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Disney Lilo & Stitch Interactive Aloha Stitch Talking Plush Toy

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Brand: Disney / Type: Novelty Toy

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2012 18:00
      Very helpful



      An adorable interactive toy for Stitch fans

      Whilst I'm an avid collector of Betty Boop figurines my husband is a huge fan of Disney's Stitch and now owns far too many soft toys, porcelain figurines, mugs and plates. I wasn't particularly keen on Stitch when I first saw him as I thought he was rather ugly with his large grin and mischievous laugh. However, he has grown on me over the years, but my husband's huge collection is becoming rather frustrating, particularly as I have to dust them all!

      ~~ Who is Stitch? ~~

      If you've never heard of Stitch before I would advise that he is an adorable Disney character and the best friend of Lilo. He was named after Dr Jumbo Jukiba's genetic experiment 626 and is blue, fury, mischievous and very, very bad tempered! Stitch absolutely adores Elvis Presley and his antics can be seen in a number of films, which are available on DVD. Unfortunately, the choice of Stitch toys are limited in the UK as The Disney Store carry only a small range as the character doesn't seem to be that popular. However, he is highly promoted in both America and Paris where hundreds of adorable items are available for purchase. The majority of my husband's Stitch toys have been obtained brand new in the original packaging from ebay and the one I am reviewing today is manufactured by Hasbro and is interactive.

      ~~ Interactive Stitch ~~

      Stitch measures approximately 26 cm in height and I would guess that he weighs around 500 grams. He is made from a combination of pale blue fleece fabric and a darker blue short pile fur fabric. Stitch's facial features are absolutely adorable with his huge blue eyes; the pupils of which are made from black plastic. His ears are always floppy other than for when he is in a real temper, which is quite often and it is then that they will stand upright. Whilst the normal Stitch soft toys have soft ears this one contains wire to enable them to be repositioned. However, I have had a good feel of the wire and would advise that there are no sharp edges as I am able to witness a protective covering on the ends.

      Stitch's cute furry hands display four dark blue felt triangles, which I presume to be his nails. However, when Stitch becomes angry he will sprout antennae and additional arms, which he will flap about in a rage! His right hand contains a tiny switch, which when pressed will activate his voice and I will discuss this further on in my review. His legs are short and stubby, but absolutely adorable and the appearance of his toes is similar to that of his hands with his four soft and spiky looking toe nails. Stitch displays a tuft of long piled fur on the top of his head, which assists in giving him his cute appearance. His mouth is always opened wide to display his spiky teeth, which are made from thick felt, which has been slightly starched. The inside of his mouth is so adorable, as Hasbro have used a pale shade of pink to give a realistic appearance and he displays a darker pink coloured tongue, which almost touches his spiky teeth.

      The rear of Stitch contains an opening in his back, which is opened and closed by a small length of Velcro and contained inside is a small plastic box as he operates from 3 x AAA batteries. The toy has been made to the highest of specifications as lining has been used at the rear of his back to prevent fraying, particularly as this section needs to be regularly accessed to operate the on/off switch. Stitch has a cute little tail, which is simply a ball of fur fabric. His bottom is firm and he sits perfectly without toppling and he is filled with 100% polyester fibers. Unfortunately, due to the mechanics Stitch can only be wiped clean and not machine washed. Whilst the surface of his tummy is soft I am able to feel the plastic box if I press slightly, so this toy would not be suitable for young children without adult supervision.

      ~~ Operating Stitch ~~

      The on/off switch in Stitch's back is easily moved and his right hand paw needs to be gently pressed for him to speak his language. My husband is so keen on Stitch that he trawled the internet and obtained a directory of Stitch vocabulary - mad! If you are familiar with Stitch you will be aware of his cute and rather unusual voice as he sounds as if he's speaking from his throat. When we speak to him and tell him something nice he will answer back with a nice phrase, such as "I love you" and "I am family". However, if we say something rude to him he will respond with a rude phrase such as "whatever!" I would state that he does not swear or say anything very rude as obviously this is a toy intended for children. Unfortunately, we are not able to understand all of his chitter chatter and have lost the leaflet that accompanied him, but he asks questions such as "are you hungry?" He drives me mad after a short while as he is rather naughty when ignored and will continually snore loudly and say "whatever" and it is at this point that I switch him off although hubby will continually switch him back on to annoy me! The batteries seem to last for ages and despite owning this toy for approximately 2 years he is still nattering as much today as he was back then!

      ~~ Where to purchase? ~~

      Interactive Stitch can be found on Amazon for anything between £20 - £30, but unfortunately, at the time of writing he is sold out. However, he regularly appears on ebay, which is where my husband obtained his brand new one for £10. This toy would make a lovely gift for any Stitch fan as he is simply adorable although he becomes a little annoying after a while!

      I think this toy is so adorable and as a result, it receives 5 stars from me.

      This review has previously appeared on Ciao under the same user name.


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