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Coca-Cola 24" Classic Bottle Bank

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Brand: Coca-cola / Type: Money bank / Money box

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    2 Reviews
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      12.10.2012 02:03
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      Save with Coca-Cola!

      ~ Coca-Cola 24" Classic Bottle Bank ~

      My hubby and I went for a nosy around a discount store not too far from where we live, this was before we had a B&M's and Home Bargains near us and it was there that I found one of these giant 2ft bottle banks. It was price marked at the bottom as £7.99 with an orange and blue B&M sticker but was marked in the shop at £4.99. I don't think the price would have mattered anyway because as soon as I saw it I wanted it!

      The bottle looked like one of the classic Coke bottles, it was coloured in a greeny clear plastic and had a silver lid. The lid had a large slot in the top and was very difficult to remove from the bottle. In fact it was so hard it was very rarely opened! It needed to be popped off but it was just way too stiff.

      I speak in past tense as I dropped the bottle when it was half full and cracked it, after that my son kept hitting it over until it eventually split and was rendered useless!

      The bottle had all the features of a real Coke bottle, around the bottle was the Coca-Cola logo and it just looked like a giant version of the real thing.

      We save change up right through the year so this bottle was ideal for us, standing at 2ft tall it was an ipressive money bank, not only was it tall it was quite wide too, I clearly remember counting out £40 (odd) and the money hadn't even filled the bottom portion of the bottle!

      The plastic was quite strong and it took a fair few knocks from my children but it was completely my fault that it broke as I dropped it onto it's edge and the weight of the money just made it crack. I was devastated! It lasted a little while longer until my son really kicked it and then it just gave way, sending a mini avalanche of money across the floor!

      Overall I was really impressed with this bottle. It was fun whilst it lasted.

      The only drawback is that it is so big, I just didn't know where to keep it, I ended up with it living under my kitchen table, but my son liked to roll it around so it was often a very large tripping hazard!

      They currently retail on Amazon for £12.37.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        24.03.2011 14:32
        Very helpful



        saving for my holidays!

        Coca Cola is a carbonated soft drink that is known around the globe. It comes in many types such as Diet/Cherry and also in different packaging such as cans/bottles etc. Whilst the main focus is on the actual production of the drink itself, over the years, Coca Cola branded merchandise has been available to buy for dedicated fans! Nowadays, you can pick up Coca Cola glasses (tumblers) t-shirts and even mini fridges.

        ***Coca Cola Banks***

        Yes this is a Coca Cola branded product that has been around for good few years now. Not only can you drink the drink but you can save up your spare change in it! Depending on your preference, you may wish to opt for the bank shaped like the traditional Coca Cola can which stands at 13.5". This review however, discusses the huge bottle bank you can buy. The colour option is clear or a tinted green depending on which bottle you remember. They have stopped making these now due to being Limited Edition but can still be bought.

        This bottle bank stands at 2feet high and is tinted green. It is aimed at well..really anyone who wants to save up the fun way! The bottle itself is made from a tough, green tinted but transparent plastic which is shaped exactly like the traditional glass, Coca Cola bottles. Its silver cap is ridged like the ones you need to open with a bottle opener. The bottle design is ridged with Coca Cola running around the middle. It is approx 60 x 18cm in dimensions.

        The bottle bank is designed to hold thousands of coins. There is a cut out part on the lid allowing you to slot in all your coins and watch them drop into the bottle. The bank claims to accept all coins all currencies and even accepts the rather large, £2 coin that us Brits have in our currency. The bottle will also allow you to slip any paper money notes in if you feel like saving up a bit more than just coins.

        ***Availability and Price***

        This particular bank seems to be available in stores such as B&Ms and Instore for around the £8.00 mark. Amazon also offer this one for £7.99.

        ***My Thoughts***

        When I was young, I owned a can shaped Coca Cola bank and thought it was really cool! As I grew up, I would throw my spare change into various tins and boxes then take them to the bank in bags when I was skint! I had always admired the huge Coca Cola bottle banks but whenever I had any spare cash, I could never find them in the shops. My sister actually bought this one down in Blackpool last year. She was getting rid of it and gave it to me for free as she could see how much I loved it! Until then, my coins had been in a huge glass jar but now they sit proudly in this lovely bottle!

        ***Appearance and Display***

        This bottle is so much like a Coca Cola bottle and although I would have preferred the clear version, beggers cannot be choosers! It is huge and really quite wide. The bottle actually sits flat on my carpet in the livingroom and beside my television unit..it is the same height almost to a milimeter of my unit and sort of slides into a corner so not completely visible as soon as anyone walks in the room. Without any coins in it, it is easy to lift, move around and even throw should I wish to. The plastic is strong and I have no doubts that it will serve me good for a few years. Coca Cola never goes out of fashion so neither will this bank. Personally I think it would look quite fun and snazzy anywhere.

        ***Fill Me Up Baby!***

        I had quite alot of coins already collected when this arrived at my house. I hate touching coins as they leave that awful, chemical smell on my hands that never seems to wash off but I had the job of transferring them all over the my new bank. We are currently putting money by for a potential holiday in October. Whilst my review money generally goes in a seperate tin, we are saving up change to hopefully pay for some of the trips we plan on doing when we are away. Everyday, I come home and check in my purse for coppers and 5ps that I know I won't need the next day..my purse lightens and the bank gets them all.

        Slotting the coins in is a simple task. The hole is rather wide but not wide enough that if you turned the bottle upside down, everything would come tumbling out. We started off with just putting in 1p and 2p and putting our silver in another tin. Recently though, we have decided to put all the change we want to save into the bottle. I find that I can easily slot 2 x 2p in at the same time and a few 1p. Doing this saves a bit of time and I've never had any coins jam in the slot. I do get clumsy this way though and some end rolling all over the floor never to be found again!

        The coins once in the bottle, settle at the bottom in a heap. I am quite happy that I had a collection to put in to start it off as the wideness of the base takes a while to fill up and create an initial layer of coins to add to! The coins drop in and lay in all different directions but there doesn't seem to be much gaps in the layers of coins meaning I am can fit more in, in the long run.

        I don't tend to put notes in the bank as I feel they would get lost and perhaps torn by all the coins I put in. The bottle has seen some sweetie wrappers though. My son is obsessed with the bottle bank and if anyone gives him money, he goes straight over and puts it in! He also put a chocolate coin in but he is getting the jist of it. Usually when it comes to me searching my purse for coins, he will wait for me to give them to him and takes them over in a pile..thats one penny Mum, and another penny and so on til they are all gone. I have to watch my purse though as he tries to steal my £1 coins to put in and I need them!

        ***Crack Me Open With No Sign Of Overflow!***

        Ok, so this bottle is being used for saving so its not one I tend to open. One day though, I realised I was short for my bus ticket and needed some change. This was a fun job. Despite the fact the bottle had been previously opened by my sister, it was a nightmare. I assumed I could just turn the lid but it kept turning and turning with no sign of opening. In the end I had to get 2 knifes and practically hack underneath the lid..breaking the plastic at the same time and it popped free. I had to tip alot out and get my coins then the lid went back on fine and we filled the coins back up.

        ***Move It Sugar***

        When it came to moving my livingroom about recently, I was also set with the chore of moving this bottle bank. If you have back issues or appreciate the strength in your arms then don't bother moving this. Despite only being about 1/5 full, this is really heavy. My son tried to move it and gave up..my fiance isn't the strongest but he struggled himself. Generally we need to tip it on its side to spread the coins and each carry one side! At least I know it won't fall over.

        The problem this poses is how do I get the coins to the bank when the bottle is full? Well, my local RBS has one of those coin machines like the ones in supermarkets. Before our holidays, I plan on asking my brother in law and my fiance to take me up to the bank and pray the machine isn't out of order! There is no way I am counting all those coins up and putting them in little bags plus still need to carry them to the bank. I can just imagine the looks I am going to get when I walk into the bank though hehe :)

        ***I'm Rich!***

        Well not really but maybe one day. Me and my fiance put coins here on a daily basis with a mixture of 1p, 2p, 5p and ocassional 10p/20p if we are feeling flush. Since obtaining this earlier this year and already having quite a collection of coins saved up, I have filled it 1/5 of the way. I would estimate that this was around £50.00 of mainly coppers and some silver. Now don't get me wrong, it isn't enough to pay for a holiday but its spare change that most people throw away on the streets (that annoys me no end!) and if I keep going the way I am..we could have around £120 by October.

        If you were saving higher currency like 50p/£1/£2 and filled this right up to the neck, you would have saved thousands in my opinion. Saving coppers and smaller change fills it up quicker but of course the end result is less but I would say a good £250 could be saved if not more. This is certainly more than smaller tins or jars hold and I cannot wait to tip the coins into the machine at the bank and see how much we have saved from throwing spare change in!

        ***Conclusion and Recommendation***

        If you see one of these Coca Cola banks going cheap (consider charity shops and car boot sales) snap it up. This bank has encourage me and my little family to save some change and knowing that it will pay for some trips makes it even more appealing. Despite the size of the bottle, it will fit into a corner going unnoticeable and doesn't exactly need maintenance except the once over with a duster every so often.

        The Coca Cola Bottle Bank is a great way to save money and I do think it appeals to all ages. I suppose the lid being so tough makes me less likely to dip in and take change out for silly things so it is a good idea in the long run! I am just dreading taking this to the bank but it will be worth it in the end and then I can start saving again for something different.

        Thanks for reading x


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