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Bluw Racing Nuns

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Brand: Bluw

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    1 Review
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      30.12.2010 22:30
      Very helpful



      A bit of daftness to amuse yourself and friends with.

      ==How did I come to own a pair of Racing Nuns?==

      It's a tradition in our family that I will be given at least one silly present a year. Two Christmasses ago my son gave me these two Racing Nuns (he also gave my Mum two Racing Grannies on zimmer frames. She was not amused!) I loved them and all over that Christmas period we would race the little nuns up and down the table. They languished in a bowl on the dining table for a while and then I had the brainwave of taking them to Ireland with me as a present to Sister Carmel. I work at a conference centre in Carlow about one week a month and Carmel is the amazing nun who runs the place. Carmel is no ordinary nun, she is the sweetest natured woman you could wish to meet and has a very robust sense of humour. She absolutely loves the Racing Nuns and they have pride of place on the dining table in her kitchen.

      ==What do they do?==

      They simply run by a friction motor located in the base, you press down lightly on the figure, pull it back and let it go! It then whizzes along on it's little wheels for about 6 foot in whichever direction it's pointed. Since my two Racing Nuns arrived they have been joined by another identical pair brought from Australia. Picture the scene!! A round dining table, four staff members on a break, four racing nuns! Put together they inevitably cause a bit of fun and chaos as steam is let off.
      The nuns are about three inches high and made of very durable plastic. I know it's durable because of the amount of times the nuns have collided head on with one another or gone shooting off the table! (We can't all catch!) They are dressed as demure little nuns, heads slightly down and hands tucked under voluminous habits. They have a permanently shocked expression on their faces (as well they might!) Unfortunately one of my colleagues once remarked that their faces reminded him of blow up dolls (yes, the sex toy ones!) and I have never quite been able to view them the same way since. We have not shared that information with Sister Carmel, she has enough to contend with!

      ==Nun too useful!==

      The Racing Nuns have been played with regularly and none too gently for the last eighteen months and they are still going strong. The elderly Real life nuns who have popped over from the adjoining convent to visit, often confuse them with novelty cruet sets, one old girl regularly complains that "Sister Carmel never fills these things up!" I have to say that it's an easy mistake to make. I have stopped trying to explain to her now, Racing Nun novelty cruet sets is just too much for her to get her head around! I just give her the real salt cellar.

      ==Nun sequiturs==

      # You can buy them for about £6-8 from Hawkins Bazaar, Amazon, eBay or Bluw's own website. http://www.bluw.com/bluwtoys-category-1-16742.do
      # Racing Nuns do not like carpets, they prefer to be active on flat smooth surfaces.
      # If you don't hold them down firmly whilst pulling them back you will never win a Nun race!
      # Occasionally they will veer from the straight and narrow and hurl themselves face down in an act of contrition.
      # One Nun will always want to go faster, she is aiming to be Mother Superior.
      # They do not make good salt cellars. It doesn't matter how often you turn them upside down and shake them.
      # Don't try the above with a real nun!
      # Like a lot of real nuns I know, they seem to last forever.
      # Unlike real nuns they come in those bl***y irritating hard plastic blister packs!
      # No batteries required. (Don't even think of where they'd go if they were required!)
      # Visiting bishops don't seem to think they are very funny. (But then, neither are visiting bishops usually)
      # You'd be amazed how stupid and giggly adults can become, playing with these nuns!
      # They wipe clean easily so they don't have any dirty habits.

      ==Nun too soon!==

      I've said nearly all I've got to say on the subject of Racing Nuns. They are good clean fun and probably if they weren't housed in a conference centre that used to be a novitiate, the novelty would have worn off more quickly. As it happened they made a great and suprisingly long wearing stocking filler.


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    • Product Details

      You can have some serious fun with your un-saintly friends with this crazy duo. Next time you see your work mate poaching milk from the fridge, or having a sneaky piece of cake, simply wind up the nuns, point them in their direction, then find yourself a hiding spot to watch their reaction. They'll soon start feeling guilty for any indiscretions. Or you could simply set up a nun race it's a great way to waste a bit of time before cracking on with your work.

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