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You Can Heal Your Life - Louise L. Hay

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Author: Louise L. Hay / Format: CD-Audio / Date of publication: 18 March 2003 / Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit / Subcategory: Thought & Practice / Publisher: Hay House Inc / Title: You Can Heal Your Life / ISBN 13: 9781401901394 / ISBN 10: 1401901394 / Alternative EAN: 9780937611012

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    3 Reviews
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      28.02.2010 22:20
      Very helpful



      A book I love.

      This is a book that I consider myself lucky to have read, positve, thought provoking and inspirational, one that I always keep close by me.

      ~ Who is Louise Hay.... A brief history ~

      Louise Hays You Can Heal Your Life has sold over 35 million copies worldwide. Louise is known as one of the founders of the self-help movement. Louise wrote her first book Heal Your Body (published 1976, revised and expanded 1988) quite a while before it was considered acceptable to talk about the realtion between the mind and the body. Louise teaches healing techniques and postive philosophy that have empowered individuals to create the life that they desire, healthy mind and body and spirit.
      Louise had an unstable childhood and was abused during her teenage years, consequently Louise ran away from her home and went to New York City. She married a wealthy buisinessman and became a model. Louises marriage ended after 14 years and it is then that her healing work truely began.
      Louise began her lifes work in 1970. She started to participate in mettings at a Church of religious sciences and started to train in a ministerial programme. Louise became a popular speaker at the church, and started counseling clients. This was soon to become a full time career. After some time Louise created a reference book stating the mental causes of physical ailments within the human body and created positive thought patterns for getting rid of ones illness and improving health. From here Louise started lecturing in the United States and creating workshops on how to love oneself and heal their lives.
      Louise was later diagnosed with cancer and put her own philosophies and beliefs straight into practice. Instead of having surgery and medication Louise created an intense program of affirmations, visualization, cleansing nutritionally ad psychotherapy. Within 6 months Louise was completely healed from cancer.
      In 1980 Louise went back to Southern California and started to get together all of her methods used in workshops. It was in 1984 "Can Heal Your Life" was published. Louise now runs Hay House (publishing company).

      ~ So what is "You Can Heal Your Life" about? ~

      The book is spit into differnent parts and from the parts is chapters, the book is structured as follows:
      > Part I- Introduction:
      Louise offers suggestions on how to read the book and informs the reader on hre own personal philosophy and what she believes in.
      > Part II- A session with Louise Hay:
      This is where you ask yourself what the problem is and here it has come from. You challenge yourself is it true?. From here you continue to consider what we know now and any resistance one may have to change. Louise discusses how to change and build the new and the daily wowrk that can be done .
      > Part III- Putting these ideas to work:
      This part of the book really goes into how we put all the new ways of thinking and acting given to us by Louise into practice in our everyday life realating to work, the body, prosperity, our relationships, success.
      In chapter 15 Louise Gives an extensive list (Heal Your Body) with the problem within the body, the probable cause and then offers a new affirmation. For example:
      "Problem- Anxiety
      Probable cause- Not trusting the flow and process of life
      New thought pattern- I love and approve of myself and I trust the process of life. I am safe."
      Part IV- Conclusion:
      Louise shares her own personal story with us, the afterward and another affirmation.
      > Appendix:
      Louise shares some holistic healing recommendations, resources. There is also an index and other products by Louise.

      ~ My verdict ~

      In the book Louise offers lots of positive affirmations and gives one a completely new outlook on life. She talks a lot of sense, some obvious but I guess when we are busy with our everyday lives do we ever just stop to think or feel? This book has also been made into a film which I would also recommend. If you do not have much time and do not feel like reading the book you could always watch the film. It is called "You Can Heal Your Life". This book is postive and really challenged me to look at the ways in which I was thinking and actually have a different outlook on myself and the life I live. Louise teches that it is ok to like yourself and you should look after yourself and surround yourself with things that make you happy, feed yourself nourising foods, think about how we really feel and what we want, not to let limiting beliefs stop us from achieving our dreams, I know it sounds obvious but how many of us actually do this every day.
      I personally feel different people will gets different messages and meanings from this book. I can appreciate that whereas I love this book it may not be everyones cup of tea.
      I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a lift or a some of positive thinking.

      Thank you for reading my review.
      This review is also posted on Ciao under my username of laurajeantinks


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        18.01.2010 22:57
        Very helpful



        A book of healing techniques and positive philosophy for people in need of guidance

        Louise L. Hay uses healing techniques and positive philosophy as guidance to people who are in need of direction and extra guidance in their daily life's.

        This book was referred to me by a stranger I met on a coach in 2006, whilst on my travels. I bought the book a year later in 2007, when undergoing self re-direction and clarification. I thought this book to be helpful at this stage in my life to give me the motivation needed to deepen my own understandings about myself and broaden my horizons.

        Before the chapters, the book introduces the Author's history and how she has arrived at writing self-improvement books by telling us of her own hands on experience and healing. This is eye opening, if you have never come across this type of book before as you begin to understand why she is offering this kind of help to others, as well as get to discover her own background.

        The book begins on a journey of self discovery. By understanding how we perceive ourselves in the world, we begin to peel away the layers of our own individuality, and see that we have the power to mould and change how we live. In this section bold positive statements are made throughout, encouraging our positive thoughts and bringing a new light to our downfalls.

        The following section analyses the problems that we face, and how they are usually the obstacles we create in our minds. Again bold statements are used relating to the reader. In this section particular attention is put on the type of negative thoughts we create and their result. . Louise addresses how a person can arrive at such negative thoughts, by illustrating real life examples and this begins to make sense as the reader gets to capture these moments and relate it to their own life. Louise reminds the reader that these thoughts are interchangeable when we place emphasis on how we perceive our experiences. If we think negatively we will create such experience, and that we shouldn't fall victim to such personal guilt trips.

        Louise highlights the importance and right of who we are in our life, and that experiences alone should not be able to dominate who we are, thus leaving us free of will in our choices of how we see things. This may not sound as easy as it seems, if you are completely new to the area of self-exploration.

        Louise gives advice in statements throughout the book. These at times may feel invasive if you are not within an open frame of mind. What it does do, it gives you the option of application if you are willing and ready to try something different. Of course if you are not, than you aren't in any way obligated to accept these statements. They are just provided as a guide. I think that this book is useful at different periods in ones life, but only when they are ready to accept what is written here, and how it might apply to their own life.

        For the next part Louise relies on a foundation for practice. This section focuses on how you are faced with how about to go changing the way you perceive your experiences to be. Louise makes it known that in order to change you need to understand why you are doing it.

        This is all done in a series of conversational texts enabling the reader to understand themselves better, and how they resist to change and what happens thereafter. There is a further section that focuses on helping you to let go of your habits, in order to go forward to make that change It mainly focuses on having control over your mind by allowing yourself to let go of things more easily, and being open to new opportunities that come your way. This is more of a new attitude to view your life, thus being more positive and accepting in whatever comes your way.

        This new mental attitude brings in more guidelines in reference to relationships with people, career and job prospects and other areas. This section is about being happy and sending off positive thoughts, and in return you get what you want.

        Louise leaves a checklist at the end of the book, providing possible solutions in problematic areas of the body. This may not help, as the book itself focuses on enhancing mental attitude and may not be of use to the reader, on the other hand if may be beneficial, but shouldn't be in this kind of book.

        Overall Louise is concise and informative in her summaries, explanations, real life example stories and statements and her book can be as much helpful as interesting, depending on where you are in life and how open you are to a new way of thinking.

        For the most part the book is a self-healing guide to enable the reader to understand how their behaviour affects and can control their life. This is positive to be more accepting of one and in turn of others in the long run. Louise's objective is to let everyone know, that they can be the creator of a richer life, by accepting who they are in whatever circumstance they are presented in. By having the choice to change their attitude they can do anything, and that is what "heal your life" is primarily about.


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          02.05.2002 05:16



          I bought this book about 5 years ago,after my friend had recommended it to me. I was going through a difficult phase in my life at the time,and i was a bit sceptical at first. This book is absolutly brilliant for people of all ages it explains how to live your life in harmony,and that things will turn out better for you if you start loving and accepting yourself. Louise hay tells us of her own bad experiences in life and how she overcame them through positive thinking and forgivenes. What i found really usefull is the chapter dedicated to the mind body relationship. Its layed out as a reference guide so i find it really easy to look up. At the end of each chapter you will find affirmations to repeat to yourself which gradualy become part of your thinking pattern. This book is a great way to introduce some positivity into your life.


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