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Hasbro Playskool Mr Potato Head Spider Spud

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6 Reviews

Brand: Hasbro / Age: 2 Years+

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    6 Reviews
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      15.10.2013 15:21
      Very helpful



      ok but wouldnt pay full price...little one gets stressed with it,

      We own every other toy story figure so it was just natural to get this to complete the set (we also have the tub of potato heads which i much prefer). Its age recommendation is 2+. My little boy was 2 in November so just fits the age recommendation. He can play with the original tub of potato heads with ease so I thought this would be exactly the same.

      It can be purchased from most toy stores for around £10. I picked it up for £2 from a charity shop so quite a bargain I thought.

      *****Whats in the box*****
      The set consists of:
      a potato
      2 set of eyes (1 being normal 1 being spiderman eyes)
      set of ears
      set of arms
      web shooter
      spiderman fabric

      *****In use*****
      Its a simple idea of putting the fabric onto the potato head then slotting in the body parts. There are holes where you will find the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, Head, feet, hands. Each body part has a thin rounded bit of plastic designed to slot into each hole. The spiderman fabric isn't fitted to the potato head so can be used with or without it.

      *****My thoughts*****
      My little boy had real difficulty using doing this when the fabric was on the potato head resulting in a very stressed and frustrated toddler.

      Without using the fabric, the parts slot into the potato just fine (my 2 year old does this by himself with no problem at all) but with the fabric on he really struggles and ends up giving it to me to do. The holes in the fabric (where the ears, arms, eyes & mouth are) make it really difficult to slot the bits in. The fabric keeps moving so expecting a 2 year old to hold the fabric in place while trying to find the holes is impossible. He also gets very annoyed that there is no hole for a hat or nose in the fabric (like his other potatoes). The white web shooter also clips onto the arm, again he struggles to do this, i thought it would be stuck to the arm?.

      overall it looks a pretty cool toy, but we've put it in his bucket of potato heads with his others, so the spiderman fabric isnt really used. I did buy it 2nd hand for £2 and wouldn't pay than that as ive now taken the spiderman fabric away which takes away from the item. My 4.5 year old does It with no problems but I feel he is too old for it as he's into his leappad and playsets

      It is an ok toy but be prepared to help little ones, as they do get quite stressed with it.


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      09.01.2011 16:21
      Very helpful



      Great for children and adults alike.

      Mr Potato Head is back, to fight the evil villains and to save the world! With his spider costume on it is hard to recognise the lovable character that everyone has grown up to love. He has now become..... "Spider Spud".

      I bought this a couple of years ago not long after it came out from Amazon for the great price of £6.99. I have always wanted a Mr Potato Head and this one caught my eye. It is currently sat on my shelf in the Spiderman disguise.

      From "head" to toe, he measures 18cm tall and is about 9 cm wide and 9cm deep. He comes with the following accessories:
      1 x Body
      1 x Feet
      2 x Arms
      1 x Mouth
      1 x Nose
      2 x Eyes
      1 x Glasses
      2 x Ears
      1 x Spiderman Costume
      1 x Spider Web

      As he won't be wearing all of this at once, there is an hatch on his back that opens so you can store any spare parts inside him. This has to be one of the most ingenious features of these toys as if the parts are stored in there, you can never lose them. He can be made up as either Peter Parker, Spider Spud or any combination you want. Through his costume there are only holes where the ears, arms and eyes are so that limits you a bit there, but without the costume you can use all of the holes.

      One of his arms is posed like he is slinging a web and the Spider web part clips onto it to make it look like there is a web coming from his hand. When he doesn't have the web or costume on, this hand does look a bit weirdly posed but it's not too noticeable.

      Like all the other Mr Potato Head products available, it is made of a solid, durable plastic that will take wear and tear very well. Mine has been dropped, trod on and had things spilt on it but it still looks as good as new.

      For children or adults, these are great toys to have. You can spend hours playing around with them, changing poses, making them look weird or do whatever you want with it. I was quite bored one night (1st year of Uni) so I made a basic stop motion film with it, which despite only taking 15 minutes actually looked quite good!

      Looking on Amazon today, the prices of these have now shot up greatly. For the one I have, you are looking at paying around £20 for it now. If you want just the original Mr Potato Head, then these sell for about £10 and come with a couple more parts. I'm very happy with this overall, especially with the bargain price I got it for. Whenever someone comes over they always comment on it and it looks good on my bedroom shelf.

      I'll definitely recommend it if you want something fun to play with but don't want it to be too childish.


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        17.08.2010 23:18
        Very helpful



        mr potato head spider man with stored part in the back and several parts

        My son received this as a gift from one of my friends for his 2nd birthday and he loves it. The general price for it on the internet seems to be around £9.95 but can vary depending on where you buy it.

        This mr potato head is like a 2 in 1 as you can either make it spider man or a normal mr potato head. If your child chooses to make it like spider man like my son does there is an outfit which slides on it and then eyes which are both the same as spider man. Also there is a web which can be attached to either of the two arms and ears which can be added on. Another part which it comes with is a nose and a mouth but these can only be put on when the spider man outfit is off. Finally there is also another set of eyes with glasses which can be removed. The feet are quite large which makes it easy to stand mr potato head with out him falling over. A great feature about this mr potato head is that any parts which are being unused can be stored in the rear of it where they are then safe and makes sure you child does not loose any bits. All parts are very easy for children to take on and off as my son was 2 when he got it and was always fully capable of doing so by himself.

        I would recommend this toy to parents who have young children who like spider man or like taking toys apart and then rebuilding them. A great buy and all parts are strong and durable so will last.


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        20.11.2009 15:17
        Very helpful



        Mr Potato Head enters the world of Superheroes !!!

        ~~~ Introduction ~~~

        I recently reviewed Mr Potato Head's wacky journey to the "Dark Side" where he was transformed into the villain known as "Darth Tater". It would seem, howver, that he has redeemed himself and now plans to fight crime ... in his new role as "SPIDER SPUD" !!!

        ~~~ Spider Spud ~~~

        During the day time Peter Potato Head holds down a job as a journalist for the Daily Planet but whenever trouble is on the horizon he quickly becomes Spider Spud !!! Yup, those clever folk at Hasbro HQ have done it again and have created a wonderfully authentic Spider Man costume that completely hides Mr Potato Head's identity and transforms him into one of the most well known costumed crime fighters of all time !!!

        In the box you get the standard Mr Potato Head toy as well as all the elements needed to create this fantastic and eye-catching toy/collectable. There's the Spider Man suit (made of fabric so it stretches on to the body with a spud hugging fit), there's also the iconic Spider Man style eyes and of course Spider Spud wouldn't be Spider Spud without his web (which is also included).

        ~~~ AKA Peter Potato Head ~~~

        The fun doesn't stop there though ... as this version of the classic Mr Potato Head also comes with all the parts needed to create Spider Spud's alter-ego ... Peter Potato Head !!!

        Within the box you'll find an extra set of ears, eyes, nose and mouth ... as well as the glasses that Peter Potato Head wears. Display him like this on top of your microwave and nobody will recognise him ... they'll just assume that he is a regular Mr Potato Head toy. However, if your kitchen is under attack from the forces of evil then Spider Spud will save the day (just whip off his the parts and add his super hero costume).

        ~~~ Price & Availability ~~~

        This is a Gadget Shop best seller at the moment ... and sells at £10. It's also available at stores such as Argos and Toys R Us for a similar price. However, as with all these kinds of toys please shop around. I bought one of these as a gift for a friend last week from my local Quality Save/Home Bargains store and it cost just £3.99. I have also seen them on eBay too at much cheaper than on the high street !!!

        ~~~ Final Thoughts ~~~

        A fantastic toy ... Spider Spud looks great and is a great deal of fun too. Ideal for young children and a fantastic gift for anyone who likes super heroes !!!


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          15.08.2009 20:25
          Very helpful



          I can not Fault this toy and I would definitely recommend it.

          This is a great quality, timeless toy from Playskool.

          It is all made of plastic but it is very strong and durable and has coped with the heavy handed approach that my 3 year old has over the last year.It is also very easy to clean.

          This particular edition comes complete with the potatoe, eyes, ears,nose,mouth,feet & arms as well as the spiderman suit, eyes and web attatchment. All of the pieces are a good size, no fiddly little bits.

          The spiderman suit is made of a stretchy fabric and it is a little tricky for smalll children to put on themselves, with a little adult help it goes on fine!

          All of these pieces fit into the back of the potatoe making it a very compact, easy to store, tidy toy with minimal risk of pieces getting lost.

          The potatoe has various holes that the pieces fit into, they are all the same size so although you can design the spud in a conventional way with the bits in the right place, my little boy enjoys putting the arms where the ears should be, nose in place of the mouth and so on, to create wacky bodies!

          You can of course make spiderman potatoe head too using the web, suit and eyes which is also great fun, its two classic favourites in one toy!

          This toy is good for coordination and fine motor skills so it is actually more educational than you may first think.

          Best bit for parent- it is battery and noise free! That is rare these days!

          I haven't experienced any negatives and we have had this toy for about a year, it is still played with regularly and it is in perfect condition.
          I feel it is very reasonably priced at £9.99 which is what I paid and it is even better value for some of the prices I have seen advertised recently eg £6.99 on Amazon.

          The only possible negative I can think of is that older children may get bored with it quickly, but considering the age on the box is 2+ this does suggest it is for younger ones.

          The Mr potatoe head spiderman edition is part of a wider range of products including:
          Mr Potato Head Taters Of The Lost Ark, Christmas Mr Potato Head,
          Mr Potato Head Darth Tater, Toy story and of course the original design plus many more.

          Overall I really cant fault this product, it is reasonably priced, great quality, and provides endless fun.

          would definitely recommend!


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            31.01.2008 10:07
            Very helpful



            Good addition to the collection


            Boys will be boys - or so the saying goes. What I really think the saying should be is that men will be boys, at least when it comes to things like Star Wars and Spiderman. Manufacturers have been cashing in on this for years now and this one is no exception.

            I used to have a Mr Potato Head when I was a child and according to my mum, I used to play with it for hours. I had his good lady too and although I can't really remember much about them, the vague memories were brought back when Toy Story came out.

            One thing I'm not a fan of is Spider-Man but it was inevitable that it would touch my life considering my husband and son love it. This toy was bought for my husband's Christmas and yes it was me that bought it so I guess I only have myself to blame for allowing his obsession to carry on.

            ***The Age Limit***

            It says on the box that this toy is suitable for all children aged 2 and above and that I think says it all when it comes to my husband because he acts like a toddler around this type of toy and won't let our 5 year old son play with it.

            The pieces in it aren't that small compared to some of these toys but I would advise caution with young children if they do get a chance to get it out of the box without father's everywhere shouting NO!!!

            ***The Attachments***

            The body of course is pretty much standard, as with all the Potato Head clan. It is a nicely tanned colour with various holes in it to stick all the attachments in to it.

            Next you can find a pair of blue feet for use with either Spider Spud himself, or when his alter ego Peter Parker is in control. There are also two red arms that can be used with both characters.

            The Spider Spud can be covered with a stretchy fabric cover with a web design and spider on it and there is also a Spider mask and a web attachment for his arm.

            Peter Parker's items include a cheesy smile, a huge nose, two eyes and ears and a pair of black glasses.

            ***The Toy***

            Made of tough plastic this is made by Playskool, who I think were responsible for the original Mr Potato Heads, way back in the depths of time. The holes are all the same size in the body and it shows on the box some of the different ways you can dress up this spud to make him a little bit more original. There is a compartment at the back of the toy to hold all the extra pieces when you are not using them although to be fair, this one comes out of the box to be played with and then goes straight back in again. I will remind you that it is only my husband that is allowed to play with it and if he even knew it was being moved off the shelf today for me to write about it, he would not be a happy bunny.

            This 'toy' is really just an excuse for grown men to be able to have some fun with a Potato Head, or at least that's my theory. It follows on from the success of the Star Wars collection and of course there is also a Transformers version around now too.

            I have to say that I don't think this one looks quite as good as the Star Wars versions and I think that's due to the stretchy costume but to be fair I can't see how else they would have managed that so I can't really fault the design. My husband was delighted with his toy on Christmas morning and couldn't wait until my son was in bed that night to take it out for a play. I shouldn't complain because it did keep him occupied for quite some time and all I could hear in the background were shouts of excitement every so often.

            ***Price and Availability***

            Most places sell the Potato Heads for around £10 but Amazon had this one on sale before Christmas for £4.99 although I see they have gone up in price again to £5.99 so it's worth looking around for the best deal.

            ***Final Thoughts***

            These are a great addition for anyone that is a big fan of Spider Man or the Potato Head family and even I have to admit that they are a pretty good way of keeping your big or small kids happy for hours.

            I can only imagine what the next one they decide to bring out will be.

            This review also appears on Ciao with photos of hubby playing with Spider Spud.


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            Mr Potato Head Spider Spud comes with 12 accessory parts. Create your own spider spud hero.

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