      Ok the detox plan itself was never going to be easy was it? It involves feeling hungry quite a bit with highs and lows and giving up caffeine and pop and so on and it made me feel really fed up. It cost me lots of money for all the foods I needed and did take time and effort to prepare however I did stick to the plan cos by the time I got to it I was revved up to give it a go and give it a go I did...I did the full ten days on the plan and I cant say I wasnt glad when it ended as I totally was and to the middle of it I almost quit!

      No meat is allowed but once a very small amount of chicken and only a very small amount of fish in the way of haddock turns up this is great for vegetarians and even vegns. Your looking at lots of dried and fresh fruit and vegetables and lunches like mushroom, garlic and fennel soup, balancing bean salad and brown rice with cottage cheese (yuk!) recipes are given for the three meals a day plus snack of some kind but I was hungry. I did lose 4lbs and felt less heavy and lethargic after doing it but it wasnt pleasant going through ten days of it!

      All In All:

      If you have grit and really want to detox knowing its not going to be easy then this book is a good one. Its an easy enough read with a calm feel to it balancing what we need to know but in an unwordy and understandable way. I didnt feel patronised reading this book and I felt that I gained alot of knowledge without being overloaded and I often dip in and out of it now to get little bits of information.

      I feel better for this book and will follow the plan again in the not too distant future cos although I got tired, grumpy and bad breath doing it...I lost weight and at the end of it really was re-enrgised and feeling more positive about myself which is a great thing!

      Available from Amazon and various other bookstores.


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