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Bitten & Restored Quarter Magic Trick

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Brand: Wizmo

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    1 Review
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      14.10.2009 20:55
      Very helpful



      One tip! It looks so realistic, make sure that you don't spend it!

      As I grew up, I always had a very big interest in Magic tricks and the idea of performing something amazing which would astound people. I've always looked off hand for very good magic props. What I was most interested in was close-up street magic, magic with the ability to be shown to people at very close quarters which would render the audience astounded. My other problem was that I didn't have much spare time, so I was looking for items which didn't need much practice, the props that do all the work for themselves! Needless to say, I havn't found much of them which would fit my budget, but I still have an interest in magic.

      One of the people that got me into Magic was David Blaine. I watched all of his street magic shows and the Bitten coin trick was one of the most notable tricks which I spent hours wondering how it was done. One you have the secret, you just marvel at how easy and simple it is to do.

      David Blaine added a lot of Drama to his acts which made everything even more believable. Don't worry, this prop is amazingly astounding as it is, you won't need to add Drama into the act.

      The act basically goes along these lines. David Blaine would approack random passers by on the streets and he would aski them if they had a spare quarter in their pocket, because he wanted to show them something. He would take the coin and rub it in his hands (This being a very key part of the act), and then lifting the coin up towards his mouth he would take a large bite out of the coin, in clear view of the audience around him. At times he would do the trick with people watching from 360* around him. He would then show the coin, with a clear chunk of the coin bitten out of it. At the same time he would Pretend that he had the other part of the coin in his mouth. If that wasn't enough, he would then hold out the coin infront of him and in full view of everyone, spit the bit which he had in his mouth at the coin left in his hand. In a split second the coin would be as new, with no trace of any bite marks in it. What is even more astounding is that he would then give the coin back to the person who he had borrowed it from, leaving them astounded.

      I would love to reveal the secret to all of the readers, but as it is a product, I cannot do that. I did make a few hints in the explanation as to how it was done. The trick revolves around the Gimmicked coin itself and as I hinted at in the explanation, when the coin from the spectator is borrowed, it is swapped for the Gimmicked coin and then after the trick it is swapped back and returned to the owner.

      My Opinion
      I think that this is an amazing magic prop and it is a Must for any close-up street magician. The Gimmick is extremely easy to use casually around friends, as it needs nearly no set-up, all of the set-up can be done before and pocketed. It's an instant hit, and can make anyone look like a proffesional magician.

      - Easy to carry. Looks exactly like a normal Quarter. Anyone can do it, within reason. It's cheap. You'll get amazing results with it, astounding nearly anyone who you do it to. Can be set up to carry with you, ready to do anywhere. Can be done with people watching 360* around, it's not angle sensitive. Can be done right infront of people.

      - You have to very careful you don't spend the coin when your carrying it. As the coin is a Quarter, it's hard to do it in the UK(See next paragraph). You need to buy seperate parts to run the coin, they don't cost much but for full effect they need to be bought.

      Ok, the main problem with this product is that it is a Quarter, which makes it more dificult to use in the Uk. It is possible to get 10p/50p versions of the coin, but I don't think that it is sold on the website that sells the Quarter. Peculiarly, the website is a .co.uk, but it is selling a Quarter. Another solution for this is to get a normal quarter, show the normal quarter to the audience first and let them inspect it, then swap the coin for the gimmick, perform the trick and swap it back for the audience to inspect again.

      Overall I think that this is a very good product for any budding magicians out there. You don't need to have any experiance and anyone can do it, which makes it perfect. The effect is amazing compared to the price. Enjoy!


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