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Funtime Billy Bass Junior

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Brand: Funtime / Type: Novelty singing fish

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2011 18:10
      Very helpful



      I'd say throw this one back, but my husband and sons love it.

      My husband found this out shopping and fell in love with it. Although he refuses to admit to it, he is every bit as much a big child as I am. Basically this is just a big rubber fish, although it is fairly well detailed. When you press a button, the tail flaps to the music , the head turns around and the mouth moves as it sings either "Take me to the river - put me in the water, or "Don't Worry - Be Happy". Actually it only sings a few a lines of each song, but it can sing these over and over, and over and over........ As long as some one wants to keep pushing the button. Or you can set this fish on motion detector and every time anyone walks past, or makes a loud noise, it will launch into song and dance routine - literally.

      The fish I am reviewing is Billy Bass Junior, an 11" fish that has been released recently. The Original Billy Bass came out in the 80's or 90's and I can remember an elderly neighbour owning one and thinking it was greatest the joke ever. The original sings the same songs, but has a slightly different plaque shape and requires 4 size c batteries instead of teh four AA batteries required by the modern version.

      Personally I fail to see the attraction of this. My husband did get a good price on this of £7.50 at ASDA Home Stores, but the retail price of this is usually around £20. That said, my husband loves it. In fact he has said he wants the Billy Bass Superstar version for Fathers Day this year, and would love to have the catfish and trout version as well. His idea is to have a whole fish band. ( I can't wait).

      He is not the only one to love Billy Bass though. My two year old son really loves this. He carries it around singing with it, and laughs and laughs at the "put me in the water" bit. We have told him not to really put this fish in the water as I have visions of this being tossed into my aquarium with the real fish! It is fairly well made at any rate to survive being carried about and played with constantly by a young child, but I am afraid if I hear "Put me in the water" too many more times they end up putting me in the insane asylum instead!
      My oldest son on the other hand, took the huff over the name of the fish. He has only now started to get used to the idea of anyone else being called Billy as he used to think he owned exclusive rights to the name. He does not much care for the name of "Billy Big Mouth" at all, but other than that he says he likes this a lot.
      It seems the whole family want to collect these except for me! My husbands idea is to line them all up on top of our 4 foot tank. It appears singing fish will be my new living room decor.

      I suppose this might make a nice gift for an avid fisherman with somewhat cheesy taste ( like my husband). I do think the main reason for buying these would be as a gag gift. Of course it might well interest children as well, but overall I find this terribly annoying. Still, I am most obviously not the target audience for this thing, and I have to admit it is well made. The original batteries are still going despite hours of playtime, so I can't say it is expensive to keep going. If only there were some way to change the songs I might like this a bit better. I have gone ahead and given it 5 stars, as it does do what it is meant to and is well loved by the rest of the family. I suppose it all boils down to taste ---- or lack thereof.


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