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Disney Cinderella Glitter and Glow Night Light

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Brand: Disney

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2013 15:13
      Very helpful



      A good nightlight with some problems

      The night light

      When I came across this nightlight I was thinking about purchasing it but noticed negative reviews. This put me off so I completely forgot about it. As I went to collect some reserved items they were on display and I decided at £10 it was actually rather pretty. Since then we have been pleased with our purchase and I am glad that I managed to pick one up. This is a Disney princess branded product which my little girl has a real fascination with at the moment. The main Princess in the globe is Cinderella so perfect for any little girl that likes her particularly.

      What attracted me to this night light in the first place was that it is a little different from other night lights I had looked at. There are two parts to the light, which are the base which is pink in colour and really small compared to what I was expecting. It is made with durable plastic but it just looks a little small and uneven. Next of course is the main globe of the night light and this sits on top of the base. Inside the globe are a lot of glitter pieces and one Cinderella cut out that sits floating in the middle waiting for the glitter to appear. The difference is that this globe can actually be removed from the light and used as a bouncy ball. So in the day my daughter can play with it and then take it back to her room ready for bed.

      Setting up the nightlight is easy. It comes in the box in two pieces and there are already batteries inserted for the try me mode. The base is very small and I was a little worried as the on/off switch sits underneath it that it would tilt or slip. I actually found that it sat perfectly on my daughter's bedside table without sliding or moving around. Next of course you need to place the glitter globe on the base. This again looked like it could be fiddly as it needs to be balanced on a small gap on top of the base. It is easy to take out and put back in, but if anything catches the base then the globe falls off the unit. My little girl can remove and take the globe out independently.

      In use

      To switch the lights on there is a large blue button at the front of the base. This is very easy for little one to do and upon doing so it works straight away. You do need to shake the globe yourself and place it back on the base for the glitter to swirl around, but even as it sits on the bottom the lights still reflect nicely through the globe. The bulb is hidden inside the casing so even if it was left on for a long period of time there is no way little would could burn themselves and it does not become warm in anyway. It is a bright light that runs through the whole of the globe making each and every piece of glitter sparkle. Then every 10 seconds or so the lights change colours and continues to do so for the full ten minutes it will stay on. . It runs from green to red to yellow and continues on a loop so the lights shine of the glitter in different ways making it appear magical. It is not overly bright so my daughter cannot get to sleep while it is on but still eye catching enough to please her.

      The description states that you can take the globe away from the base for a fun bouncy ball. Now you can take it away and it is a ball, but in no way is it bouncy. It is recommend for children three years plus and they do have small hands in mind. It is a good size so that they can hold it in their hands without it being too heavy, while still being big enough so it does not become lost. It is really thick so there is no way it can be popped or burst. The thing is with the liquid inside it is a little heavy, and even if it could bounce it is not something I would want my four year old throwing around. If it were to be thrown and hit someone it would hurt and so I try to encourage her to roll it across the floor between her and my son so it is not causing a danger.

      She did try to bounce it a little but as it just slumps on the ground she soon lost interest thankfully. Now she just seems to carry it around in her bag or in her hand rather than trying to use it as an actual ball. There is an on/off switch under the nightlight so it can be completely turned off when needed. One thing we really like is that the globe base continues to light up for 10 minutes at a time and has an auto turn off. This means my little girl does not have to keep reactivating the light which would keep her awake, but it also only stays on a maximum 10 minutes. If she falls asleep while it is still on we know that it will turn off itself. We find this has been perfect as she can have the light on while she drifts off, but at the same time it is safe and not a battery eater.
      Durability and downsides

      I can see why people would be disappointed with this. For the £30 retail price the size of the product is minute and if I had ordered online like I was going to I would have been shocked. Luckily I managed to get it for £10 and managed to physically inspect it before I handed over my money so I think this helped a lot. It is not perfect and there are a few niggle, but my little girl really doesn't notice any of these faults. She sees the multi coloured lights shining through the glitter, and one of her favourite princesses inside. When you turn the light on there is a mechanical noise. Now it is not overly loud or annoying but it is noticeable. As it is supposed to be a night light if your child is a light sleeper or would be distracted by a whirling noise then this really isn't for you.

      It is poorly designed as it is something that is supposed to help little one sleep not distract them. Luckily my little girl is a heavy sleeper and she doesn't even seem to notice the noise. I was a little worried when I realised that the globe doubled as a bouncy ball as I was sure it would break with the constant use of three children. It has actually lasted really well and although there are a few small scratches there is nothing hugely noticeable. It still functions as a ball and as a glitter globe which my daughter thinks is fantastic. I was a little surprised that the batteries have lasted so well as at time the night light has sat on for long periods of time. This and the constant switching on and off it receive from my children it has lasted extremely well.


      We do like this night light as it is something a little different. It has some problems but there are also some good point's too so it is not all bad. I would say that the £30 retail is overpriced as for the same amount there are nicer ones available, but for the £10 I paid it has proved its worth. My little girl really likes it and I can see why it would appeal to young girls. It has sparkles, a princess and lights that change colour over and over. The novelty of taking the globe off the stand and using it as a ball still seems to amaze my little girl, but thankfully she just likes to shake it rather than throw it around. I would recommend this but only if you think your child would still like it despite the other issues.


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