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Hasbro Playskool Mr Potato Head Artoo-Potatoo with Princess Tater

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3 Reviews

Brand: Hasbro / Age: 2 Years+

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    3 Reviews
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      02.10.2010 14:39
      Very helpful



      A funny little toy for fans of Star Wars.

      Despite having a 3 year old I actually brought the Mr Potato Head Artoo-Potatoo for my Star Wars loving partner! He was rather excited to receive it and I think he had big ideas about collecting the whole set of Mr Potato Head Star Wars characters and putting them out on display. However as soon as my daughter caught sight of it that idea was soon out of the window!


      Artoo-Potatoo comes packaged in a transparent box so you can see exactly what you're getting. It has a carry handle on the top and I should imagine that many people might keep their Artoo-Potatoo in their boxes for display and possibly collector purposes.

      -What's included-

      Artoo-Potatoo comes with 1 potato body, 2 legs, 1 base (with wheel on the bottom), 1 robot arm, 1 front panel, 1 top dome (head) with eyes, 1 Princess Tater 'hologram' and 1 silly face.


      Artoo-Potatoo is the same potato shape as the regular Mr Potato Head but slightly smaller (about 4 inches tall), however when the spud is fully assembled he is considerably larger (about 7-8 inches tall).

      -My experience of Artoo-

      Well you can tell right away that this is an R2-D2 Potato Head - it has all the right parts and looks very good.

      From an adults point of view Artoo-Potatoo is a nice novelty toy and collectors item. It might get played with every now and again (on the sly), but overall is just something to keep. From a childs point of view Artoo-Potatoo is great fun for mixing 'n' matching his parts up and making him look rather silly! He is also good for wheeling around and making up stories. The educational benefits of this toy are that is can encourage imagination and creativity. Whilst Artoo-Potatoo is good fun, I personally think regular Mr Potato Head is slightly more entertaining as you can't make lots of silly faces on Artoo.

      The Princess Tater (Leia) hologram is a small blue plastic figure, which is cute but doesn't have a huge amount of use... unless you want to recreate scenes from A New Hope of course! The same applies to the silly face. If the silly face had seperate pieces it would be more fun for children to play with but all the features of the silly face (which include eyes, nose, mouth and mostache) are attached together and can only be inserted into the potato as one. Still, he looks quite funny with his silly face on.

      Most Potato Heads have a compartment around the back to store parts away, however Artoo-Potatoo doesn't have one of these for some reason (probably because it's smaller). This isn't too much of a problem but would be useful to have to store parts away when the toy is not in use.

      Artoo-Potatoo is a unisex toy, however it seems more suitable for boys. My daughter will happily play with it but given the choice between this and a Barbie, she is more likely to choose the Barbie!

      Artoo-Potatoo (and all his parts) is quite chunky and durable. It seems like a good quality and safe toy. The age recommendation is 2 years onwards.

      You can look at paying around £10.00 for this toy, which seems pretty reasonable to me.

      Overall thoughts? Artoo-Potatoo would make a great gift for any Star Wars fan, young or old!

      -Other Star Wars Potato Heads-

      Other Star Wars Potato Heads include Spud Trooper (Storm Trooper) and Darth Tater (Darth Vader), which you can find in most good toy shops.

      Darth Mash (Darth Maul), Spuda Fett (Boba Fett), Princess Tater (Princess Leia), Chipbacca (Chewbacca), Mashter Yoda (Master Yoda), C3-Potato (C3PO), Luke Frywalker (Luke Skywalker) and Yam Solo (Han Solo) were sold exclusively through Disney theme parks. These appear quite hard to get hold of but it might be worth searching the internet for.


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        14.11.2009 08:35
        Very helpful



        Spud U Like ???

        ~~~ Introduction ~~~

        Having recently reviewed both "Darth Tater" and "Spud Trooper" I thought it would be a good idea to write a review about the third and final Star Wars themed Mr Potato Head toy that I own. This time it is R2-D2 and Mr Potato Head who have been mashed together to create ARTOO-POTATOO !!!

        *** for a brief history of the Mr Potato Head Toy feel free to have a read of my original Darth Tater review !!!

        ~~~ Artoo-Potatoo ~~~

        With the body of a humble potato and the body parts of an astromech droid Artoo-Potatoo is the unlikely hero in the battle against Darth Tater and the evil Empire. His mission is extremely dangerous. He must deliver the secret message from Princess Tater to Luke Frywalker ... the message that contains the technical data that will enable the Rebellion to destroy the Death Spud !!!

        Similar to the other two original Star Wars themed Mr Potato Heads this is a toy that will appeal to young children as the character itself is brightly coloured, chunky, and begs to be played with. It is also a toy that will appeal to adults too and looks fantastic displayed. Artoo-Potatoo also comes with a miniature holographic Princess Tater ... enabling you to re-enact those classic scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope !!!

        When was originally released the cost was around £10 ... these days he can be picked up quite easily for much nearer to £5 from stores such as Wilkinsons, Home Bargains and Quality Save. If you can't track one down there then just type Artoo-Potatoo into an eBay search !!!

        The recommended age for this toy is 2+ ... mainly due to small parts. However, I did allow my 19 month old son play with Spud Trooper (but made sure I supervised him just in case he put any of the parts in his mouth). I discovered that as a result of playing with this toy he learned how to say "eyes" "nose" and "smile" whilst slotting the different face parts in !!!

        ~~~ What's included in the box ? ~~~

        In the box you get the potato body as well as several pieces of R2-D2's astromech body. You also get a tiny holographic Priness Tater figure which looks awesome when displyed next to Artoo-Potatoo. Just like the original Mr Potato Head the different parts can be swapped and changed. In addition to this the parts can also be mixed and matched with other themed Mr Potato Heads which enbles you to make some weird and wonderful creations. Any parts that you are not using can be safely stored inside the secret compartment ... which is located by opening a hatch at the back of the potato body.

        ~~~ Other Star Wars themed Potato Heads ~~~

        Darth Tater (Darth Vader)
        Spud Trooper (Stormtrooper)
        Luke Frywalker (Luke Skywalker) * Disney Theme Park Exclusive
        Princess Tater (Princess Leia) * Disney Theme Park Exclusive
        Yam Solo (Han Solo) * Disney Theme Park Exclusive
        Spuda Fett (Boba Fett) * Disney Theme Park Exclusive
        Darth Mash (Darth Maul) * Disney Theme Park Exclusive

        ~~~ Where can I buy them ? ~~~

        Artoo-Potatoo is widely available in many shops ... and currently sells for around £5 (Wilkinsons, Toys R Us, The Entertainer). The Disney Theme Park Exclusives can either be bought direct from a Disney Theme Park or ordered through Amazon (although many of these "exclusive" toys have found their way into specialized UK sci-fi stores such as Forbidden Planet).

        *** It may also be worth checking out eBay too as a few days ago I noticed a winning bid of just under £20 on a set of all five of the Disney Exclusive Star Wars Potato Heads ... which i thought was a real bargain for the lucky winning bidder !!!

        ~~~ Final Thought ~~~

        Artoo-Potatoo is my favourite Star Wars Themed Mr Potato Head toy ... well designed and wonderfully re-invented without losing sight of what made the original Mr Potato Head such a classic.
        Microchips never looked so cute !!!


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          17.03.2007 08:56
          Very helpful



          A fun version of the classic original.


          Okay - I admit it - I hate anything to do with Star Wars normally. This really upsets my bloke as he is the total opposite and will collect anything at all to do with the movies. That being said, I don't begrudge him his little hobby and I have to say it makes buying presents really easy.

          Mr Potato Head has been on the go for many years and I remember having him and his missus when I was just a little 'un. I would sit for hours apparently, putting different eyes on them and changing their hair constantly. I can't say that I have vivid memories but I do remember them. Of course he got a new lease of life when he featured in Toy Story and the Picasso comment always makes me laugh.

          As I said, I was never a fan of Star Wars, but I have to admit to being a fan of R2-D2. His cute little beeps always appealed to me and his comic act with C3PO was the only bit I really enjoyed. R2-D2 was of course from the world of Naboo and a very clever robot he is too. He has a lot of character about him and has a real sense of adventure.

          ***The Age Limit***

          Now this 'toy' is marketed for ages 2+, but really my bloke would disagree with that and has already stopped our son from playing with this. In fact I think he needs a sharp lesson in sharing, after all, our son will gladly let his daddy play with his knights and pirates play sets. Seriously though I suppose they could be meaning mental age and then that would suit my bloke better when it comes to this sort of thing.

          Personally, I would say that this isn't really suitable for children as young as two. I would say that by the age of four that they could be trusted not to chew on the bits and maybe break off the little bits that stick in the holes.

          ***The Attachments***

          First of all there is of course the potato body. This has various holes in it so that you can position the two legs, the base, the top dome complete with eyes, the front panel and if you prefer you can add on a robot arm or change his dome and front panel for a silly face which has eyes, nose, a moustache and lovely white teeth, all in one section.

          Also included with Artoo-Potatoo is the famous Princess Tater. This got my bloke very excited and me very worried, as it is a blue plastic figure with little black eyes and hairstyle just like her movie counterpart.

          ***The Toy***

          Made of tough plastic this is made by Playskool, who I think were responsible for the original Mr Potato Heads, way back in the depths of time. The pieces fit into the holes in the spud body, to make different variations as you so desire. Modelled of course, on R2D2 from the famous films, this can give hours of fun for any fan.

          My bloke got the other two in the set this year for Christmas too, that is Darth Tater and Spudtrooper. He was really torn as to whether to play with them or to keep them sealed in the box. Curiosity finally overcame him though and he had to get them out to have a look, carefully keeping all the packing so he could store them back inside when he had finished playing of course. He is such a freak, lol.

          The attachments on this toy are a lot like the robot himself with lots of shiny buttons on the panel and details on the dome. The eyes have a sort of manic look about them and of course the bits are all interchangeable with other Potato Heads that you can purchase separately.

          ***Price and Availability***

          When these first appeared in the shops you could easily spend up to £20 each on them, but luckily just before Christmas I noticed that although most shops were selling them for £10, Amazon had them on sale for only £4.99 each. This was the only reason that the other half got all three for Christmas. I know he would have happily spent £10 each on them but I didn't think they were worth it at the time.

          This one is unfortunately back up to £9.94 on Amazon and despite having a look round the stores, this seems to be the cheapest available right now.

          ***Final Thoughts***

          These are great for any fan and I just had to leave you with the bit on the box about this friendly chappie.

          "Artoo-Potatoo is the heroic companion of Luke Frywalker. This feisty droid often finds himself in hot water, but always manages to save everyone's skin. Now, Artoo must help Princess Tater with an urgent mission: deliver the Death Spud plans to her friends in the Rebellion!"

          Great for all those Star Wars kids out there.


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        • Product Details

          R2D2Tater has sworn to fight the evil Darth Tater and his squad of Spud Troopers, but how much of a fight can the little fella put up without being baked until he’s fluffy?

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