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Hasbro Playskool Mr Potato Head Spud Trooper

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3 Reviews

Brand: Hasbro / Age: 2 Years+

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    3 Reviews
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      16.07.2010 16:29
      Very helpful



      The Force is with him!

      If you love the Mr Potato head toys then you will know what silly fun can be had with these simple yet lovable toys. They have been around for a long time and come in different varieties and types to suit.

      The Star Wars themed series of Mr Potato Head toys were something that we found we really liked and we have ended up with an Artoo Potatoo/ R2D2 themed version, a Darth Tater/ Darth Vadar themed version and a Spud Trooper/ based on the Star Wars Storm Trooper characters.

      All 3 have battled long and hard in a galaxy far far away and been made into comical versions of their more serious Star Wars alter egos. Our Spud Tropper is a lovely little chappie who looks far to endearing to be a horrid nasty Storm Trooper.

      He can whip up a storm of the giggles just by me looking at his silly googly eyes, which make him look rather worried and shocked as they stare out of his white and black trimmed Storm Troppers mask. He looks even funnier with just his helmet on and without his mask mind you!

      He comes in a well made box that shows him in a clear plastic viewing window and he looked so cute that we couldn't wait to get him out of the box. Both children and adults have had great fun with our 3 Star Wars potato guys and we have been able to mix and match the parts from each set to great effect.

      Darth Tater looked so funny holding Spud Troopers laser masher, whilst wearing his shoes. Spud Trooper with Darth Taters cape and light sabre was a very fetching combo too! The resulting cross pollenated figures have caused so much fun and laughter with their odd combination of outfits, that it may be worth considering getting all 3 for yourself if you like the look of the Spud Trooper as the 3 together are so much fun.

      We bought our figures when they were reduced to £4.99 in Tesco some time ago and they are still going strong. Spud Trooper comes with a main body part (approx 4/ 4.5 inches in size) which resembles a potato.

      He also has a nose, a set of googly eyes, a full set of set of gnashers and two pink ears. Then you get his white clumpy shoes, his arms, his Spud Trooper mask and helmet and his trusty laser potato masher.

      He can be used to make up many whacky looks and when you have finished play you can store all the bits and pieces used to make him, in a handy compartment at the back of his potato body. We don't use this feature much as he is mostly on display fully clad in all his or Darth Taters finery.

      We have had great fun with our Spud trooper and he has fried very hard to behave and not mash up his other wise 100% clean behaviour record.

      When we bought him he was cheap as chips at just £4.99 and we soon had our eyes peeled for the other Star Wars themed potato figures. He is mostly well behaved, but if I were you I would watch out for his powerful laser potato masher, as it can fry or mash you to a crisp in seconds!

      Spud Trooper is such a lovable little fellow, would make a great gift for a child or for an adult. He is quirky and fun and allows for some creative makes if you have some of the other Mr Potato Head figures. Spud Trooper will have you smiling all the way and he is easy to pick up an play with, without the need for too much adult assistance if he is being bought for a child.

      He isn't suitable for young children under the age of 3 due to the small parts which come with him, but other than that he is a great little toy.


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        13.11.2009 17:17
        Very helpful



        Widely available for less than a fiver. That's, erm, cheap as chips !!!

        ~~~ Introduction ~~~

        Having recently reviewed "Darth Tater" I thought it would be nice to review another fantastic Star Wars themed Mr Potato Head toy. This time the classic spud toy from the 1950s has been merged (or should i say mashed) with an Imperial Stormtrooper to create SPUD TROOPER !!!

        *** for a brief history of the Mr Potato Head Toy feel free to have a read of my Darth Tater review !!!

        ~~~ Spud Trooper ~~~

        Spud Trooper comes wearing the shiny white armour of an Imperial Stormtrooper and looks more than ready for action ... being armed with his laser masher ... so let's hope that Luke Frywalker and Princess Tater don't get themselves "mashed" as they attempt to rescue Artoo-Potatoo from the clutches of the tyrannical Darth Tater !!!!!

        Similar to Darth Tater this is a toy that will appeal to young children as the character itself is brightly coloured, chunky, and begs to be played with. It is also a toy that will appeal to adults too and looks fantastic displayed ... especially stnding next to Darth Tater.

        When was originally released the cost was around £10 ... these days he can be picked up quite easily for much nearer to £5 from stores such as Wilkinsons, Home Bargains and Quality Save. If you can't track one down there then just type Spud Trooper into an eBay search !!!

        The recommended age for this toy is 2+ ... mainly due to small parts. However, I did allow my 19 month old son play with Spud Trooper (but made sure I supervised him just in case he put any of the parts in his mouth). I discovered that as a result of playing with this toy he learned how to say "eyes" "nose" and "smile" whilst slotting the different face parts in !!!

        ~~~ What's included in the box ? ~~~

        In the box you get the potato body as well as a Spud Trooper face mask, shoes, helmet, two arms, a "laser" masher, a shoulder pad, a nose, a set of eyes, teeth, and two ears. Just like the original Mr Potato Head the different parts can be swapped and changed. In addition to this the parts can also be mixed and matched with other themed Mr Potato Heads which enbles you to make some weird and wonderful creations. Any parts that you are not using can be safely stored inside the secret compartment ... which is located by opening a hatch at the back of the potato body.

        ~~~ Other Star Wars themed Potato Heads ~~~

        Darth Tater (Darth Vader)
        Artoo-Potatoo (R2-D2)
        Luke Frywalker (Luke Skywalker) * Disney Theme Park Exclusive
        Princess Tater (Princess Leia) * Disney Theme Park Exclusive
        Yam Solo (Han Solo) * Disney Theme Park Exclusive
        Spuda Fett (Boba Fett) * Disney Theme Park Exclusive
        Darth Mash (Darth Maul) * Disney Theme Park Exclusive

        ~~~ Where can I buy them ? ~~~

        Spudtrooper and Artoo-Potatoo are widely available in many shops ... and currently sell for around £5 (Wilkinsons, Toys R Us, The Entertainer). The Disney Theme Park Exclusives can either be bought direct from a Disney Theme Park or ordered through Amazon (although many of these "exclusive" toys have found their way into specialized UK sci-fi stores such as Forbidden Planet).

        *** It may also be worth checking out eBay too as a few days ago I noticed a winning bid of just under £20 on a set of all five of the Disney Exclusive Star Wars Potato Heads ... which i thought was a real bargain for the lucky winning bidder !!!

        ~~~ Final Thought ~~~

        Spud Trooper rocks ... well designed and wonderfully re-invented without losing sight of what made the original Mr Potato Head such a classic !!!


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          10.02.2008 09:34
          Very helpful



          Great fun for any fan of Star Wars


          My hubby had been hinting about the Star Wars potato heads for ages and I decided to be the good missus and get them all for him. Normally one would have been enough to keep him quiet for a wee while but since Amazon had a sale on at the time and they were reduced to only £4.99 each, I thought I'd help him realise his dreams of playing with the whole set.

          There are lots of Potato Heads around these days including the latest one of Optimash Prime from Transformers, but they have been on the go for many years and I even had a couple of the original ones as a child. I only wish I knew what had happened to them because I'm sure my kids would have loved them too. This toy was of course brought back to life thanks to the Toy Story film and I did love the Picasso joke in it where he messes up his face to look like a painting by the master.

          Spudtrooper is of coursed based on the Stormtroopers in the Star Wars films. They are the ones that battle alongside Darth Vader to try to help the baddies win. Now I can't stand Star Wars - please don't lynch me - but my bloke is a massive fan so I was definitely in his good books after buying this.

          Since I've already written about his other spuds, it seemed unfair to leave out this little fella.

          ***The Age Limit***

          This toy is marketed for children aged two and upwards but I would actually say that this isn't really suitable for children as young as two. I would be a little bit worried about certain attachments being a choking hazard especially the eyes in this case.

          Of course this wasn't really an issue in our house, as my husband won't let our 5 year old near this toy to play with.

          ***The Attachments***

          The body is potato coloured brown and has various holes in it where the attachments can be placed. There are two eyes, two ears, a nose and a set of very white teeth and these all look pretty standard.

          The special attachments for the Spudtrooper are the helmet, the facemask, a set of special white shoes and 2 arms. The best part of all though has to be the laser masher that can be placed in the Spudtrooper's hand to fight the enemy with.

          ***The Toy***

          The toy is pretty tough and has to be if young children are playing with it. The pieces are all well made and have no sharp edges. There is a handy storage section in the back of the body where you can keep all the extra smaller parts although the big bits such as the mask and helmet won't fit in here. This isn't a problem for us because after my hubby has played with his toy, he carefully places it back into the box with all the packaging intact.

          I have to say that it does make me laugh that these 'toys' seem to be more popular with grown men than with the kids although perhaps that's just because the kids can't get a look in. I have quite a few friends who have bought these spuds for their blokes and Playskool or Hasbro have obviously found a great way to market their product these days.

          At the end of the day it is all a bit of fun really, but of course this type of thing can end up being a collector's item and we are seeing that with a lot of the original Star Wars toys so given time, who knows what these may sell for in peak condition. It's certainly starting to get a bit more difficult to get these characters in the shops now.

          So whether you are buying for a small or big child, this toy is certain to keep them occupied and they can battle it out with Darth Tater and Artoo Potatoo for hours. I'm just waiting for Yoda to appear on the shelves next.

          ***Price and Availability***

          When these first appeared in the shops you could spend up to £20 each on them, but they seem to sell for around £10 nowadays. I managed to get them from Amazon in the sale at the time for only £4.99, which was why hubby got all three, because it seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

          ***Final Thoughts***

          On the box there are a few pictures of variations you can make and one of them is saying 'Freeze or I'll mash you!' The other description on the box is as follows,

          "Equipped with a laser masher and spud armor to save their skins, the mighty Spudtroopers have sworn their allegiance to Darth Tater. Now the Rebel Alliance must flee to keep from getting fried!"


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        • Product Details

          Darth Vader had stormtroopers to protect him, so it's only natural that SpudTroopers would be created to serve Darth Tater. Freeze or I'll mash you! The mighty SPUD TROOPERS have sworn their allegiance to Darth Tater. Now the Rebel Alliance must flee to keep them from getting fried!

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