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Electric Shock Pen

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Brand: Lagoon Games

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    3 Reviews
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      10.01.2012 09:09
      Very helpful



      A good idea but lasts a very limited time

      When I woke up Christmas morning someone decided to play a practical joke on my be handing me this present in a box and inside was a pen which seemed very normal and had nothing special about it.

      That was until I clicked the end to use it and I almost jumped in the air due to the shock I got.

      This is as you might have guessed from the title an electric shock pen and it does shock you quite well.
      The pen looks normal as every other pen it has the same size to it the same way to get the pen out to use it so out the outside it seems plain and normal but this is far from the truth.

      The end when pressed in gives out a small shock it is nothing which is going to kill you or harm you but it makes you jump especially if you do expect it. I was left in shock the first time because I was half asleep as it was and this soon woke me up.

      The pen has good and bad points obviously the humour involved offers a key good point because items like this can be seen as dull and sometimes they do not work as effectively as some of the other pens which are similar in design.

      The shock lasts a second at best and then you know next time what's in store for you if you press the end again.

      I think the pen is good for the purpose it serves but when you do use it on other people the humour disappears quite quickly because they grow accustomed to what is about to happen to them if they press it again and then you get bored with it.

      I have to admit I have used the buzzer many times and it seems to last a while you need a small battery which goes into the end but I am not sure how long it is meant to last for unfortunately.

      In terms of writing well the pen is poor for that because I was writing a letter to thank people for their lovely Christmas gifts and after I had written about 20 replies the pen became very dull and eventually the ink ran out.

      Like normal pens can do I waited and decided to try and use it on cardboard and other surfaces to help it return but again this did not happen so in the end it ran out fairly quickly.

      As you can see there is good and bad points the good point is the humour it can offer and the bad point is the fact the humour within a few days disappears from the item. The ink is poor and to be honest the pen is cheap.

      The old saying you get what you pay for definitely applies to this product. I have seen this in a local gadget type store for just £1 so they are cheap but if you want it to for writing forget it.


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        03.07.2010 10:25
        Very helpful



        Would definitely recommend!

        I recently bought an electric shock pen for my brother as a present for his birthday, and it has since become a menace when borrowing stationary!

        It looks like any ordinary pen - as you can see in the product image it consists of a sleek, contemporary design made up in the colours black and metallic silver. Let this be a warning to you; don't judge a book by it's cover!

        It's a 'clicky' pen, one where you have to press in the top to release the nib end, this enabling you to write. However, upon pressing said top, you are treated to a rather mild electric shock!

        Why should I buy it?

        First off, it's a very entertaining gadget. It's fun when someone asks to borrow a pen, you give them this, and you wait while they use it. The anticipation in itself is enjoyable as you wait for that moment when they pick up the pen and their thumb makes contact with the top.

        Your victim's reaction is another bonus to the pen. Seeing their face is hilarious, switching from one emotion to the next - surprise, to shock, to slight discomfort, to eventual laughter, it's guaranteed to keep you amused, hence being a second reason why you should make this purchase!

        Why should I leave it on the shelf?

        Mention must also be made of the bad points of the pen, the first disadvantage being the times when you're the one on the recieving end of a shock! The electric shock doesn't really hurt as such, it just gives you a little jolt which will probably make you jump the first time it happens to you.

        A second disadvantage would be the actual ink capacity of the pen. Yes, I know that that's not really the point of this specific pen, it's just a shocking device disguised as a pen. Nevertheless, it is a pen, and it ran out after a mere two pages worth of words. So if you were to acutally dare and use this as a means of writing, then prepare for it to run out!

        As for availability, you can purchase it from Amazon's website at prices which range from £2.99 to £4.95.

        In all, it's a fun little gadget with the potential to create a lot of laughs - an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for those mischevious people you know!


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          19.09.2009 20:38
          Very helpful




          I purchased one of these a couple of years ago for my then boyfriend - he was often complaining that his pens would be filched from his desk at work, or that people would ask to borrow a pen to jot something down and then pocket it . Bless him, he was too shy to say anything to these despicable pen thieves, so when I saw this on sale (I believe I purchased mine from The Works) I thought this might be just the thing to amuse him .

          Of course, I didn't tell him what it was . It looks just like an ordinary pen -not a cheap biro, but one of those nice clicky ballpoints wuth the bottom half being black and the rest being a grooved silver metal . You simply depress the clicky bit at the end, as you would with an ordinary click ballpoint to get the pen to write, and it delivers a small current to your hand . It's not strong enough to be dangerous, but it certainly is a shock!

          So, having tested it out on myself, I left it on the living room table where by boyfriend would see it (I did this after my daughter was in bed, I didn't want her to get hold of it!) and sure enough, he picked it up and asked if he could borrow it for work, as his own pens had gone walkies once again. Of course, generous kind hearted soul that I am, I agreed, and then watched delighted when he clicked the top (wanting to make sure it had some ink in before taking it to work ) and promptly exhaled several uttered curses under his breath . I then explained to him my plan of him taking it into work - which he did .

          He came home to tell me he'd gotten three people with the pen that day, and that word was getting round about it. He figured his pens were probably safe from now on. The pen got tucked away in the letter rack, and forgotten about, it's novelty over - for now .

          About six months after buying the pen, I got a call from my bank , and needed to jot some details down . I asked the lady to hold, and scrabbled around for a pen - finally finding one . You can probably guess whats coming next .

          Thats right! As I asked the lady on the phone to please repeat the reference number, and depressed the clicky bit, I got an electric shock that resulted in me uttering several rude words and then giggling for a couple of minutes . The lady on the other end of the phone sat in shocked silence, and once I'd stopped laughing, I managed to explain what had happened - resulting in her having a giggling fit too! Eventually, a real pen was located, and I got my reference number jotted down .

          The novelty of the pen is pretty limited sadly - once you've gotten people with it once, they learn to be wary. However, I did enjoy it, and have now passed it onto a friend who is managing to get some use out of it . The battery is still going strong after 2 years, however this is probably due to it just not being used that often .

          I recommend this as a good gift for any practical joker, and it's available on Amazon for just 50p, so its very cheap . It might not have much longevity, but as I nifty little practical joke, I can't fault it . It should be noted however that this should be kept away from people with pacemakers as there is a very small chance it could interfere with them .


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          The Electric Shock Pen will surprise your friends producing shock-tastic results every time!

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