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Girls Gourmet Cup Cake Maker

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5 Reviews

Brand: Girls Gourmet / For ages 8 years+

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    5 Reviews
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      24.04.2010 01:00
      Very helpful



      Totally useless waste of money, if I could rate it 0 stars, I would!

      My daughter had her heart set on getting the Gourmet Girl Cake Maker, and I duly bought her one from Argos (with a half price refill kit) for her ninth birthday. After a lengthy struggle to liberate all the pieces from the packaging, we set about making the cakes. The first disappointment was realising that each sachet of cake mix made only one cupcake; however adding a spoonful of water to the mixture and cooking in the microwave was straightforward, and produced a fairly good-looking cupcake.

      The main piece of kit is supposedly for icing the cupcake, and we made up the icing mix with high hopes of an end result that would in some way resemble the pictures on the packaging. Filling the icing dispenser was tricky and messy, but eventually we were ready to depress the lever and ice our lone cupcake. At first the cake spun merrily in its little holder but no icing appeared, so we tried again. This time icing shot out all over the contraption, a little of it landing in gloops on random areas of the cake. Determined not to be defeated, I cleaned up the machine (not easy), we baked another cake and tried again, and then again, and then again. We tried depressing the lever more slowly, then a bit faster. We tried making the icing stiffer, then less stiff. The results were consistently messy and disappointing.

      The Gourmet Girl Cup Cake Maker probably wins my award for the most useless piece of rubbish I have ever bought. In fact, it makes me angry that this was ever put into production and sold by major retailers: did any of them ever actually try it out? I would dearly love for a representative of the manufacturers to demonstrate this product in front of those who have wasted money on it, and the children who have been so disappointed by it. I am unlikely to buy anything else from this manufacturer because of our experience with this.

      In short, it doesn't work. Ours had not been used since my daughter's birthday. It is far cheaper to bake and ice your own cakes the "old-fashioned" way, and the results and taste are much better.


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        29.12.2009 08:38
        Very helpful



        Do not waste your money on this

        My daughter had wanted the girls gourmet cup cake maker for a long time so when shopping with my mum I saw it reduced to £15 in Sainsbury's I encouraged her to buy it for christmas.

        My daughter was very excited and wanted to make her cup cakes for tea so we set everything up then found that the cup cake maker only has enough cake mix and icing to make 4 cakes.

        The "cakes" were made one at a time by emptying a packet in a bowl and adding water then "baking" them in the microwave. Again the icing had to be done one at a time.

        In my opinion the cup cake maker is the biggest waste of money I have every spent. I query how many additives are put in the cake mix so you only need to add water and it can be cooked in the microwave. The icing part of the maker was tempremental to say the least and if you were lucky you might get some of the icing on the actual cake. Cleaning the machine was a complete nightmare as the icing get's into every imaginable crevice and sets there. I ended up throwing the whole thing in the bin.


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          14.06.2009 15:42
          Very helpful



          All in all this Cupcake maker was a big disappointment!!

          A few months before Christmas 2008 my daughter was looking through the Argos book making her list for Santa! One of the items she added to her list was the Girl Gourmet Deluxe Cupcake Maker, the cost for this item was around £34, looking at the picture of the Cupcake maker I wasn't fussed about buying it as we bought a similar product before which turned out to be a big disappointment.

          Over the weeks running up to Christmas all she talked about was this Cupcake Maker, so I decided to buy it for her, however I couldn't get one anywhere, and I knew she would be disappointed but there wasn't much I could do. Christmas Day finally arrived and off course I could see she was disappointed, she didn't mention anything about the Cupcake maker but I could just tell she was disappointed, so I told her she could save up her pocket money and buy it herself.

          She saved for quite a few weeks and eventually had enough to buy the Cupcake Maker, of we went to Argos to purchase it, when we discovered that if you bought the Cup Cake maker you could buy the refills for half price, so instead of paying the usual price of £9 she only had to pay £4.50, anyway with both the items purchased we went home.

          Arriving home my daughter was straight into opening the packaging; the Cupcake Maker was in quite a large cardboard box, although it wasn't heavy or awkward to carry. However inside the box was a different story, all parents will know how difficult it can be to get toys out of their packaging! Anyway eventually we got everything out.

          Inside the box you can expect to find:

          1 Spoon - with a large side and a small side
          1 Water dropper
          1 Spatula
          4 Cupcake papers
          1 Mixing bowl
          1 Microwave baker dish
          1 cupcake cup
          1 sprinkles container with sprinkles
          1 Cupcake icer
          1 Icing chamber
          4 Shortcut cards
          1 Instruction leaflet
          4 Cupcake mixes - chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, caramel
          4 Sugar Icing mixes - chocolate, vanilla, cheese, cinnamon

          We got everything organised and were ready to start making buns, it all seemed pretty straight forward, but we quickly realised that we could only make one bun at a time, I couldn't help but think that it was going to take ages to make these buns, I have three children and a husband all with a sweet tooth and expecting a bun each.

          Anyway making the buns is pretty straight forward, choose the flavour mix, empty into the mixing bowl, add 1 spoonful of cold water using the large end of the spoon and mix, if you require extra water use the water dropper, once this is done you add the mix to the cupcake papers and then into the Cupcake cup, this is then placed into the microwave dish and then into the microwave for 30 seconds, (in my experience it took a few seconds longer). Now for the icing mix, this is done in the same way apart from when the water is added you need to use the smaller end of the spoon with hot water, once the mixture is ready you place it into the icing chamber, this part is quite messy, anyway the icing chamber is then attached to the icer and by pushing on a handle the icing comes out, again this is extremely messy and the icing doesn't necessarily end up only on your bun! Now you just need to add sprinkles and ENJOY!!

          Other info
          This product is suitable for children 8 years and over and it requires adult supervision. Also refills are available in Argos for around £9, although they could be cheaper elsewhere.

          My opinion
          Well I was disappointed to say the least! I found the whole experience to be quite time consuming and the buns were too sweet. My daughter has used this twice in the time she has had it and was also very disappointed. This product in my opinion is not worth the money and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!

          Thanks for reading
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            11.06.2009 13:28
            Very helpful



            rip off

            Let's Cook Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker
            What Is It
            The Girl Gourmet Cupcake maker is part of the Let's Cook range of toys made by character. Toys designed for creative play and to get kids interested in cooking.
            The cupcake maker is a a cooking play set which bakes cupcakes in the microwave in just 30 seconds. It comes with 1 cupcake Icer, 4 cupcake mix packets (Chocolate, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Caramel) 4 sugar Icing mix packets (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and cream cheese), 1 packet of rainbow confectionery balls, 1 Microwave baker, 1 microwavable cupcake cup, 1 bowl, 1 measuring spoon, 1 spatula, 1 icing tip1 sprinkle tube, 4 recipe cards and 1 instruction sheet.
            Once all the cake mix and icing have been used refills as well as spare icing tips can be purchased from the same toy retailiers that sell the cupcake maker. The recommended age for the cupcake maker is 8 years plus but adult supervision is obviously required.

            The box for the cupcake maker is quite well designed transparent at the front so you can clearly see the contents. The rest of the box is covered with young girls pictured enjoying using their cupcake maker and the cupcakes they have made. The back of the box shows all the food pack info for the packet mixes that are included and also shows how you can make the perfect cupcakes with this product in just four very asy steps.
            My experience
            I was just days away from my daughter's seventh birthday, usually I've sorted her presents weeks before the event but this year she was so excited about her party she didn't seem interested in presents. She hadn't mentioned one thing she would like for her birthday and eventually I had to ask her. The reply was quite startling to me rather than reeing off a long list like every birthday and christmas she just replied "I don't know". times like this require the Argos catalogue, I sat her down with book, again expecting a huge list of things but there was only one thing she wanted, the Let's Cook Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker. Ok so it said 8 years plus but she really wanted it and it's not like I'd leave her alone to use it herself so if it's what my daughter Hope wanted it's what I would get her.
            Usually I shop around and compare prices on the net but I was lacking in time and seen as I have no transport at the moment I decided just to reserve it at my local Argos then go pick it up the next day.
            When I bought it I was quite surprised by how light it was because of the picture and the list of contents that I had read in the Argos book was expecting a huge box and expecting it to be quite heavy, while I was there I also bought a Deluxe Cupcake refill as this was half price when you bought the cupcake maker.
            Hope's birthday arrived and herself and her teo little brothers couldn't wait to get started making lovely cupcake creations. So I began to open then box and trying to remove the contents took me well over an hour, I have never seen so many of those grey wire tags in my whole life, the contents were very secure in the box but unfortunately for parents this mean more moaning time.
            Eventually all the contents were out and we were ready to start. We then realized that the cupcake maker actually only makes one cupcake at a time, each cake mix sachet is 30g and there is only room for 1 cupcake in the microwave baker. The actual making is very easy, mix the contents of the sachet with water plce in the baker, microwave for 30 seconds and there's your cupcake. To ice just mix the icing sachet with warm water load it into the frosting machine (this is the messy part) push it down and hey presto there you have it one iced cupcake. unfortunately they look absolutely nothing like the ones on the box.
            What I found that although easy it's messy and time consuming cos as it only make one at a time you have to keep washing the bowl and froster every time you make one. Hope was also dissapointed not just with the fact that you can only get one cupcake at a time but the ones we did make weren't really that nice, eventhough we all have a sweet tooth in our house these cupcakes were very very sweet, infact all we could really taste was sugar.

            I paid £34 from Argos for the cupcake Maker and got the deluxe refill for £4.50 (it is usually £9). I have had a look around at other toy retailers since and the cupcake maker is gererally available for between £27-£35.

            Although the idea behind this toy is quite a good one that will appeal to kids, it's really expensive, time consuming and the end result isn't very nice. So for me this product was a total rip off. Since it's first outing on Hope's birthday it hasn't been used since and it must be bad because she hasn't even asked to use it. I'd give this one a miss and if you are interested in this product look out for Hope's available on ebay shortly.

            Also on ciao under same username


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              14.05.2009 11:40
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Another toy relegated to the back of the cupboard!!!

              This was bought as a Christmas present for my five year old daughter. I bought it at Sainsburys when it was on offer for half price so it was £15 instead of £30. I had seen it advertised but didn't want to pay £30 for it, so was pleased with the price.

              The cupcake maker consists of the cupcake icer and several other small pieces of equipment, that you need to make the cakes.

              It comes with enough packets of mixture to make and ice four cakes. The instructions are fairly simple to follow, all you do is add water to the cake mix sachet, mix, and then microwave in the special container for around a minute.

              You then make the icing in the same way, and heres where it gets very fiddly! You have to push the icing into the nozzle, and then fix the nozzle to the cupcake icer, this gets extremely messy, and you loose half the icing. Then you turn the handle on the cupcake icer and supposedly the icing comes out of the nozzle and perfectly ices the cake - what in reality happens is that you end up with lumps of icing everywhere, and some on the cake if you are lucky.

              Then you get to eat the cake you have made, well I haven't tried one but my daughter has and she says they are ok.

              We enjoyed making the cakes, but in all honesty we have made lots of cakes from scatch before, and have had much better results, and you make lots more cakes too - the Cupcake Maker only makes one at a time. Also the refills are expensive at around £10 for a pack which makes 4 cakes!!

              I wouldn't say this is a bad product - it does what it claims to (except for the icing bit!) but it is expensive and we have only used it twice in 5 months and its been shoved to the back of the cupboard, so I'm glad we only paid £15 for it not £30

              Save the money and cook from scratch.


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            • Product Details

              Add water to your mixture place into the microwave safe container and within seconds you will have a delicious cup cake ready to decorate and enjoy!

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