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Bluw Hypochondriac Stress Ball

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Brand: Bluw

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    1 Review
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      30.03.2009 22:47
      Very helpful



      great de stresser

      The name of the product I am reviewing is "Bluw Hypochondriac Stress Ball" This product is £3.99 in most shops.

      What are stress balls and why do so many people use them?
      Stress balls are polyurethane foam balls (or rather, shapes) intended to be squeezed.

      They are used not only for relieving psychological stress but also for preventing problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome that is frequent among guitarists, assembly line workers and computer operators. Stress balls are also used for exercising hand muscles and for relieving monotony.
      What happens to us physically when we're stressed?

      We are all born with an instinctive stress response.
      * Whenever a potentially dangerous situation arises, stress hormones are released into our bloodstream.
      * They cause instant mental and physical change in us, giving added strength and endurance, and make us feel pumped-up and ready to fight.
      * Stress hormones also enable us to run away much faster than we could normally manage.
      This response is generally called the 'fight or flight syndrome'.

      The fight or flight syndrome was vital when we used to live in the wild and were liable to attack from other tribes or wild animals. We still use it today.

      Suppose someone tried to snatch your child while you were shopping.

      Your mouth would go dry, your hands sweaty, your heart would pound and you'd feel terror-stricken. But you'd probably also find yourself filled with strength and determination, and think nothing of screaming and thumping the assailant until he let go.

      Your automatic response would be to fight, and, with luck, it would save the day.

      This product which is designed to look like a giant pill is 11.5cm long it is used to relieve stress and anxiety! The Hypochondriac Stress Ball is lightweight, soft and squishy. Ideal for keeping you're hands busy when you're feeling a little wound-up.

      This product is Great for stress-heads and regular sufferers of Man Flu alike.

      I love using it at the end of a stressful day, it has a calming effect, it helps in regaining energy lost during the course of a hectic day. A great plus with stress balls is that they have absolutely no side effects and can be used by individuals in any age group.
      It really does helps me to let go of all my anger, tension and frustration.

      These days, stress balls come not only in ball shapes but also in different, often amusing, shapes. The shapes include animals, medicinal pills, humans, aliens, and numerous other respectable objects.


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    • Product Details

      A long stress squeezer shaped like a big pill!

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