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Cashstash Keychain

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2 Reviews

Wrap your money around the internal steel cash clip and you are never without emergency cash.

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    2 Reviews
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      31.08.2012 20:34
      Very helpful



      Great way to keep some cash handy

      My boyfriend bought me the Cash Stash key ring as a joke after I had to walk home after a night out
      due to my bank card being swallowed by a faulty ATM machine after Id already blown all my cash at
      the bar.

      The Cash Stash is a small capsule shaped container attached to a key ring and the top of the capsule unscrews to reveal a clip which can hold a banknote. To use this you have to fold the banknote then
      wrap it around the clip then it fits back inside the capsule and you can attach it to your house or car
      keys so you always have some cash in case of an emergency. The Cash Stash is lightweight at around
      10gm and only measures 4.5 cm long and 1.5cm wide so it doesn't add much bulk to your keys. The
      capsule could also be used for storing other small items such as tablets etc.

      The capsule is made from chrome plated aircraft grade aluminium and comes with an O ring rubber
      seal so the capsule remains waterproof. I dropped my keys in the bath by accident when they fell
      out of my pocket while I was bathing my nephew and I can happily confirm the capsule is definitely waterproof. The pink coating on mine is now a bit scuffed due to being thrown in my bag and bashed
      around with keys etc but the capsule hasn't actually dented and it still opens and closes easily.

      This is a great idea and if used correctly you will always have some cash in case of an emergency
      well providing you don't lose your keys that is. Sadly I think it's probably wasted on me and my lack
      of willpower as so far my emergency needs have included buying a new top the day before pay day,
      lunch money when I couldn't be bothered to walk across the road to the ATM because it was raining
      and several other equally pathetic excuses for emergencies.

      I do find it is really useful for nights out where it's too easy to lose track and spend too much then
      realise there's only a fiver left instead of the tenner you needed for the taxi fare. These days I put
      a £10 in this so we know at the end of the night the cash is there and don't need to go hunting
      for an ATM at drunk o'clock. We gave my boyfriends son Ryan one and put £10 in it so he should
      always have money to put credit on his phone or get home if he has to although we haven't actually checked if there's anything still in it!

      The Cash Stash also makes a great present or stocking filler for the relative who already seems to
      have everything and at around £4- £7 it won't break the bank. The True Utility Cash Stash is available
      online from Amazon, Ebay, Firebox etc and comes in black, pink or silver.


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        06.07.2010 22:57
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good quality emergency cash carrier built and designed to a high standard.

        The Cashstash keychain is an ingenious little device that ensures that you are never without emergency cash. The device is cylindrical, with the rough shape and dimensions of a double-A battery, and it comes in two parts. The top part has a standard circular metal keyring on it, to which your keys can be attached, and this is itself attached to the top part of the cylinder, which screws together with the second, bottom half of the cylinder. The cylinder is large enough to keep one, or at a push, perhaps 2 notes in it, folded and then rolled up to fit inside, and it also has a rubber seal at the join to ensure that the money does not get wet if you use your keys when out in the rain.

        It is very robust, and being made of aluminum, it is also very light, which is handy. The cylinder is both small and discreet, and the screw-based design means that the money is easy to access, although there is no chance of it unscrewing by itself as the two halves fit together very firmly. Its especially useful for when travelling, in addition to wearing a tourist belt with passport beneath your clothes.

        All in all this item does exactly what you would expect, and does it extremely well. With shipping from firebox included, this item will cost you about 8 or 9 pounds, which seems a lot, but given the quality of its build and design it's worth paying a couple of extra quid in my opinion to avoid finding yourself with your guard down in the event of an emergency.


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