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Unlimited Power - Anthony Robbins

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Author: Anthony Robbins / Format: Paperback / Genre: Lifestyle / Subcategory: Advice On Careers & Achieving Success /Title: Unlimited Power / ISBN 13: 9780743409391 / ISBN 10: 0743409391 / 448 Pages / Book is published 2001-01-02 by Pocket Books / Alternative title: Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement / Alternative ISBN 10: 0743409396

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    3 Reviews
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      07.12.2008 22:08
      Very helpful



      Winning starts with beginning - a book that showcases NLP techniques to transform your life.

      "Unlimited Power" is a tantalising idea. It's also the signature work that propelled the young Anthony Robbins from late night infomercial king to his current status as a world-famous personal development coach. So does this book still weave its magic 22 years after its explosive launch? What does the man who has counselled Andre Agassi, Bill Clinton and Greg Norman have to offer within its pages?

      Section 1 - "The Modelling of Human Excellence"

      This is a thorough review of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as taught by Bandler and Grinder. If "Unlimited Power" is the "new science of personal achievement" (the book's sub-title), then NLP is its periodic table. Robbins explains NLP as a science that reveals how language, both verbal and non-verbal, impacts on the human brain. Through self-hypnosis, you can use words to mould and create your own reality. He encourages us to "model" the behaviour of successful people - because NLP shows that if one person can do it, anyone can.

      Robbins goes on to explain some classic techniques to discover if people prefer words, images or touch ("auditory, visual or kinesthetic") and to read and mirror body language. He then moves on to strategies that he claims can boost your energy levels, including renouncing all dairy products through adopting a vegan diet.

      Verdict: The writing is fast-paced and absorbing. Yet while NLP boasts some useful and important insights, I am not a true believer. Several of its theories are contestable at best while others are so useful they have now been popularised into many management training courses. The dietary advice was also not convincing enough to break my cheese and milk addiction :-)

      Section II: The Ultimate Success Formula

      This section of the book contains some real gems. "Winning starts with beginning", claims Robbins - and he urges us to commit six month, one year, two, five, ten and twenty year goals to paper in great detail. He lists some "outcome questions" that will help deliver the answers - "What do I want? What is my objective?" Then he shows specific techniques to build rapport with people and take the sting out of problems through mentally "reframing" them.

      Verdict: This section is jam-packed with useful practical ways you can apply his concept. It is fun to experiment with some of the techniques, phrases and methods just to see what works.

      Section III: Leadership - the Challenge of Excellence

      In the closing section, Tony seeks to apply his techniques to global problems. He also lists the "five keys to wealth and happiness" - the ability to handle frustration, rejection, financial pressure and complacency, and always to give more than you expect to receive. Lots of good, sound practical advice here.

      Unlimited Power can be summarised in one message - that "the quality of your life is the quality of your communication". This means communication with others, but just as importantly, with yourself. As an exploration of the then radical and cutting-edge theories of NLP, it is first class. Many of the anecdotes exude a 1980s retro charm. As a personal development book, it is absorbing, vital and insightful. However in the final verdict it does not boast the scope, range or power of later Tony Robbins works.
      Unlimited Power is a worthy silver medallist. But If you are only going to buy one Tony Robbins book, then "Awaken the Giant Within" takes first place by a country mile.

      (c) Paul/EasternStar. This review also appears on Ciao under my username Westocean.


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      02.10.2005 23:45
      Very helpful



      A complete and comprehensive instruction manual for achieving the quality of life you deserve

      If you've ever thought "there must be more to my existence than this" or you just wished there was a way to make the necessary improvements in your life or you need help on motivation to achieve your goals or you want an excellent sets of tools and principles for absolutely no reason at all then you need "Unlimited Power".

      Firstly it is a nice easy read although he does like his jargon. This isn't really a problem though as the author, Tony Robbins has a great way of explaining things so that they make sense quickly. This means that you will easily get to understand all about "modalities", "sub-modalities", "meta-programmes", "anchors" and "strategies". He uses great metaphors and stories too so you can see exactly where he's coming from.

      This book is written for anyone who wants to achieve more, be happier and live healthier. It is possibly the best introduction you can have to the whole "life improvement/ self help" genre.

      Tony begins by telling the true story of how he made astounding changes in his own life. He went from being virtually bankrupt financially, partner-less, over weight and living in a 400 square foot apartment washing his dishes in the bath to being a fit and healthy, happily married, multi-millionaire living in a castle overlooking the beach all in the space of a few years.

      He tells you exactly what he did to turn his life around and explains in detail how and why you can be a success too by using the principles contained within "Unlimited Power". So what kind of things does he discuss? You will...

      He explains the importance of copying ("modelling") other people who actually have what you want. For example if you want to be rich you need to find somebody who is rich and duplicate what they do, how they think and behave. Sounds easy doesn't it!? Well fortunately he gives you a technique for duplicating other people's successes and avoiding their mistakes to achieve rapid results. Tony actually found his wife using this principle!? He apparently asked somebody who was with a woman he fancied what he did to get her. I haven't tried that one yet!

      He explains how to motivate people and achieve almost instant rapport with anybody you meet through the careful use of language patterns and your physiology. He goes on to explain how to achieve agreement more easily so you can negotiate deals easier, prevent arguments and generally get more of what you want. He even gives examples from his own life which make for very interesting reading. Put simply the way this virtual miracle is achieved is by copying what other people do. Now obviously not in a repeating everything they say kinda way but in a subtle way. If you're chatting to somebody and they cross their arms - you cross yours. That kinda way. Again it sounds a little kooky but it works!

      Tony explains how to use your mind differently so that you can eliminate fears, bad habits and achieve what you really want without having to think about it all the time.

      He explains how what you eat and drink and the way you eat and drink is important in dramatically raising your energy levels. I personally followed his advice. I went from needing 9+ hours of sleep per day, constantly feeling lethargic and drained to sleeping only 6-7 hours and feeling full of energy all day. Apparently it is also a useful method to losing weight.

      Tony explains how to handle frustration, rejection, financial pressure, complacency and how to virtually guarantee happiness by following the wonderfully simple idea of giving more than you expect to receive.

      Tony explains the importance of our values and how they work. How by realigning our values we can achieve much more by eliminating any subconscious inner conflicts. Apparently our unconscious mind prevents us from achieving things that consciously we think we want.

      Whilst running the risk of making this review sound like a commercial I really cannot find anything wrong with the book. Sorry about that maybe it's all this positive thinking I've been doing - but I'm going to give it a try!!!

      I'm not going to tell you specifically how it changed my life but let's just say I'm now doing the job of my dreams, earning the amount of money I deserve, have reached a level of happiness that even when I'm having a bad day I'm still happier than 90% of the rest of the population. Whilst I have done an enormous amount of work to get there this book was the one that put me on the right path. It wasn't the only fantastic book I've read but it was certainly the first one that got me thinking. Before reading this book I wasn't really sure what I wanted and I was surprised that I wasn't getting it. How silly is that? How can you get to where you want to be if you don't know where it is?

      Right, this book is clearly written from a point of "I did it - so why don't you". I get the feeling this guy genuinely wants people to be happier. Sure it is written by an American who professes to be the world's number one success coach so it has a great spirit of "you can do anything". Granted not everybody wants to be a happily married millionaire living in a castle overlooking a beach which is why he details how to find out what you do really want. So when you have written down all the things you would ever like to do you then have a direction to head in.

      I used to work in an estate agents that was owned by a complete pillock. My boss would come in and rant for 10 minutes in order to have his ego massaged and to appear significant to the multitude of female staff. One day I was so livid I actually did one of the things in the book. Instead of playing the same movie back and forth in my head of my boss yelling at me I changed it. I imagined the same conversation except my boss had sprouted Mickey mouse ears and a long pinnochio nose. I played the movie forwards and then backwards each time changing something else. I added the soundtrack to Benny Hill and made everything black and white and do you know what? It actually works! It SOUNDS like the biggest crock you've ever heard but as I discovered if you actually use the tools you already know about then you actually start to get results. The funniest thing is that whenever I think of that old boss I still think of him with big mouse ears and a long nose! Try it!

      This book is fantastic IF and only IF you actually use any of the principles within it. You can have all the information, tools, strategies and secrets but if you actually do nothing with them, then you get nothing from them. If you are after somebody else to do all the hard work for you then forget it. Just as Tony Robbins and almost every other successful person in the world has discovered you have to take responsibility for your own life. There is no genie in a lamp that's going to grant you your wishes of easy street and a lotto win. When you realise this and land back on reality this book will be waiting for you.

      In a nutshell:
      It doesn't matter where you are now, what you did to get there or what you know - only actions get results. "Unlimited Power" provides simple, easy to follow tools, techniques and strategies for you to succeed in all areas of life. All you have to do is apply them. To apply them you need to know them. To know them just read this book!!I highly recommend it!


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        02.05.2001 03:20
        Very helpful



        So you want it all then? Financial security, personal power, happiness, successful relationships, good sex life plus lots of other things? Yes? Then have I got the book for you! Read 'Unlimited Power' and you'll be like an express train heading towards the land where all your dreams come true. OK, so I've gone a bit over the top, but this is one of those books that could give you the kick up the backside you may be looking for. So bend over and get reading! Unfortunately though, just reading this book won't achieve anything wondrous in your life. To succeed you'll have to put the principles taught into practice and that takes effort. There's always a snag isn't there? The guy who wrote this book, Anthony Robbins, claims he went from being an overweight, unhappy bachelor (what a cute word) living in a small apartment to happy multi-millionaire at only 25, with a loving wife (ahhh) and a castle overlooking the Pacific Ocean - yes he's American! For just £8.99 he'll let you into some of his secrets. I can feel that you are itching to know how he did it. From what I can see he made his pile from telling other people how to be succesful! I feel this is cheating a bit. If, say, someone like Richard Branson said he did this, this and this to make his fortune and that if I did this, this and this I'd be as rich as him, I'd listen - even though I'd like him to cut his hair, do something with that beard and stop wearing funny jumpers. But with Mr. Robbins I can't be certain he could have achieved his success in some other business. This book, a fat 360 pages, is mainly about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and something the author calls 'modeling' - that's his spelling. NLP is quite popular in the world of self improvement. Neuro refers to the brain, Linguistic is language and Programming is the installation of a plan or procedure. It's really programm
        ing the brain to make it work effectively. And this brings wealth and happiness you may ask? Well yes, because life is how we look at things. Nothing is real. It's that old example of a bottle being half full or half empty. Same bottle, but you and I may see it differently. NLP is about taking charge of your life. Robbins claims we can move away from being like Pavlov's dogs responding to stimulus such as trends, advertising, negative messages and so on. Instead we can use our brain properly and choose how we wish to act and behave - and so achieve what we want from life. Sounds reasonable. Lets look at depression, for example, that should cheer us all up! According to our main man you don't 'catch' depression you create it like everything else in your life. If you want to feel depressed (hopefully you don't) it helps if you collapse your shoulders and look down a lot. Speaking in a sad sounding tone of voice and thinking the worst possible scenarios also helps. If you mix this with poor diet, alcohol and maybe drugs you'll assist your body in creating low blood sugar and thus virtually guarantee depression. Hope you've followed that! Now if you want to change, what do you need to do? I'm not going to tell you, you'll have to read the book! Well come on now, this opinion will probably be too long as it is and I can't condense 200,000 words into two or three. I'll just say that you have to alter the way you think, the pictures you create in your head and your body posture. If it's possible to make ourselves feel depressed the good news is that we can also make ourselves feel happy and can achieve exciting things. What do we have to do? Just get them brains working and feed in the right images. Actually I disagree a bit as I think it is the mind that we have to control, as the mind works the brain, but what do I know compared to a multi-millionaire and a real nice guy!
        If we look at the success strategy that Tony (a bit familiar but I feel I know him now) suggests, it partly revolves round that word I mentioned earlier - 'modeling'. Now Americans like using fancy words to describe something to make it sound special and different, there's a lot of this in the book, but I would replace the word modeling with copying. You have to copy what others have done before. As T ( well he is quite a cute T) says, "The movers and shakers of the world are often professional modelers (copiers) - people who have mastered the art of learning everything they can by following other people's experience rather than their own". In other words if you can think, act and so on like someone else you can duplicate their success. Personally I'm off to buy a stick on beard, some big teeth and I'm going to begin to think like a virgin! Hope my boyfriend won't mind. So you are ready to programme your brain, use the right body posture, copy someone else but what do you have to do first? You've got to decide what it is you actually want from life, that's what. This is quite difficult, but you've got to be brave and get it all down on paper. To help T tells us to think along the lines of, "If you knew you wouldn't fail what would you do?" This is to free our minds of limitations. Many of us think we can't do something because of lots of negative thoughts we have accepted over the years. How do we get rid of all of these limiting thoughts? By replacing the pictures in our brain/mind/head with positive pictures. The pictures of how we think things are can be manipuated. We can look at them and make them darker or smaller until they fade away and replace them with new brighter, bigger positive pictures. This book will tell you how. Unlimited Power will also tell you about communication, rapport, persuasion, how to overcome phobias an
        d a lot more besides. All of this is designed to turn you into one dynamic package ready to conquer your world. I found it all very interesting but I have read several similar books and so I knew what to expect. There's a lot of strange words bandied about that aren't really necessary. There's a lot of syntax, submodalities, sensory acuity, eye scanning patterns throughout the pages. He's also into 'Optimum Performance Technologies' by which he really means the best way of doing something. This makes reading sometimes a little heavy and occassionally I had to do a double take to see what the guy was on about. Nevertheless the principles laid out in the book will make many readers think differently about what they can achieve in life. After the final page they should be able to: •Duplicate the success of others •Create instant rapport with anyone •Eliminate fears and phobias •Find out what they really want So that can't be bad! Oh and guys, did you know that some girls like to 'hear' things, some like to 'see' things and others just like to 'feel'? Now if you know how your girl thinks you should either say, show or touch accordingly. Get it right and well ... but get it wrong and it could be 'goodbye'. It's the same the other way round. I've discovered, with a little observation, that my boyfriend thinks auditory i.e. in words. So if I say a few right words he's putty! "Oh you're so clever/handsome/big". The book certainly hasn't been wasted on me! Yes, worth a read, lots of useful stuff providing you can wade through the jargon. ;-> Kay Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins Published by Simon & Schuster Ltd ISBN 0-671-69976-8


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