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Glow in the Dark Loo Roll

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Type: Novelty Toilet Roll

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2011 20:32
      Very helpful



      A great little novelty.

      One of the presents my boyfriend and I received from my parents at Christmas was a novelty glow in the dark loo roll . After a brief giggle turning the lights on and off, we put it to one side, not really particularly impressed, and dismissed it as just one of those silly novelty gifts .

      Being distinctly average in appearance - plain white in colour, with no outer wrapping, and the exact same size and shape of your standard budget loo roll, it soon disappeared in amongst the other loo rolls in the bathroom, and we assumed that it has simply been used, un-noticed, and that actually the glow in the dark couldn't have been that impressive if we hadn't really picked up on it .

      We were wrong . One night the boyfriend and I had a big argument . I can't really remember what it was about, but I do remember that I became a blubbering, snottering mess. Taking pity on me, the fella fetched me a loo roll so we could clean up my snotty wet unattractiveness, and I snatched up a few sheets and wiped my face dry.

      Resolving to make up for the argument, we turned out the lights, and snuggled up together . I decided to give my boyfriend a kiss, only for him to push me off, laughing his head off . Annoyed, I asked what was so funny, only to get the reply 'Your face!!!'. Now, I knew that I'd been crying and blowing my nose, and probably wasn't the most attractive person in the world to look at, but his rubbing it in was a bit much, and I sucked in a deep breath ready to tell him so.

      He had by this point stopped giggling enough to tell me to go and take a look in the mirror. Stumbling across the room in the dark, I looked into the mirror, and saw my face covered in luminous green streaks, particularly around the eyes and nose. I looked like some kind of mad raver, all glowing in bright colours . I collapsed into a fit of giggles myself - obviously this glow in the dark paper worked - a glance at the wadded up snotrags in the bin confirmed this, and just as obviously it left a residue behind.

      My boyfriend and I then proceeded to draw on each other with the paper, creating glowing patterns all over our bodies . I also painted a few choice rude words onto his back - having not quite forgiven him for the argument in the first place.

      We actually had a great amount of fun with this loo roll - and we did put the rest of the roll in the bathroom for it's intended purpose. It does the job it's meant to do - although the texture is decidedly at the budget and of the market and is scratchy on both nose and bottom, it absorbs everything it should . However, the residue provoked giggles on further occasions when it became very evident after a night-time toilet trip (during which this loo roll was easy to find without turning on the lights) just how thoroughly my partner wiped!

      Overall, I think this is a rather fun little item . I wouldn't buy it again for myself - it is after all rather pointless, and I think we've gotten all the giggles out of it we are going to, but might well consider it as a novelty gift for someone else in the future. It is widely available online and costs around £4.99 per single roll .

      4 stars - one off as I think the price is a little high, even with so much novelty value.


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