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Hannah Montana My Secret Pillow with MP3 Speaker

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2 Reviews

Brand: Character Options / Age: 8 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      15.09.2009 14:24
      Very helpful



      A great toy for girls who love to keep secrets.

      My little girl received this Hannah Montana Secret pillow for her tenth birthday last week. This pillow had a lot to live up to, She had seen the ads, all her friends had one and she simply "needed" it. But was it as good as it seemed - Here is my reveiw ....

      What is it ?
      Hannah Montana - My secret pillow, is exactly that - a lockable pillow that you can put all your deepest secrets in.
      The pillow is about A4 size and very puffy and soft, It zips up around the edges and comes with a little padlock and two keys.
      Inside is an A4, four page fabric book /diary, it has a page for all your child's favorite things such as 'best celebrity' and 'best friend', two pages to write all their secrets, two pages to write about their best friends, a story page, a blank page to draw on and a weekly planner. It comes with a felt tip pen to use. This book can be taken out of the diary and machine washed. I have washed it once and all the pen was removed. I would say it would be best to only use the pen they give you.
      After the diary you will find a photo sleeve, this has eight pockets for standard 6x4 photos.
      There is then a plastic wallet, great for storing all their little treasures.
      The wallet and photo sleeve cannot be removed from the diary.
      The secret pillow also has a hard backed diary that can be removed and used alone. There is a pocket to store it safely when it is not in use.
      If that wasn't enough the secret pillow is also an MP3 speaker, you simply plug in your mp3 player and there is a speaker hidden inside. It doesn't play it out loud, to hear it properly you need to rest your head on the pillow.

      Is it really that good?
      My daughter absolutely loves it, she has only had it a week and I am not sure if the novelty will wear off, but at the moment every night she is there writing messages and notes and then snuggling up with it at bedtime.
      When it was her birthday sleepover most of the girls had one and they were all signing each others books and writing 'sleepover club' secrets.
      It needs to be washed once it is full other wise it loses half of the appeal, but it can just go in with the other washing so isn't too much of a hassle.

      Great I want one, where can I get it ?
      My secret pillow is availabe at many outlets, most toy shops sell them, argos have them and some of the bigger supermarkets have them in stock. Amazon have them for sale from £17.98 but I have seen them as much as £25.00 so it is worth shopping around.
      If Hannah Montana isn't your cup of tea then they have a few other designs, Hello Kitty, Camp rock and High school Musical.

      I would say if you have a daughter between 6-12 she would love this in her Christmas stocking.


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        10.01.2009 08:38
        Very helpful



        An unusual present, straight from the North Pole!

        My daughter thought that this year she would really push the limit and ask Santa to bring her two presents instead of her normal one gift. (Santa has limited space in his sleigh so we get away with one Santa gift!)

        On of her presents, (the one I will now review), meant that the second gift asked for was essential, or the first would not work, confused, me too!

        The toy I will now review is - "Hannah Montana, My secret pillow"

        My daughter has been after this particular thing for a few months now, but when it first came out I told her she had to wait until Christmas due to the price, of which I will get to in due course.

        The basic concept of this toy is that it is a pillow. The pillow has a double zip that runs along three sides of it, when un zipped this transform the pillow into a book of sorts with plenty of secret compartments to hide secret things in! (Apparently!)

        At the centre of the pillow there are four detachable "pages" that are to be used as diary pages, secret pages... in fact anything that you wish to write that you don't want anyone else to read.

        As I mentioned earlier the pages are detachable, this is so once filled up with "secrets" they can be washed ready for more! The pillow comes with its own washable marker pen and seems to wash out really well, I could not comment on how well any other pen would be to remove, we have fortunately so far not had this problem to deal with!
        There is plenty of space for secrets with there being a 7 day diary page, two lined pages for secrets and a page half clear for "who I loves..." with the bottom of the page have clear pouches for photographs, though it is more than advisable to remove pictures before washing it!
        The soft pages are held in place with a thin strip of Velcro, though after a few washes the I cannot vouch for the "stickiness" of the strip to be as good as the pre washed one.

        The inside soft spine houses two pouches one of the washable marker pen and the second is where you can plug in your MP3 player, this was the selling point for my daughter, and probably why these sell for a reasonably high price.

        The pouch for the MP3 player holds a small and very short cable which you plug into your player, you then simply slip the player into said pouch.
        The choice is then yours, you can either listen to your music through your headphones whilst writing in your diary, or zip up the pillow, leaving the MP3 player playing inside the pouch and listen to the music through the tiny speakers housed in the "pillow" part of it, so effectively you could listen to your music as you go to sleep without disturbing anyone else, the music is only heard by the person lying on the pillow, genius!
        Due to the speakers in the outer case of the diary it is of course advisable to avoid washing the whole pillow, the instructions being to simply damp wipe the outer part down.

        The outer covers of the cushion are thick and plump and house a picture of Hannah Montana on both front and back. This makes this fun to play with but also functional as my daughter actually sleeps on it.
        Finally for that extra security, keeping your secrets safe, or as the product states, "to keep the paparazzi out!" there is a small lock and key that attaches to the zip handles.
        Due to this particular fact the pillow is recommended for children over the age of 3 due to the small parts presenting a chocking hazard.
        This does not make too much difference to the product as it is produced with the 7+ year olds in mind anyway.

        These are available almost everywhere and many different formats, there HSM, Camp rock and I have even seen a boys version available, but can only assume these are not as popular as the girls.

        My, or I should say my daughters, cushion, (so Santa reliably informs me!), was purchased from Argos for the sum of £30.00.

        For more information visit - www.disney.com

        Thanks for reading x


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      • Product Details

        Share secrets and take a nap with Hannah Montana. Not only is this soft, puffy Secret Pillow a place to rest your head, it's also a secret zip-up diary for your deepest thoughts. Upzip the pillow and inside you'll find eight removable fabric diary pages where you can record all of your thoughts and secrets. Once you have filled up all of the pages, you can remove the diary pages and pop them in the wash so you can start all over again! Also includes a MP3 player speaker and hook up.

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