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Hasbro The Amazing Spider-Man Hero FX Chest Light

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Brand: Hasbro

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2014 10:29
      Very helpful




      Despite the fact I'm constantly moaning about the lack of storage space in my house for my children's things, it doesn't seem to stop me from picking up toys, books and all kinds of nonsense up for them. Most of the time these aren't planned purchases, but they are always purchases of things I think they will like. I bought this particular item from my local Home Bargain store for £2.99. Checking online this can be bought for the same price from places such as TJ Hughes and Toys R Us.

      Why did I buy it?

      I bought it because my son loves Spiderman, and most things connected to the character he will automatically like or love. It's also something I hadn't seen before, and thought it was quite an interesting toy to have and I could see a lot of fun being created with it. I also knew that the price was exceptionally good for what the toy was, so it had to be bought! Rather than this being bought as a treat, I actually put this down as a future reward for my son who has a rewards chart ( good behaviour, good work equals a reward of some kind ).

      What is this?

      This toy is the Spiderman symbol you would associate with the character, but more commonly found on the chest area of his costume. It actually can be worn on clothing, more aimed at tops that children wear. When pushed the toy says afew different phrases and lights up.

      How does it look?

      You have a spider shape in black, with four long and thin legs in a down position, and the other four are much shorter reaching upwards. Each section of the spider's body is almost segmented, and the overall shape is raised slightly. The body section is more raised in look and feel than the rest. Behind the spider shape, its surrounded, almost framed by red plastic, which is shaped the same as the spider. Behind the spider shape is a grey circular area that it sits on. Behind this, or should I say in this, is where the batteries are housed . On the side of this circle are 3 sets of 3 lines of small holes, which is where the sound comes out of.

      This toy measures 5 inches in length ( at the longest point ), 4 inches across and just over 1 inches in depth.

      It takes 2 AAA batteries and is suitable for age from 4 plus.

      How does it work?

      Not mentioned above, but the main unit comes with a plastic circle shape, black in colour. This fits flush into the base unit. So if you want to fix it to clothing, simply have the main unit on the front of the clothing, and the black circle on the other side of the clothing item and push it in. Once done, the unit is firmly attached.
      Once attached, or not, as it doesn't have to be, to activate the speaking element and light, push the front of the unit and you will hear the following phrases-

      Time to be a hero
      Wow, my spider senses are tingling
      Alright, its web slinging time
      This lizard needs a cage
      It's true, I'm Spiderman

      It also makes various noises that I guess are trying to mimic the sound of shooting webs.

      What does my son think?

      He received this after completing his reward chart and this was his reward. He instantly recognised the look and shape of it as being Spiderman connected. When I took this out of the original packaging, both my children were in amazement when I told them to close their eyes and I put this on my son's t shirt. The fact it stayed on his top, and reminded him of a Spiderman costume got him unbelievably excited. What I didn't expect was ( and I should have ) was my son and daughter spent the first 30 minutes fighting and screaming over this. She decided she wanted to play with it, her brother decided he didn't want to share and I was stood there thinking why did I not buy two! Anyway-once the dust settled, my son used this in a lot of role playing, running around like a superhero, and generally having a lot of fun. He used it on his clothes, off his clothes, and found it very easy to use without any instructions. To start off with I was the one who had to take this off his clothes and then put it on, but after awhile he sussed it out and could do it himself.

      What do I think?

      The thing that struck me more than anything else about this toy was how different it was. It wasn't the usual superhero toy, and despite the very cheap price, it appeared to be of a good quality and had fun written all over it.

      The design itself and idea is quite simple but very effective. It fits in well with the Spiderman brand, and if correct, I think this was connected with the newer Spiderman films.

      The size is perfect, as you don't want something too small as the impact then would become less and you want this to really be a visual piece. I would've liked the back of the unit to have been a little less in depth, so it doesn't stick out as more just so the look on clothing isn't too bulky, but you have to have the batteries and the electronic side of things housed somewhere.

      The quality of this item is good. It doesn't look cheap, it actually looks like it could've cost 3/4 times what I paid. It's very well made and reasonably durable as my kids are quite rough and ready with their toys, and this hasn't been broken, scratched or broken in anyway. We've had this for a number of months now and it looks like it did when first purchased.

      This isn't the type of toy you want to help your children with all the time. You want them to be able to use it by themselves and get on with play, so its important this is easy to use. As previously mentioned, my son did require alittle help with putting this on and removing it, but after awhile he got the hang of it and found this aspect easy to do. Being able to make it light up and create the sound was so easy, as it required very little strength and energy to do it. My daughter could do this unaided.

      When pressed, the light itself was bright enough to stand out, but not enough to be really blinding. The voice was crisp, clear and at a loud enough volume where you could hear it quite easily, but not deafen anybody. Plenty of different phrases said when this toy is pressed, which meant it became less repetitive and boring.

      I liked the fact you didn't have to put this on clothing. My son and daughter would run around with this in
      their hand so it meant it had a little versatility to it.

      This is a toy that promotes role playing. You don't get this, give it to a child, and they sit on the floor/chair and play with it quietly. They press it, they pretend to be Spiderman, they run around, jump, shout, scream etc. I saw how this got my kids moving around and helped kick start not only their imagination, but energy levels too.

      I've discovered with my son that some of the best toys for him need to include something additional, such as sound and/or light. This provides both. I've noticed he can become quite unimpressed if I give him a toy and it doesn't do anything. There's obviously some exceptions, but this toy ticks all the boxes for him as it keeps him interested.

      Any negatives?

      No negatives as such, but the voice coming out of this toy isn't one I recognised. I expected to hear the voice of the star of Spiderman, or at least the animated series version, but the dude that spoke wasn't somebody I heard before. This isn't something my son noticed or batted an eye lid at, but personally I felt that could have been a good addition.

      Would I buy this again?

      Yes I would. Its very well thought out and made, good quality, very unusual and keeps the kids active! Surprisingly not too annoying from a parent's viewpoint, and was priced very well. I'm gutted I didn't buy the Iron Man version at the same time........


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