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Funtime Laser Star Projector

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Brand: Funtime / Age: 8 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      19.11.2009 19:17
      Very helpful



      A great Christmas gift for children & adults. Relaxing, romantic & exciting!

      A great Christmas gift idea for children & adults. This was the only thing I really wanted last year & Santa came good. The Laser Stars Projector is exactly what it sounds like: a device that uses green laser technology to project thousands of stars (& cloud formations) onto your ceiling. It's just as magical as it sounds!

      Laser Stars is about 12" high & is made up of a black plastic base supporting a sturdy silver starshaped projector with 2 lense areas. It doesn't seem at all fragile, as some of these novelty gadgets can be. The star part of the gadget rotates on an axis, so you can adjust the area in which the star projection falls. It is quite stiff to rotate but I like to think of that as testament to its hardiness!

      SET UP
      The projector is very easy to set up; another plus on Christmas morning. It comes with an AC adaptor & all you need to do is plug it into the jack on the device & you're away. It's that simple. In fact I had more trouble removing the device from its box, as it was very snugly surrounded by polystyrene. I still keep the projector in its box when I'm not using it & have trouble getting it out every time!

      Once you're plugged in the operation of the projector is just as simple. It has an off/on switch & a 'cloud brightness' control. By turning this dial the 'cloud formations' can be fully bright, dimmed, or entirely turned off. With or without clouds the effects of the projector are best when used on white ceilings or walls & in absolute darkness. You can just about see the projections with the light on but it's like watching fireworks in the middle of the day.

      THE STARS!
      Once you're set up the projection really is lovely. It's not astronomically correct in the slightest but is made up of thousands of stars, very densely packed together. The stars are very bright green in colour whilst the 'cloud formations' are blue. It's a shame that the stars can't change colour or anything like that but with 'green laser' technology I wasn't really expecting that.

      The stars spread out towards the extremity of the projection but directly above the lense they are very densely packed indeed. From the appearance of the stars projected their movement seems to be regulated in several layers. Some of the stars will move quite quickly around the room whereas others remain stationary. They don't all move in the same direction though, each moving star seems to busy itself on its own course. Every so often you will also see a shooting star streak across the ceiling; this is one of my favourite things about the projection.

      If you aim the lens at the wall rather than the ceiling it seems to have more depth, which is quite interesting, but I much prefer lying down & watching it on the ceiling. You can also mount the device on the wall, according to the instruction manual, but I have never tried this.

      The cloud formation is always projected into the centre of the display. It achieves an undulating blue smokiness; again much more dense in its centre than at its extremities. You can control the brightness of the cloud formation with a dial on the device, but I normally turn it off entirely, as I think the stars are much prettier on their own. The cloud can look a little random & distracting in the centre of the stars, as it is so blue & so bright.

      The display is very relaxing after a long day & I can also imagine it being very soothing to younger children as well. It would also make a great backdrop at a party & could certainly be seen as very romantic.

      The Laser Stars Projector seems to be around £100 now, whereas I think it was about £135 when I first set eyes on it in a Gadget Shop catalogue last year. It's not cheap, but it's such an interesting & exciting product to anyone who loves starry nights & light displays that it's certainly worth it as a gift. It's also something that can be kept for a very long time & is relatively cheap to run as you don't use batteries for it.

      There are two downsides to the projector, but neither of them really dampen my love for it! Firstly the device should only be left on for 4 hours max or it can overheat & shorten its life. Now whilst I wouldn't really want to lie & look at it for that long I have fallen asleep with it on before. As an object with relaxation as one of its primary uses this is a little inconvenient. However, when I felt the projector after I had left it on too long it wasn't nearly as hot as my laptop gets!

      Secondly the projector is not entirely silent. When you have it on you can hear something inside the lens whirring around. It's quite a similar noise to that of a colour changing fibre optic lamp. The pitch or volume of the noise doesn't change, so it does fade into the background after a while, but it would be better if it was entirely silent.

      Despite the downsides this really is an excellent plaything. I am a big fan of interesting illumination & over the years I have had lava lamps, fibre optics & those spheres containing pinky purply balls of lightning. However this is definitely my favourite luminous toy!


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      15.01.2009 19:44
      Very helpful



      Fantastic invention which is amazing to watch.

      I love stars, I love astronomy, and I love not knowing what could possibly be behond. Where I live, I get the most amazing views of stars and planets, as we live in the country and you get the brightest ones on near the hills. So I have this huge advantage, and the night sky was what inspired me to ask for this for Christmas.

      As many people went at Christmas, I wanted something different and fun. I always wanted a telescope but they are so expensive, so went in a different direction. I found this by accident on my favorite site for 2008:


      This site offers the weird and the wonderful products which none of us need at all, but REALLY want! This was my perfect site and I was just browsing. When on it you really do come across the weird and wonderful inventions... However I came across something star related, and was immediately interested. The star projector however was going to cost £99.99. After doing a bit of price comparison, this was the cheapest price and one of the only places you could get it. You can get one for the constilations for kids, from National Geographical. This is the more relaxing 'grown-up' version.

      The Funtime Laser Star Projector is the self focusing laser star cosmos in your own home. The idea is that it works just like a projector, so it can be projected ideally on the ceiling, but on walls or just anything else! I was really intrigued about this as it was such an odd idea but it turned out to be fantastic for what I wanted for Christmas. I hadn't yet decided and was struggling (ironically) for something to ask for. So after finding this unique gift, I copied and pasted the link and emailed it to my mum.

      So it got to Christmas and I opened my presents and guess what I got dooyooers?

      Gleaming at me, was a blue and green box with a big silver star on it! The box is amazing, I didn't actually know it would be that big. It is very light and is packaged very cosily. Now all you have to do is set it up which takes so little time, which is brilliant if you just want to see it running as soon as possible. It is very easy to unpack, and after getting all the polystyrene off, you plug it into a socket and you are ready to be taken-a-back at what you are going to see...

      So what does it do?

      It immediately releases a huge projections of thousands of bright green stars. It obviously works best in darkness as you are able to see the tiniest ones and they really show off much better. You have the option to put in beautiful blue clouds, to make it that bit more magical. You can adjust the brightness of these clouds, so you can have a deep blue, or very light.
      This really is a the epiphany of sheer excellence of this galactic wonder as you stare dazed at the amazing stars. Every single one seems to follows its own path, as travels around your ceiling. I have followed the same star around the room for a while and you just wonder where it will go next. Each star is exceptionally bright and crisp, you can really follow each on excellently. I've also noticed that there is sometimes a shooting star, although I have only noticed this twice, and it is a really cool thing to see.
      The stars are in no formation. So it sadly would not be suitable for those wanting to study the stars accurately, this is just for fun. In the middle you have the brightest star, and it is surrounded by 6 orbiting smaller stars. Then it really is star city, as thousands of tiny green dots, travel around your ceiling, all having their own speeds and sizes.

      The Design
      It is a very original and modern design. It is made up of a big 3D star which can be rotated on a pivet, to any direction. It is on a stand so you can place it on any flat surface, and move it to project it on the best part of the room. It can go at a 90 degree angle very easily, if you wanted to project on walls. There are two lenses, one for the stars and the other for the blue clouds. The lense is already self adjusted so you will never have to twist/turn/fiddle with it. Of course it has an on/off button at the very back.

      It is recommended for over 8's. This is not really a toy (well kind of) however it can be dangerous as children may try to look into the projector which can damage their eyes. However if used correctly it can very exceptionally efficently used. This, I found out, is actually used with children with learning difficulties as the colors and movement stimulate the brain. It is an exceptionally relaxing tool, and can cause children's (and adults!) imaginations to go crazy. This is very fun to lie on the floor and watch these incredible dots go in every direction, bumping into each other, and looking out for shooting stars.

      Any Problems?
      It works perfectly, you can stare at stars for hours. Add and take away your clouds, and relax as you stare... at your ceiling! You cannot keep it on for more than four hours as it will overheat. It is very safe, but you cannot keep it on for such a long time at a time as it will just get to hot. This isn't nessicary a disadvantage, but you have to be reminded to not keep it on to much.

      I love this. It can be used to create a romantic, fun and relaxing atmosphere easily. Children will love it, adults will love it and you will love it. It is one of the odder things I have, but it is a fantastic conversation starter.
      It works fantastically in the dark, and is almost unreal as these sparkly green stars to take over your entire ceiling. It reminded me a lot, for any Harry Potter fans out there, of the great hall with the moving ceiling. You can recreate that incredible effect with fantastic results. An unusual, fun and unique present. If you have children then this would be a great one, especially if they are a bit older. The price is pretty expensive for something you don't really need. However you won't regret buying it.

      I am star struck by this product (Yes, that was a pun...)

      Copyright of Scotlandizdabest at Dooyoo.co.uk


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    • Product Details

      The projector is self-focussing. The Laser Cosmos will fill any room, no matter how big or small with a carpet of stars, blue clouds (optional), and even shooting stars. Uses green laser and holographic technology. Equipped with 2 built-in precision glass lenses: cloud formation projector lens and laser stars projection lens.

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