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Fred Freakeys Monster Key Covers

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Brand: Fred Freakeys / Type: Key Cover

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2012 17:31
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      A nice novelty gift.

      When it comes to Christmas, I often receive a bunch of stocking fillers and smaller presents in addition to main ones. These are often from friends, Secret Santas held at work and various little gifts off family. One which I received last year from a family member were these Fred Freakeys Monster Key Covers. I have to say they are quite unusual, and my initial reaction was a surprise. However, I thought the designs were lovely and I was definitely willing to give them a go. Here are my thoughts with my new Freakey keys...

      To start off, I obviously received these a gift therefore they cost me no expense. After trawling the Internet, I have found that Amazon stock these for £5.50, and Play.com for £4.99. Quite a steep price I feel for what they are, however a great price for those people that are tricky, and also a good amount to spend for things such as Secret Santas. I have never seen these stocked in stores, so I would check online if you are interested in them.

      These key covers come in a long plastic case and are displayed nicely. The plastic is clear, therefore enabling you to see all of the designs that are included within the set. Despite the price being a little steep, it is justified in the sense that you receive six key covers. The design of these are lovely, and although monsters probably wouldn't normally be to my taste, I found them quite charming to liven up my keys a little. Each monster is slightly different, so they are all unique to themselves. There is a green one, a red one, an orange one, a yellow one, a blue one and a purple one. The nice thing about having such a range is that you can share them and give some to others which I did choose to do. Personally, my favourite is the purple monster as I just love the design.

      To use these, you simply need to get your key and slide the underneath of the monster right over the key so it covers it securely. I was a little worried that it would not fit over my key at first, but they are very rubbery and stretch well without breaking. Once it was on my key, it was kept firmly in place. Something I like about these is the little hole that is one them, so you can attach it to other keys and keyrings easily. This was so easy to use, and they are also easy to remove if you wish to do so.

      If you had asked me previously, I would have thought a key cover was pretty pointless. However, I have found them to be extremely handy in a way. One of these is that they make it much easier to locate my keys when I am rummaging around my bag. In addition to this, they provide a firm grip on the key, which I have found handy when wearing gloves or when turning the key in the door. Ultimately though, the design of it is just enough to purchase these. They are fantastic, and as they all have arms hanging from the key, they wobble like crazy. I have to admit although slightly childish, they are great fun and would make a fantastic novelty gift.

      The main issue I found with these is that the arms of all of mine tended to fall off after a while. I would say that each one that I kept for myself seemed to last me around a month or two before some part of it ripped or fell off. I suppose this is good for the price paid, as you do get six. However, the arms are quite flimsy and easy to tear so do not expect them to last a good time.

      Overall, I was pleased to receive these as a gift as they are fun and jazzed up my keys. However, I do not think I would rush out to buy key covers myself. It is a nice gesture, and something I would happily use again, but for the price they retail at I am not sure I would. 50/50 with this product however charming the little monsters are. Thanks for reading.


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