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Funtime Airzooka Air Gun

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4 Reviews

Brand: Funtime

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    4 Reviews
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      17.06.2013 18:56
      Very helpful



      A great toy that everyone needs in their collection.

      I had one of these when I was younger. It is one of those toys that is unique, something you don't see much of nowadays so it's well worth having in your children's (or even adults) collection.

      --- What is it? ---
      In short, it is a plastic tunnel with a handle on it with elastic and a plastic sheet inside it. Doesn't sound like much, but believe it or not that can provide hours of fun!
      Holding the handle on the outside with one hand, you pull back the plastic sheet (which has a small handle to make it easier) with the other hand. Once you've pulled it back as far as you can, The plastic sheet is attached to the elastic, such that when you let go of the plastic sheet it will spring back, pushing a column of air through the tube, traveling about 10 meters past where you are standing.

      --- Why is it fun? ---
      It is effectively a gun that shoots air instead of bullets, how is it not fun! You can use it to shock people with; creep up on them and blast them with a shot of air, or even use it to knock over plastic cups or other targets.

      --- Is it harmful? ---
      Not at all. Getting hit by the air doesn't hurt at all, it's just a bit of air hitting you. There are no moving parts for you to get fingers trapped in - the elastic isn't powerful enough to hurt if you put your fingers in the way. There are no small parts to fall off that could be swallowed (apart from maybe the sight at the top but that shouldn't be a problem).

      -- Cheap - under £10 in many places, or second hand can be as low as £1!
      -- Fun for many ages.
      -- Simple - nothing to go wrong on it / doesn't need batteries.
      -- Well made - made of hard plastic so can be thrown around and won't break.
      -- Light weight - even a little kid should be able to use it.

      -- The elastic has worn on mine and is not very powerful anymore.
      -- Not very accurate even with using the sight.
      -- Takes up a lot of space / doesn't fold down etc.

      --- Overall ---
      A toy that I was very happy with as a kid and I used it well into my teens. If the elastic was still as springy today as it used to be then I would probably still be using it! Would make a good gift for most people but especially aimed at aged 8 to 14 I would say.

      (Please note, I have also published this review on Ciao under the same username).


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        07.09.2009 22:24



        Amazing Toy

        Its very rare that you find a toy that appeals to the young and old at a cheap price. The airzooka does just that. At just over ten pounds it is so cheap which also makes it a great gift for those big kids who love their toys.

        The airzooka is basically a catapult that fires a ball of air across a room. The result is that people feel like they have been hit by something only to look around and not find any projectile. In an office this is great fun, you can fire it at piles of paper and numerous other things to send them flying without anyone realising whats going on.

        You can fire the air about 20 metres although the accuracy does go after about 10 metres. Although it does have target on the top to keep you on track.

        To use the airzooka you simply pull pack on the elastic and let go at your target. The airzooka is safe, fun, simple and ideal if your up for a laugh and causing some mischief.


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        10.08.2009 01:37
        Very helpful



        Air Powered Fun

        Sometimes cheap and entertaining toys can be hard to come by, but one such item is the 'Funtime Airzooka', a excellent novelty gift which is suitable for a range of ages.

        Costing £11.49 from Amazon, the Airzooka is a large plastic device which looks a lot like a childrens bucket. It is available in a range of colours, although the standard and most prevalent version seems to be the blue one (shown in the picture above) - but what is the purpose of this mysterious machine, and is it any good?

        Quite simply, the Airzooka is a safe indoor weapon which is designed to fire rings of air, allowing you to get up to all sorts of wind-based carnage.

        - - - - - -
        The Airzooka arrives flat-packed, and requires a bit of simple construction before you can use it. To do so, you must;

        1. Open out the concertina style plastic body
        2. Clip the chunky handle onto the bottom
        3. Attach the flat plastic section onto the top
        4. Twist the fasteners closed on the handle section, locking it into place

        Although it isn't too difficult, the assembly of the device is best done by adults, as you need to use a fair bit of force to clip together some of the parts.

        How does it work?
        - - - - - - - - - - - -
        The Airzooka works by forcing air through a series of rings, each one smaller than the one before - the end result is a doughnut shaped vortex which can travel a fair distance before dispersing.

        - - - -
        After gripping the Airzooka by its chunky handle, you use the toy in a similar manner to a catapult - firstly aiming at your intended target (unsuspecting cats make especially good subjects), and then pulling back on the plastic tab which is attached to an elasticated cord. Upon releasing the tab, the air will make its way to the target, accompanied by a loud booming sound. For increased accuracy of aim, there is a transparent plasic sight on top of the Airzooka which can be flipped up as required.

        At first the toy is comfortable to hold, but for larger hands, the handle can cause a finger blister after a while, which is a bit of a design flaw. Although large, due to its plastic construction, it's quite a light machine, and youngsters will have no problems lifting the fun toy.

        The Airzooka has quite an impressive range, easily knocking over plastic cups from around thirty feet - it's also great as a hair ruffler, and my nephew loves being blasted from across the room. When you get hit by a gust from the Airzooka, it can give you quite a shock, as you don't expect air to pack such a punch. That said, it's a completely painless and safe experience which is a lot of fun.

        Final Word
        - - - - - - -
        I highly recommend the Airzooka, which is a fun toy that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. For the price, I would suggest that the popular air-catapult would make an appealing novelty purchase.


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          09.08.2009 13:02
          Very helpful



          Go on - you know you want one!

          Summer sees a glut of birthdays for me to buy for. Not only do I have my own children to buy for, but also a couple of nephews, a godson who is in his 20s but is incredibly autistic, and a friend in his 50s who is just a big kid at heart.....

          Struggling for inspiration a couple of years ago, I came across the Airzooka airgun on a "gadgets" type website, and ordered a job lot for everyone......

          Priced at around £10, you can get these from sites such as "I want one of those" and Amazon, and also in shops such as Hawkins Bazaar, with similar products available from around £6 if you keep your eyes open.

          These are quite big and bulky - about 11 inches by 11 inches by 8 inches - so not something that can be carried about in a handbag or hidden in a corner when not being used, so bear this in mind when you buy it!

          They look exactly as the picture above shows and are made out of sturdy plastic.

          What you can't see, is that on the "big end" of the airzooka, there is a thick polythene membrane with a nobbly little handle in the middle.

          So, you have this odd looking cumbersome thing - so now what? How can this possibly provide endless giggles and sniggers from little boys of all ages?

          Well, this is a gun that fires air at a whopping rate - so much so that you can send your birthday cards flying, your sister's neatly straightened hair into a "wind tunnel" style, and if you are feeling particularly mischevious you can "airzooka" the cat (or a neighbour's cat!).........

          Because it is only shooting air, it does not do any harm - no ammunition, no flying bits (well, maybe the cat when you have made it jump!) and nothing that can harm anyone.

          Basically, you aim the "gun" at your chosen target, be it animal, vegetable or mineral, preferably from the safety of behind the sofa or behind the door, so your intended target cannot see you, thereby ensuring maximum hilarity......then you pull back the plastic membrane as hard as you can, using the little nobbly handle......then ready, aim, FIRE.......as you let go of the membrane, it creates a vortex of air which shoots out of the end and directs itself in a straight line to your target who suddenly becomes a victim of "whoosh"!!!

          Simple, fun, and effective, although if you keep aiming it at the same person over and over again, they may find the effects slighly less hilarious than you do!

          This is one of those presents that is good for kids of all ages, and by that I mean kids right into their 80s.......if you have difficulty buying something for someone that has everything already, and who has a sense of humour, then this could be just the gift you are looking for, and won't break the bank either. Plus, there are no batteries to buy and replace, and no electric power required, so this is a very cheap gift to maintain!

          The main disadvantage is its bulk - when you are not using it, it has to be stored somewhere, so spare cupboard space is required!

          Other than this, it may be something that eventually gets in the way or loses its fun.......assuming that you get fed up of seeing your hamster fly through his cage........so you might be able to pick one up from a car boot sale for very little money indeed.

          Go on......let the child inside you have some fun!


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        • Product Details

          When air is forced out of the circular opening it moves fastest at the center and slowest along the edges. The end result is air thread upon itself in the shape of a ring that can travel farther that it can dissipate. Because it shoots air it is safe. And you will never run out of ammo.

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