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Ghostbusters Proton Pack

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    2 Reviews
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      24.09.2010 21:35
      Very helpful



      A must for a Ghostbuster fan and those reliving childhood memories or introducing it to their kids

      Who ya gonna call?

      For those of us born in the early 80's, Ghostbusters would become a word we all knew and loved. In 1983, the comedy genius that is Dan Aykroyd first gave over the idea of the Ghostbusters premise to Ivan Reitman. June 1984 saw the release of one of the highest grossing movie of the 80's. Ghostbusters was a supernatural spectacular hit.

      Naturally, this sucess brought about the beginning of 'The Real Ghostbusters', a cartoon series based on the characters we know and love. The series ran from 1986 for five years, during which Ghostbusters 2 was released in 1989.

      A series as sucessful as Ghostbusters was sure to make the money in merchandise. And so, Kenner produced figures and playsets based on the cartoon.

      Being born in 1981, I saw Ghostbusters about 1987 on television. From that moment on, I was a fan. It was then I realised that there was also a cartoon on tv. Watching this made me become a superfan. Most fridays were dedicated to me rushing home to watch Knightmare and the Real Ghostbusters on ITV. Those were the days. Imagine my young mind, getting blown out by the fact they were releasing a Proton Pack and Ghost Trap, so that I could finally realise my dream and head into the streets and bust some ghosts.

      So whats it like?

      Since this is based on the cartoon pack, theres no black heavy pack here. The cartoon Proton Pack was blue, thus so is this. The pack itself is a hollow molded item, stickers completing the details of all the valves and buttons on the back. A yellow cord then connects to the neutrino wand. A yellow button on this can be pressed to make a whirring noise. Connected to the end, there was a yellow foam stream which mimics the fire power of the pack. Black straps on the back enable you to wear the pack on your back.

      What could complete this set? well of course, how can a budding Ghostbuster catch a ghost without having a trap handy? Well, Kenner also released the trap. Again, blue, with the yellow and black strips on the trap door. Stickers again are on the sides to detail the technical features of the trap. Connected to this, a yellow hose leading to a foot pedal. Pressed hard, this would then push open the trap and allow the Buster to finish the job.

      For any kid who loved Ghostbusters, this was the bees knees. Okay, it could have be better, but at that age, who cares. Its fun, and kids could get together and play. Exactly what its all about. Forget happy slapping, these were the best days ever. Thundercats was also the big thing of the day. I am pleased to read in the other review here that he had a Sword Of Omens from Thundercats, good on you! So did I!

      Prices now can vary. Ebay is the best place to find it, but don't get ripped off. £30-40 is acceptable. I've seen them go for £150 easily. If you spend that much, make sure its in brilliant condition. Look at the pictures carefully. Stickers can come off all too easily and a single hole or tear on the ghost trap lead and stop it working.

      Overall, 8/10 for the effort that Kenner put into the set
      10/10 for bringing kids together to play something non violent.

      Bring back the 80's!


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      07.10.2009 20:27
      Very helpful



      If you like the ghostbusters as a child or adult then this is a great fancy dress item!

      ~ Personal Experience ~

      Well, I can't really defend myself on this product as it is a bit geeky or so my wife would say but who cares I used to love the Ghostbusters when I was a child and still do to some extent. If you have watched the films or cartoons then you know what one of these proton packs are. If you don't then try to picture some ugly looking school back pack and you're a quarter of the way there.

      It was used by the Ghostbusters to control a ghost's movement and once they had it under control using the proton packs then they would use a trap which would then suck them into it and then it would be taken back to base to be stored.

      Well the toy version used to fit on the back just like the Ghostbusters (how trendy!) and then instead of producing a highly dangerous charge it would produce holographic images on walls or wherever it was dark and the light had a chance to shine. You could actually rotate the holograms using a button on the hand held device which came with the proton pack. It would also produce a sound which often annoyed my parents, but I remember it being a fabulous toy which entertained me for hours (easily please I know!).

      ~ Quality ~

      The product was mainly made out of plastic (blue in colour) and felt as if it was of a decent quality. Similarly I had the thundercats sword which replicated a hologram too and having the Ghostbusters toy which practically did the same was ace! The quality of the holograms were fantastic especially when your parents were not expecting you to appear round the corner of the stairs, and a high pitch noise and strobe effect flashed in their eyes (you can imagine the shock in their eyes and smell the fear), and had many laughs with this toy.

      ~ Price and Shop ~

      I originally had this bought for me from Argos for around £30 in the 90's but after doing some research I found it on E-Bay for around £21 which isn't bad for a new product. Still worth every penny and I am not sure if at 26 years old that I wouldn't be tempted to try it on one more time.

      ~ In my opinion... ~

      In my opinion this was a real trendy toy to have back in the day, but maybe not so these days or so my wife would point out. The proton pack along with the ghost trap was fantastic, and if you were lucky enough to find a friend with one, then you could go round the streets acting as if you were really one of the Ghostbusters! (Okay maybe not the streets, but maybe each others house).

      The current price seems decent and well worth a buy if you have kids who love the Ghostbusters or even if you know a older child who is easily pleased.

      ~ Rating ~

      Overall Rating: 4/5


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