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Brand: HGL / Type: Rubber pig toy

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2011 00:04
      Very helpful



      At a pound, not to be snorted at.

      Boing boing.

      Pigglies are like soft rubbery balls, covered in lots and lots of strands of rubbery hair, with a piggy face & snout, two ears and two legs. They also usually have a loop between their ears for hanging them up. They come in different sizes, from small tennis ball to about bowling ball sized. There's a range of colours, most often pastel pinks, blues and purples, but my son's most prized big pigglie is black with pink points to his ears and trotters.

      You can pick them up at Toys R Us, online from Amazon and various other toyshops. My local post office also stocks them. You can expect to pay about a pound.

      They're very very squeezy - if you grab them and squidge, a bulge or bubble will blurp between your fingers, then when you release it, it morphs back into shape. They're quite a tactile experience, soft and pliable, always cool to the touch.

      The toy makes some satisfying noises: boings and rumbles and slaps as you play with it. These aren't sound-effects or anything sophisticated inside the pigglie, it's just the pigglie being a pigglie.

      They pong quite strongly of the rubbery material they're made of, but it's not an unpleasant smell. If you handle them for a long time, it lingers on your fingers. The smell is slightly sweet and mostly nostalgic: it reminds me of space-hoppers.

      All its bits are stretchy, quite alarmingly so. If you're determined you could no doubt stretch it far enough to break, but the hair on my son's largest pigglie will stretch about 30cm comfortably with no signs of snapping. I do find that if anything is going to break, it's the loop between the ears for hanging up the creature. It's not really a problem if that happens, it doesn't affect the toy as a whole, it just means its hanging days are over. Not that they get hung up in my house: they get flung around, squeezed and cuddled.

      My son really loves these things. He currently has three in varying sizes, which are his piggly family of, hold onto your hats, wait for it - "daddy pig", "mummy pig" and "child pig" (NOT "baby pig"! It's very important it's "child pig"!). They're his favourite toys to sleep with: his traditional soft toys are relegated to the foot of his bed.

      According to the manufacturer's recommendation, they're suitable only for the over-fives and I'd go along with that. I don't think they'd be good for younger children who might put bits of them in their mouths and chew. A pigglie's ear won't stand up to eager teeth, as "daddy pig" can confirm, although his war-wound is due to cats. Because it's the tip of his ear, the rest of the toy is fine, but a puncture to the main body would probably ruin it.

      The toy can happily take being thrown around indoors and squeezed and stretched. I think it would very much depend on the child how long-lived the toy is, my son looks after his pretty lovingly and doesn't attempt to over-stretch or jab them with anything. Most of the time you can just brush or wipe off any grime that the pigglie acquires, but after long-use they can become quite grubby & shabby, and then there's little to do but replace them.

      There are similar toys on the market with flashing balls inside them, in caterpillar shapes and other forms, and most children I know (of between say 5 and 8, to be safe) are quite taken with them. I often add a pigglie (or its flashier kindred) to birthday presents that would otherwise look a bit small or use them as stocking fillers.

      The pigglie is a pretty odd sort of pig, with only two legs and all that hair, but he's a winner in our house!


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