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Unleashing the Sex Goddess in Every Woman - Olivia St. Claire

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Genre: Religion / Spirituality / Author: Olivia St. Claire / Hardcover / 246 Pages / Book is published 1996 by Bantam Books

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      02.01.2002 20:37
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      Shhh.. can you hear her? Can you hear that voice inside you which says you feel sexy tonight? She says things to you in a provocative soft voice, telling you that you want silk next to your skin instead of itchy nylon. Do you hear her? Or is she drowned out by the other numerous voices that speak to you? No, I havent finally gone mad but I do hear my inner sex goddess voice. I hear her all the time. Sometimes I heed her, sometimes I ignore her telling her that the time isn't appropriate. Why do women decide to suppress their own natural allure? Most women who I have had a frank conversation about sex with have all said about that they would all love to have a better sex life. Not necessarily more often,. just better quality, more satisfying but they all moan that either they cant be bothered or they havent the time. Ok I will admit that I have felt like that from time to time. But what I have realised over a period of time that our natural sexiness doesn't come from the men we sleep with but it comes from within ourselves. It comes from finding time for what we like best, sexually and non sexually too. Olivia St Claire who is famous for her first book "How to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed " decided to turn the view point on not just how to please a man but how to please yourself. Becasue in the end. if you don't know what turns you on, what tastes good, what touch you like, how on earth is your partner supposed to know? You know as well as I do men are far from psychic are they? The way Olivia has packaged this lovely sensuous book is alluring for a start. The cover which has something like flames of fire( for passion maybe?) and a tiny little sleeve around the middle which has the title on. Its almost like its gift wrapped and waiting you to read the delights inside. Like another women's self help book I've reviewed called "How to have an orgasm whenever you want" the author has taken many view s of her own sexuality and other women's to come up with 227 ways to make you feel good. Exploration into your own sexuality is very important in any sexual relationship. So whether your old hat but want to find that inner goddess or your going into a relationship , this is a great book to buy. Saying that even if you are own your own, its something you can curl up with! The book itself is split into 11 parts taking it from how to awaken that sleeping goddess that sultry slumbers within you and finishing off with daily "Goddessizers" which are little rituals within the day to make you feel more sexy. How to Awaken Your Inner Sex Goddess In this section Olivia talks about the biggest part of your sexual organ ...your brain. Anything can be sexy if your brain is in gear. Your sex goddess talks from your heart but sometimes your brain cant and wont switch from work/mum/friend/ into a sexual women mode. Listen to that voice and make that switch .....its worth it! Olivia also talks about keeping an explicit diary which you can keep for your eyes only or share with your partner. You can write in it every thought, feeling, desire that your goddess comes up with. Even when that time you were standing in the station and your eyes met with a man with sexy brown eyes .....write what enters your head. You'll be very surprised when even after you look back on it, you can use it for personal use. Olivia suggests loads of things within this first chapter mainly to make you aware of yourself. Another good exercise which I did as well as the diary was imagine what your goddess looked like. If usually you go to work, hair pinned back and your are in casual but smart clothes. You goddess could be that untamed women who has her hair down, sultry makeup. Someone who whatever her size would have confidence to walk up to a good looking man and talk without feeling conscious of herself or embarrassed. Whoever your goddess is ..l et her be part of your life. Creating Your Sensual Garden This chapter concentrates more of being aware of your body. " Your body is like a temple, worship it and you shall reap the rewards" Do something for yourself and make time for you. Not as a Mum/ wife/ friend/ work colleague but for that inner sensual women. This includes doing the things that some women don't have the confidence to do such as dance naked to your favourate music, collect pictures or watch X rated videos that YOU like. All these sort of things build a natural self esteem within ourselves, which in turn boosts our goddess. Now I know this is a typical stereo type but I going to take just two ladies, in their 20s. One slim, the other slightly over weight. Now before you start yelling at me I know this is true. All depending on how you perceive yourself determines how people react to you. You can be very beautiful with a lovely figure but it doesn't mean anything unless you have confidence, allure and something special. I have been out on numerous occasions with a few mates who have lovely figures and I'm the only to be chatted up. I don't mean leery like but got chatting to a few lads and they have commented how lovely I am. Now as most women who know what a bit of flattery does, it makes you go sky high. Why were these lads more attracted to me then my mates? Because some women can't get into their had that attractiveness comes from within. Women can pour sexuality if they just learn to listen to that soft inner voice which tells them what they like. There is an old saying..." You can get by on charm alone for 15 mins, after that you better have something good" Self Pleasuring .....The key to the Kingdom Now this chapter is all about masturbation. Why should women please themselves? Can you remember way up there somewhere I mentioned about if you cant please yourself, you cant expect a man to kno w what you like? Well, its true. You have to find out what pleases you before you can relay it onto your partner and even then the communication can fail, badly. Its one thing knowing what pleases you and another to say to partner " Hey, really like it when you..." As well as re defining your communication skills with your loved one, an orgasm can be both physically and emotionally beneficial. Did you know that an orgasm can relieve period pains? In the world of HIV and AIDS , masturbation is the ultimate safe sex? Or that it can relieve stress and tension? And that there are in fact two types of orgasm, a physical one and an emotional one? Some men can tell and differentiate between a physical orgasm ( ejaculation) and an emotional climax, but most take it for granted that these two go hand in hand. They don't. You can have a emotional orgasm without the physical release. Its like floating on cloud nine. Awakening Aphrodite's Body. Well the title of this chapter says it all really doesn't it? This is all about some different techniques that you can use to please yourself. Mind you there are only ideas so you can vary them as much as you like. Remember its about exploration, a voyage of discovery, waiting for your hidden treasure. Remember though that as well as your mood changes from day to day, so does what you like. Don't expect what turned you on yesterday will do it for you tomorrow. Listen to your body and that sexy voice of your inner goddess. Fantasies from the Cloud Damsels We breath, we eat, we sleep so why shouldn't us women fantasize. Its natural, healthy and can do wonders for your sex life. Olivia gives some basic suggestions on what sort of things that you can fantasize about. One I think that most women can relate to. You see a man, not necessarily sexy or good-looking but he catches you eye. All of a sudden you get a vision in your head what he might look like n aked or what he could be doing with you. You check yourself and you fell yourself go red and flushed. This is just a typical daydream or fantasy but they are so many variations from just having sex with a passing stranger to all out total over the top taboo stuff. These fantasies are a release of thoughts and scenarios that we would might or would not do in real life. Anything goes in fantasies, you are in control. Bear in mind though that although that although you might think that having next door around one night to do a swapping party might be a good fantasy. In reality if you choose to act out a fantasy it doesn't always turn out the way you want. Why? Because you are no longer in control, you have 4 individuals who have their own minds. So be careful that you remember the boundaries of fantasy and reality and where they meet. Saying that some fantasies are brilliant to share with your partner can spice things up. Domineering games, light bondage and food games are all good fun to share. The Secrets of The Divine Orgasm This chapter deals with why an orgasm isn't a goal but how to achieve one when you want one. Sometimes some women don't care for an orgasm because the shear pleasure of love making is enough for them to have an emotional orgasm. It's how we bring ourselves to the peak of pleasure rather than the orgasm itself. Some women can have an orgasm as quick as it takes to say " Does this feel good.." For those who think lucky devils...... think again. I'm pretty sure that these sort of women don't really enjoy their orgasm. Its a physical response and it has nothing to do with how fast she was stimulated. Think about what your orgasm would feel like if you brought yourself to the very brink, only to turn about or change the method. Do this a few times, spend time on what you like and after a time your body will build up on the sexual tension, which can mean an explosive orgasm. This is wh at Olivia tries to get across within this chapter is that you shouldn't rush yourself to a goal and as she says " Ride your state of mind beyond orgasm" There are a few more chapters within this book like Cleopatra's Pleasure Toys, The Goddess With Her Consort which are pretty self explanatory. Then there's the Daily Goodessiers. This section asks even if you are the most busiest women alive just try and find a minute to do a few of these a day. Some of them are explicit and involve brief masturbation, others are just to boost the self esteem. Here are a few of my favorites : Whenever you look in a mirror tell yourself. " I love you, Your intelligent, powerful, sexy, beautiful and irresistible" Dance to your favorite music. .naked Choose your food by colour, texture and taste Move through your day by being turned on by smells, sounds, beautiful scenes, awareness of yourself and of others. If you have a bit longer or can kick the kids and partner out for the day try these : Have an hour long bath with scented candles, music and wine. Reading or even write some erotic literature Right at the back of the book there is a very helpful list of Erotic literature you can read, Art books which have beautiful nude poses. Different types of music from Classical music to modern music which you can use for your explorations. And of course adult videos ranging from soft porn to a few self help videos. * deep breathes * So if you are still with my ladies, oh and I see a few gentlemen have sat down to have a read too. I don't even have to explain why I need to recommend this book. The way Olivia has based all the information she has gathered up is real. Its not scientific rubbish, its what real women have found their own sex goddess' love. There is some facts within the book about different cultures but that's a benefit as its only the western countries that make sex a physical activity rather then an emotional and spiritual one. If you buy this book, its like holding the key to your temple, and you have to unlock it, step in side and explore. We all need to learn that what we put in life we get out of it ..our sexual nature included. If you don't put the time in, you wouldn't get anything out. But, if you give a little time in this rushed world we live in, the rewards are wonderful. So next time you hear a voice calling softly that its the afternoon but you fancy some sex with your partner but the kids are in, the washing needs doing ..etc. etc. Stick a video on and lead your partner by the hand and enjoy


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      A guide filled with artful, erotic, and playfully inventive ways for women to revel in the secrets of female sexuality while exploring their own hot-blooded imaginations.