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Yoga for Real Life - Maya Fiennes

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Genre: Health / Family / Lifestyle / Author: Maya Fiennes / Paperback / 208 Pages / Book is published 2010-01-01 by Atlantic Books

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    1 Review
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      22.01.2011 12:26
      Very helpful



      Blissfully beautiful!

      This review is written for a Book by Maya Fiennes who is a very experienced and talented Kundalini Yoga teacher. Maya began - as I did - with Hatha Yoga and tried all kinds of other Yoga styles before discovering a style that gave her everything that she had been searching for and that was Kundalini Yoga.

      Different from other styles of Yoga, though working on the same principles and by linking the breath with the body movements to achieve the desired results. The positions in this style of yoga are done quite often on the floor in a seated position, though there are standing postures too; and postures used in Hatha yoga. Whilst in a position eg: seated, you will begin a series of small but consistant movements that are linked with the breath and bring about benefits quickly - particularly energising or calming is the use of a fast sniffing type breath called 'breath of fire' done either through both nostrils or alternate nostrils.

      Following a Kundalini Yoga class you will feel an air of calmness, radiance and confidence within you and an increased level of energy - this for me is a wonderful start to the day.

      A good question and the answer is simple - because having got Maya's DVD classes I knew the high standard of her work and had confidence in her teachings. The price is great on Amazon.co.uk too as the RRP is £14.99 and you can get it for approximately £6 - £8 which is a great buy! Other places such as eBay and Play.com and Waterstones are more expensive.

      Beautiful! Maya herself oozes a beauty that is both inside and out. The cover is modern and glossy and good quality. The pages are thick and lush with vibrant, colourful and glossy photo's and pictures. The fonts change in size and style and colour throughout the book which keeps the interest going. The pages are edged with the different colours of each Chakra that Maya will talk you through, the only way that Maya can - with ease and compassion. I was very pleasantly surprised and eager to begin reading.

      What is this book all about then? Apart from offering the teachings of an age old system that works very quickly on both the mind and body, this book is also an inspiration to me. It contains words of wisdom from Masters such as Yogi Bhajan (Who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in 1969) and this really does motivate and make you smile. Inspiration comes in the form of Maya's own personal experiences and trials of life which she relates to each Chakra so that you can understand and recognise more fully when one of your own Chakra's may need a bit of extra attention.

      For example if you feel that you could do with more Willpower, courage, self esteem and confidence then the Navel Chakra is the one to work with and off you go to the particular chapter where you will find a specific set of exercises to undertake - there are clear and conscise instructions and great pictures of Maya performing each one.

      The Navel Chakra chapter is aptly titled 'Yes I CAN' and believe me following a Navel workout you most likely 'WILL' as you will have more power in the Navel centre.

      Within each chapter are simple recipes that are beneficial for that Chakra and tips for quick remedies for example if you are feeling tired and want some energy quickly then you can block the left nostril with your mouth closed and breath - as fast as you can like sniffing - through your right nostril. This will completely re energise you in a matter of minutes and I use it regularly so I can confirm that it does work.

      I like the fact that at the beginning of each chapter for each Chakra there is a handy index and you can quickly reference what the Chakra governs - so for example, staying with the Navel Chakra this governs having the energy and power to maintain willpower and see something through, make your mind up and stick to it 'Yes I can'. It has shadow emotions and if you feel these then you may want to work on your Navel, they are: greed, envy and anger. These are indications that your Navel centre is out of sync and you have the knowledge within the book to sort it out with relative ease and speed, it is great and it works! The colour for this Chakra is Yellow and this is indicated in the index, relating to a burning fire or sun centre of energy and power in your navel area and the symbol imagery is a lotus flower with ten petals. The element is Fire and very appropriate for this centre. You will feel a slight burn in the Navel area when you work on it with the exercises.

      In my opinion the book is worth every penny of the RRP at £14.99 but as I have indicated earlier in the review you can always get it for much less at Amazon.co.uk with Free Delivery! This book works well on it's own and is a great resource to have to hand throughout your practice as there are many exercises, postures and recipes that will help when you are having one of lifes challenging times. Maya's words are wonderfully refreshing and inspirational too. I would say, also, that the book is a lovely companion to the DVD classes - they are great and also available at Amazon.co.uk at competitive prices - Play.com are competive too.

      TO SUM UP
      A gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing book - even if it were less glossy it would be on my book case as the contents are of more importance to me. The chapters are conveyed in an inspiring and down to earth format and knowledge of this wonderful practice is apparant. The layout is easy to follow and each Chakra easy to find and work on. The chapters are broken down into easy chunks for digesting and understanding. The exercises are clear and conscise and can be done without confusion. Plenty to access 'as and when' you feel the need - the benefits are fantastic!

      Wholeheartedly - anything Maya produces is successful, she is a wonderful teacher who I feel very comfortable learning from. See if it is for you, you may be pleasantly surprised.

      Thank you and goodbye x

      I also write on Ciao under the name Dawnymarie


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