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    1 Review
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      19.01.2012 14:31
      Very helpful



      A fun, annoying and yet still addictive game!


      Cuponk is one of the random games my 8 year old brother James decided he needed when I took him shopping. When I looked at it I thought it was expensive and a waste of £10 for a cup that makes noises and a table tennis ball, however he was insistent that this was the coolest game in the playground and being as it was his money that he was spending I didn't argue with him.

      Upon getting Cuponk home I had the fun of wrestling with the packaging to release the parts. The game is basically a large cup with a picture on it, in this case James bought the Gorilla one, which is apparently known as the Gorillanator, but there are other illustrations available, there are also 2 table tennis balls or as they are called for the game Cuponk Balls included, what looks like a collar for the cup, an instructions sheet and a pack of 'trick' cards.

      The idea of Cuponk is that you must bounce the Cuponk Ball into the Cuponk Cup anyway you can! In general the idea is to follow the trick cards, although we have found this is not always possible as I will explain...

      The first time James played I attached the collar style accessory for him, this was a simple case of interlocking the cardboard in place around the neck of the cup, he then took the Cup and balls into the dining room as it has a nice laminate floor, ideal for the Cuponk balls to bounce well on. The first few times he simply bounced the ball off the floor so it would land in the cup, he told me these were just his practice shots and he could do cool tricks really as he could see I obviously still wasn't impressed with £10 for this toy!

      After his "practice shots" we had a look through the trick cards, this is where I have to admit I started to take a bit of interest in the game. Rather than just bouncing a Cuponk ball into the cup this game actually required some skill... and from the look of it a lot of spare time to master these tricks! Oh James, why do you buy these things that I will want to play! There are about 30 trick cards included and they involve using items from all around the house from the simple plates and dishes to the walls and stairs!

      All of the tricks have their own names, some of them even involve using your body to bounce the ball around, the one I chose to do sounded simple, stand in a classic karate pose then bounce the ball onto your knee so when it rebounds it lands in the cup. I thought this sounded pretty easy and a good chance to show James I can do tricks too... Oh how silly did I feel when the ball bounced off my leg and then proceeded to bounce across the floor and end up rolling around no where near the Cuponk cup! Thankfully James was just as bad as me so we both ended up laughing at each other! Some of the tricks involve bouncing the Cuponk ball off the stairs and then into the cup, however we have trouble with this one as our stairs are carpeted so the Cuponk ball doesn't bounce very well unless you put some force behind it but then we find we spend most of the game time chasing the ball around the hall before the dogs get it! Ah, this is a good point to mention, if you have a dog this little Cuponk ball may look very tasty to them so make sure Fido is out of the way when you play!

      When you successfully get the ball in the cup the cup will light up and you will hear various celebratory sound effects. This is great... but doesn't happen too often when I am playing! A lot of the tricks I think sound really simple but in actual fact are quite hard, the ones James has mastered are bouncing the ball off the coffee table into the cup placed on the floor below, he is even starting to move the cup around so he can, in his words "practice my angles." He is also good at the one that requires a simple bounce to the floor then the wall and down into the cup.

      Cuponk comes almost already assembled, you just need to attach the collar to the cup and insert 3 AAA batteries into the bottom of the cup.

      Cuponk doesn't have a set number of players who can play, I would say there is no limit really as long as you don't mind taking it in turns and waiting for your go, although in my experience I would say that I often find watching James is more fun than embarrassing myself!

      The Cuponk cup is made from a thick strong plastic. I'm not sure of the age rating for the game as we have thrown the packaging away now, but I would say from a safety point of view for ages 4+ in case the Cuponk balls end up getting put in mouths by little ones. From a playing the game point of view I would say absolutely any age from around 4 right up to adults! The basic idea of the game is to get the Cuponk ball into the Cuponk cup, the younger players can start off with the simple idea of bouncing the ball off the floor and in while older children and adults will enjoy the challenge in mastering the trick cards and inventing their own versions.

      As I mentioned earlier I moaned at James for wanting to spend £10 on this, however I have to admit it was a really good purchase, still maybe a little bit expensive, but the enjoyment we both get out of it has been worth it and the addictiveness of the game will keep this one off the shelf for a long time yet.

      James bought Cuponk from The Entertainer in Birmingham for £10 and we both recommend this annoying yet fun and addictive game.

      Thanks for reading! :)


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  • Product Details

    What exactly is CUPONK? The object: sink your ball into the cup and light it up. Get it in and you'll hear the sweet sounds of victory, YEAH! You rock. Miss the shot and your friends get the chance to one-up you. When playing CUPONK your entire home can become a legitimate playing field. Tables, walls, chairs - IT'S ON! Test out sick trick shots like Door Jam, Stairing Contest and Wall Banger. What you don't like the names? Okay tough guy, make up your own! Show your skill and sink sick shots. Features lights and crazy gorilla sounds! Includes 1 CUPONK cup, 2 CUPONK balls, 30 trick cards, a ramp accessory and instruction guide. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). For 1 or more player(s). Ages 9 and up.

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