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Wall and Piece - Banksy

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    3 Reviews
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      15.08.2010 22:35



      controversial artists art book

      Banksy - Wall and Piece
      £14.99 rrp
      Covering some of this imfamous graffiti artists most amazing work set out under the following headings Monkey, Cops, Rats, Cows, Art and street furniture.
      Within its 239 Pages you get a overview of some of his most impressive and thought provoking art. Your are also given an insight through the books image descriptions and chapter intros into Banksys reasonings, politics and general view on life as well as how he came to develop his use of stencils to become one of the worlds most prolific graffiti artists.
      I found this on the off chance at waterstones and although i am not really versed in the finer points of graffiti art i have found this book to be a brilliant addition to my home library its pages are full of visually striking, funny, controversial and somewhat subversive images that get you laughing and wondering just how the artist achieves these amazing displays of talent. Really reccommend this art book to any serious Banksy fan.
      " Honest art form." - Banksy.
      "Make the world a better looking place." - Banksy.


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      30.08.2008 01:07
      Very helpful



      Everyone should check him out


      I've not heard of anyone who doesn't like or appreciate art, it comes in many forms, big or small, but when it comes to Graffiti, because it's usually displayed on public places, it comes into the catagory of crime.
      I don't think people who spray their name, or nickname onto a wall (tagging) should be called artists, usually just a nuisance. A lot of the time they help make a place look threatening and uninviting.
      You do have to appreciate however, that some graffiti, is amazing, very clever and usually always unique. Not often though, does it have a serious, deep meaning, or political view, capable of making you stop and think, that's where Banksy comes into his own catagory.


      I hadn't really heard about this graffiti artist long before I purchased the book. I felt I'd missed out quite a lot, everyone would say how clever, amazing, funny, unique and original he is, but I couldn't comment. Having seen only a few of his pieces, my mind was set and I had to buy this book!
      I went to London for the day, and I saw it at £10, I think it may have been £15, but even the higher price is worth it. Being able to own a gallery of his work, and reading his views and witty comments is definitely priceless.
      The mystery around Banksy is no one knows who he is, except obviously the people who help him. Any photo with him in it doesn't show his face, because of course this is graffiti, and as I mentioned, it's stereotypical category is crime.

      Wall and Piece

      The front cover shows one of his pieces, what looks like a man with a vicious expression throwing a petrol bomb, is actually a man throwing a bouquet of flowers. This is a good cover, it shows what to expect in this book, a lot of his work contains twists that tend to have a political view.
      A lot of his work is about war, he includes children and animals a lot too, and of course, police men.
      Throughout the book there are short bits of information about how he did the work, and sometimes what problems occurred during, he seems to be naturally funny, and it's a very entertaining read.

      What it features

      I'll include some photos and quotes from the book, but I'll describe what you can find in it too.

      One interesting part is to do with the Segregation Wall in Paletine. "Palestine has been occupied by the Israli army since 1967. In 2002 the Israeli government began building a wall separating the occupied territories from Israel, much of it illegal under international law. It is controlled by a series of checkpoints and observation towers, stands three times the height of the Berlin wall and will eventually run for over 700km - the distance from London to Zurich. Palestine is now the world's largest open-air prison and the ultimate activity holiday destination for graffiti artists."
      The next few pages show some work he did on the wall, it's not disrespectful and makes some strong points.

      Vandalised paintings

      This part shows some of his work on other people's paintings, the ones I like are the paintings of landscapes, all beautiful, then he adds things from todays life into it, like CCTV cameras, shopping trollies in a river etc, it makes a strong reminder of how our country has become.

      Some people would find his work insulting and of bad taste, but those people are in denial, they don't want to really look at what he is trying to say. If they did listen, and acted on what he said, the world would be a lot more giving and kind.
      Who would have thought graffiti could have made such valuable points.
      He is a true artist, art in art galleries has nothing on his style of work.
      I highly recommend this book, if you don't want to buy it, at least look Banksy up on the internet, and have a look at his work.
      It will change how you think.


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        13.06.2008 18:27



        buy this

        although the tag 'graffiti art' may not seem appealing to many this book is truly gripping. all of the work in this book is an english artisit called banksy. alot of the work in this is satirical, political, contraversial and thought provoking. once this book has been picked up it is impossible to put it down, and as sombody who doesnt read it is rare to find myself engrosed in a book- lucky this book ismainly pictures then with the only words being used up for captions. banksy has had huge success and has a cult following, his identity is unknown and he communicates through his PA (I THINK) much of his work has appered on ebay and raied substantial amounts of money. this book is for all different types of people teenagers adults mature adults, working class middle or higher class , you can all enjoy this , i thouroughly recomend it


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