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Drinkstuff Margaret Thatcher Nutcracker

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Drinkstuff / Type: Nutcracker

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    3 Reviews
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      18.10.2012 18:02
      Very helpful



      A cracking novelty item as long as she isn't overworked.

      As someone who loves a novelty I usually end up receiving my fair share of quirky gifts at Christmas/Birthdays - some better than others. One thing I never expected to get given was a nutcracker - any nutcracker for that matter, let alone one shaped like a former British Prime Minister.

      Margaret Thatcher comes in a purpose-built cardboard box [23 x 13 x 5.5cm (H/W/D)] which has a picture of the door to 10 Downing Street on the front. The first thing I saw when I unwrapped the present was her slightly malevolent glare peeking over the top of said door through a small cut-out window. It's fair to say I was more than a little perturbed by this and wondered what exactly I had been given. The letterbox to number 10 set my mind at ease (slightly) with the words 'Maggie Nutcracker'.

      Okay, so it's a nutcracker in the shape of Margaret Thatcher. Just what I've always wanted!

      I already had a pretty good idea of how the nut cracking would be done here before opening the cardboard door to the diminutive Iron Lady. When removed, little inspection of the product is needed to discover how exactly it works but for those not too quick on the uptake an explanation is printed on the reverse of the box:

      "Simply place your nuts between her legs and squeeze!"


      === A dominant figure ===

      From head to toe Maggie stands at 21cm tall and is therefore much bigger than your average nutcracker. There are very few people who can look imposing on such a small scale but Mrs Thatcher has pulled it off. Maybe it's the slightly demonic expression on her face or her wide commanding stance. Whatever the reason, this is one nutcracker that will strike fear into nuts everywhere.

      The majority of the 'Iron Lady' is made from hard plastic apart from her head, which is a slightly softer plastic but still quite hard, and a pair of metal ridges running down the inside of her thighs (where else?). The whole piece feels very solid which is reassuring but squeezing her legs together does emit a slight creak - make of that what you will.

      Dressed in a matching blue jacket, skirt and scarf (all of which are the same piece of plastic) her hands are clasped in front of her body waiting expectantly for the next nut to crack. The detail doesn't stop there. I've already mentioned the unsettling countenance and there are further little details in the form of earrings, her realistic hairstyle and even creases in the back of her jacket. All of this makes for a very well-made product and not just something that has been slung together like some novelty items often are.

      Maggie will also have the good grace to stand up solidly on your kitchen side thanks to her angled shoes. I was sceptical at first about this but she is surprisingly stable on her feet, which makes it ideal to display proudly atop your workplace.

      === Put your nuts on the line ===

      Using the nutcracker is fairly straightforward. Maggie's skirt is cut away at the back to provide access for your nuts (I'm sorry, but there really isn't a better way of putting this) and the front of her skirt is designed so that it overlaps when squeezed. First you wedge your nuts between her thighs and then you squeeze her legs together in the palm of your hand, catching the crushed remains when done.

      Unfortunately, things do not always go according to plan though.

      The metal tracks on her legs provide the grip to hold the nut in place and should in theory deliver the crushing force to break the hard outer shell of your nuts. In practice though, the tracks do not always grip properly and it's common that my nuts have shot out of her legs and made a dash for freedom across the kitchen side (who can blame them?) The problem exists because the gripping tracks are straight rather than curved like conventional nutcrackers. When squeezing the legs together the force is not directed down on the centre of the nut but instead comes from the side, which tends to push nuts away from the device rather than holding them in.

      The bigger the nuts though, the easier it is to crush them. Walnuts are fairly easy to crack because they wedge in better and the uneven surface of their shells help to grip onto the metal ridges. The notoriously hard to open almond nut is not too difficult either - the edge of these nuts lock onto the ridges and crack without too much force or difficulty.

      Smaller smoother nuts are at a bit more of a disadvantage though. Hazelnuts have a tendency to slip off the ridges altogether and into the vacant space either side. Their smooth shells also make it tricky to stop them firing out of her legs when squeezing them together. The smallest of nuts sometimes escape demise altogether because they are simply too small to get crushed in the mechanism. The legs do not completely close when fully squeezed and therefore not enough force can be generated on very small nuts to crack them.

      Forgetting Maggie's inner thighs for a moment (if we can) the nutcracker is quite well designed for squeezing one handed. The size of the thing means that it is very easy to hold in the palm of my hand and I find it much more comfortable to squeeze than regular nutcrackers which often have thin handles that dig into my hands. The amount of force required to crack nuts depends on the size and strength of the nut in question. Some walnuts give in very easily whilst others require a firm clench and sometimes more than one attempt is needed - repositioning the nut to find its weakest point often helps.

      I find that some nuts, no matter how hard you squeeze, just won't crack though. For fear of breaking the nutcracker I give up on these and put them to one side - perhaps to take them on later with the pliers. This is one of the downsides over a conventional metal nutcracker - Maggie is simply not designed for very tough nuts and you will have to accept defeat sometimes if you don't want to break the device. On the whole, Maggie does a decent enough job and doesn't require too much effort when squeezing but I find that other nutcrackers are more effective when it comes to all-round nut-cracking ability.

      === One tough old bird ===

      I got the Maggie nutcracker two Christmases ago and used it frequently over that particular festive period for a variety of nuts (I received a rather thoughtful basket of nuts along with the nutcracker). It has been less utilised since then as I am not a big devourer of nuts but I still use it every so often whenever I buy a packet of walnuts.

      Almost two years later and Maggie is still in good condition; applying her iron-will (plastic thighs) as effectively as she ever did. There are several scratches/gouges in the plastic of her legs where shell fragments have been forced together and the plastic on her lower legs is starting to come apart a little from the repeated force. This is purely cosmetic damage though and the whole thing has held together very well considering the rigours of use it has endured. It certainly isn't as strong as a metal nutcracker and can refuse to open some nuts no matter how determined Maggie may be but it has proved much stronger than I first imagined and I expect it will last a while longer yet as long as it isn't overused.

      === Price/Availability ===

      I was told that the Maggie Nutcracker I received came from Firebox.co.uk but for whatever reason it is no longer possible to buy them from there. You can however buy the Maggie Nutcracker from clickshop.com for £9.50 with free standard delivery - this is the cheapest I have found them online.

      === Verdict ===

      Would I recommend the Maggie Nutcracker? Yes and No. I would recommend it if you are buying it as a gift because it is bound to raise a smile (if bought for the right person) and it would make a humorous 'Secret Santa' gift for Christmas. The presentation box is a nice addition and can also double up as a handy storage place if desired.

      If you are looking for a nutcracker for general use then I would hesitate to recommend it fully because although it is a good novelty, it is not designed to be used on a regular basis. For occasional use though it is quite proficient and will cause much jollity if deployed when company is round (this may depend on the guests though). As a nutcracker, there are stronger more effective choices out there but as a novelty that works effectively for occasional use then the Maggie Nutcracker is a fun addition to the home.

      Who said politics had to be dull?

      * Please note: This product is not suitable for children under 36 months (but then I don't think they are the target market anyway) *

      Thanks for reading :-)


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        25.08.2011 17:28
        Very helpful



        A novel gift that actually works

        "If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman." - Margaret Thatcher.

        I rather like Margaret Thatcher and as a young impressionable politics student, I tended to hold her in high esteem. I wrote my dissertation on her and read many books about her and her politics. Recognizing my adoration (but slightly bemused that I was not a normal teenager who worshipped pop stars and the like) for Christmas one year, I received a set of Margaret Thatcher nut crackers. The irony here is unbelievable and I was over the moon with my gift.


        She stands around 20 cm tall and externally is made from thick molded plastic. She is wearing her signature blue suit and has the trademark hair style. Her face is quite well depicted, if not slightly reminiscent of the spitting image puppet of her, albeit this is a much friendly looking Thatcher! She does have a rather comical expression on her face though.

        She came in a great box that is cleverly designed and coloured to look like number 10 Downing Street. On opening the door to the Prime Ministers house, you will find Maggie with her legs spread open ready to crack those nuts. Taking her out of the box, and holding her in my hand, she felt quite weighty and good quality.
        As my present was for Christmas, I was lucky enough to have an array of nuts to stick up Maggie's skirt.


        Looking up the skirt is a metal hole to hold the nut in and the legs are used as levers. The hole is a decent sized and can take even the largest sized chestnuts. She works a treat and I was quite surprised to find that despite this item looking like a comedy toy, it is actually a successful nut cracker. The legs are easy to hold in one hand and you really do not have any trouble making light work of the pile of nuts.
        My only drawback to the device is that I would like her to be able to stand up on her own unassisted. Looking at the image here, it looks like she can stand unassisted but this is not the case. Her legs are spread too far and her feet are not even, so she cannot stand up alone. She can lean on things though, when I am not cracking nuts with her, she leans on top of my fridge propped up against a wine bottle.


        This is a really fun item and is really good quality. I get the Maggie nut cracker out every year and the whole family enjoys using her. The right wingers who loved the iron lady and the lefties who just want to give her a good squeeze.

        *Price and availability*

        You can pick one of these up for around £4.99, which I think is really good value for money. Gadget stores and Amazon.co.uk stock the product.


        Just as the lady is herself, this item is really robust. I've had mine for around 5 years now and she is still cracking nuts just as good as when I first received her. I love it when it is time to get her down and put her to good use. I make a point of having nuts out when friends come to visit. I still get amused guests tickled by such a great little gadget.


        I am more than satisfied with this item. It is more than a novelty gift as it really works. She is robust and long lasting and it is really good quality. Fully recommended!


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          09.01.2010 19:02
          Very helpful



          A good product which is both fun and useful

          In 1990, as Conservatives gasped in horror, as their beloved Prime Minister was brought down by her own cabinet. Shelled food breathed a sigh of relief. But now, a politician so ruthless and determined, she was once dubbed 'The Iron Lady', is back. And she's here to strike the fear of god into not benefits-scroungers, not young-offenders, not even terrorists... but nuts. Think yourself lucky that you are not one of those lined up to be crushed between her legs!

          When I saw that Lady Thatcher herself had been immortalised as a plastic nutcracker, I did not hesitate to purchase it for a good friend of mine as a Christmas gift. Sitting next to me in Politics lessons at school, we spend unfathomable numbers of hours a week discussing politicians with each other, and it didn't take me long to realise how much he deified Margaret Thatcher. I knew it was the perfect gift for him.

          Measuring 20 cm x 9.5 cm x 3.5 cm, it's a rather sizeable and sturdy figure. Sculpted in a classic blues suit and neck scarf, I was actually rather taken aback by the uncanny likeness this gift had to our former Prime Minister. Admittedly, a lot of novelty gifts such as these can be of both poor craftsmanship and poor quality. However, Maggie had both an incredibly smooth paint job and strong likeness.

          The nutcracker is designed so that you can place the nut between her legs, and if you look closely, you can see there is a serrated edge along each, meaning that all you have to do is squeeze tight and listen out for that oh-so-satisfying CRACK! Obviously as this was a gift, I can't comment on how easy to use it is, but I have it on good authority from my friend that it hasn't broken yet and that Maggie has already amassed a large graveyard of nutshells.

          What really made me laugh was the packaging; the box is designed to look like the door of 10 Downing Street. You can open it up and inside you see the nutcracker. If you read the back of the box, there is also a very amusing summary of the device which brought a smile to my face. The little attention to detail in both the figure and the packaging, shows a product which hasn't merely been rushed and has been thought about. I think the packaging really enhances the humour of the product, and you feel it's almost a shame to remove it from its box.

          I was able to find this product fairly easily in Debenhams for the price of £8.99. Which isn't cheap but at the same time, isn't an extortionate amount. Since it is humorous gift, I am always weary of spending a lot of money for something which someone will appreciate for thirty seconds then never look at again. So in this respect, the nutcracker is significantly more useful than any other joke present you could buy someone, as it serves a purpose beyond just amusing.

          I think this is one of the best comedy gifts I have seen in a long-time. Obviously, you can treat yourself to it if you like the look of it, but if you are looking to buy it for someone else, I think it gets it's best reaction if your recipient is particularly politically-minded or is a loyal conservative voter. That way they'll get the biggest kick out of it.

          This product certainly gets my vote! (Unlike David Cameron... but that's a whole other story!)


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