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Halsall Wild World Magic Grow Dinosaur Egg

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Brand: Halsall / Type: Add water to watch the dinosaur grow

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    1 Review
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      18.01.2011 13:52
      Very helpful



      Recomended by my son and I

      I saw a magic grow Dinosaur Egg on a car boot for 20p. While I had no idea whether it would work or not for 20p it seemed a worthwhile investment for an experiment.

      How do you grow a dinosaur?

      We followed the instructions on the pack .Firstly place in a container and fill with water till the egg stands up. We used a pint glass so that my son would be able to see the egg cracking. The water should be below 35 degrees but I simply used tap water. It advises that you should start to see the egg crack within 12-24 hours. We stated ours at 1.30 in the afternoon so was hoping that when we got up in the morning we would see some results however there was no change. I packed my son off to nursery telling him that hopefully something should happen when he returned home for lunch but still we waited. We continued to wait for 48 hours and still the egg was showing no signs of movement.

      We decided to crack the egg ourselves and although it felt quite plastic like I was unsure if it would crack but it did crack as a normal egg would. Once a piece of shell was removed the dinosaur poked his head out. So we put it into some clean water and put it back to grow. It did manage to break its way out of the rest of the shell.

      The final stage is to put him into another tray of water and continue to watch him grow. We used a sandwich box which did get spilt twice but the dinosaur continued to grow. Once finally gown the dinosaur had a cold clammy feel. He is very bendy and brightly coloured. The dinosaur does need to be kept in water to remain fully grown.

      Age recommendations

      The packaging advises that this item is suitable for children who are three years old and above. My son is four in three months time and this seemed to be the right age that he was old enough to help and generally understand you couldn't touch it .I think if he had been younger we would of experienced many spilt glasses of water. I think k also legs could easily be bitted off if you have a child prone to putting things in their mouth.


      My son has thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was a great lesson for him about how things grow and develop .It also taught him that sometimes you have to wait for the overall goal. My son was able to help in the process of growing the dinosaur. Although sadly the egg didn't crack itself I do not know how old the egg was but it didn't really interfere with my son's pleasure He has played with the dinosaur frequently since it has grown and even taken it to nursery to explain how he grew the dinosaur from egg. As the dinosaur needs to remain in water it slowly shrunk over the week. When it was quite small my son managed to rip the dinosaurs back leg but then this isn't necessarily about a toy to play with at the end but an experience in helping to grow and create something. I do recommend this for young children as it was a fun experience for both my son and I. I will probably buy him another at some point in the future but obviously not something you want to do every week.


      I have found these available since purchasing on Amazon for £5.85 with free postage and packaging. But have also found them for buy it now on EBay for 99p with £1.49 postage and packaging.


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