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Horrid Henry Voice Changer

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3 Reviews

Brand: Horrid Henry / Type: Voice changer

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    3 Reviews
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      04.11.2012 00:08
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      A great but annoying toy.

      ~*~*~ Horrid Henry Voice Changer ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      The bane of my life that's what!!!
      This is a megaphone shaped electronic voice changer. It is quite large and very noisy!

      ~ Horrid Henry who? ~

      Horrid Henry was first published as a book and then later into a children's cartoon/animation for CITV. My two older children have always been a fan of Horrid Henry well the one on TV as before that I didn't know anything of it, but we now have quite a few of the books too.
      In the TV show we see Henry who can be Horrid and his little brother Peter who can be Perfect, my eldest loved Henry and his brother loved Peter and it is quite a true likeness to my children haha!

      ~ Why did I buy it? ~

      Good question! I have asked myself that so many times!
      My now 9 year old really loved Horrid Henry so about two years ago when the B&M store near me had a full range of Horrid Henry toys I went and bought the lot, including in these things was this voice changer and I thought it looked like a cool toy he would enjoy playing with. He had the toys for Christmas and as soon as this was opened he wanted to try it out.

      ~ Is it any good? ~

      Yes it is good, it does change your voice so of course this is a good thing seeing as this is the whole point of it but it is very loud!
      Its constructed of a strong dark blue plastic, with red and green hints too. Around the speaker at the front are six little green lights that flash as you speak.

      It has eight different voice effects that are activated by moving the four switches on the side of the toy, the effects are -
      Super Growl
      Super Screech
      Robotic Shriek
      Squeaky Robot
      Alien Scream

      ~ Overall ~

      My son really likes this, he still does now. Me however, I hate it! It is so noisy. I have noticed that it simply needs to be held near the mouth without talking and it will still make a noise! As I have mentioned above there are supposed to be eight different effects however the all sound like a growling sound to me! Some high pitched some low yet all growly!

      This would make the perfect gift for someone you don't like as it is so irritating!

      It is annoying, it is loud but that is what kids like, for kids this is a great toy. It easy to use by simply pressing in the trigger button and it is really strong. My kids have used it a lot and it has been dropped, thrown etc, it hasn't broke but does have a couple of marks and scratches.

      What I would like to mention is that the voice changer doesn't resemble any voices from the show which would have been a nice thing, however it doesn't take from it that it is still a cool but annoying toy!

      I have seen these in my local B&M's again priced at around £5 which I think is a really good price for this, I think at the time I paid around £8 and that too was a great price.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        04.10.2011 13:52
        Very helpful



        Don't do it!

        As my family is located in all four corners of the globe I regularly use the Amazon wish list for gift ideas and suggestions. A couple of years ago I added the Horrid Henry voice changer as I felt that my eldest son, who was four at the time, would really love this toy. The gift was kindly bought by my brother and was eagerly unwrapped on Christmas morning.

        The Horrid Henry voice changer comes in cardboard packaging and from what I remember there were a couple of ties to undo. The voice changer is made of hard plastic which is coloured purple and green and the end of the voice changer is red with a skull and cross bones on it. There are graphics on the voice changer but not a picture of Horrid Henry. On the side of the voice changer are four sliding controls that offer eight different sound effects. These sound effects include monster, alien and robot as far as I can remember as well as a few others. There is no on/ off switch so to activate the sound effects you simply press the green button on the handle and speak into the end of the voice changer.

        The voice changer comes with batteries but these are easily changed with the help of a small screw driver and are stored in the handle of the voice changer. The changer needs a 9v battery.

        My children immediately took to this toy and thought it was very exciting to shout into the voice changer and create as many different voices as possible. Unfortunately for me one sound was indiscernible from another and it just sounded like a high pitched screeching sound as nothing is audible or recognisable because of the awful pitch of the voice changer. As far as I could tell all the different styles sounded pretty much the same or maybe that is just because it was grating on my nerves after a very short space of time. Thankfully the novelty wore off pretty quickly and the voice changer was left untouched for large amounts of time only coming out during particularly rowdy playtimes or by nieces, nephews and friends who hadn't seen it before.

        To avoid temptation I recently sold the Horrid Henry voice changer on ebay and got a couple of pounds for it. When we received the voice changer it was available on Amazon for around £7.99 but lately I have seen it priced between £10 and £17 online. A couple of weeks ago I found these voice changers on sale at B&M for £6.99 so I bought one for my nephew!

        Definitely a toy to give as a gift!


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        28.01.2011 12:30
        Very helpful



        A fun addition to my son's toy collection.

        Out of all the many presents my son received for Christmas, this one has got to be the most annoying, and unfortunately his favourite, gotta love grandparents who insist on buying noisy toys!

        The toy in question is - "Horrid Henry - voice changer"

        Now my son has never been known for his shy and demure was, being very loud without outside interference, so what possessed my Mum to by him something that not only would amplify his voice but change it too is beyond me, though I have taken great pleasure in sending it to their house with him when visiting!

        This is of course a "Horrid Henry" piece of merchandise, and anyone familiar with the character will know that he is a vile and obnoxious child who loves nothing more than causing trouble, making noise and mess and picking on his younger brother "Perfect Peter", why my Mum thinks this character is similar to my son I will never know (or at least won't admit out loud!).

        The voice changer is in the shape of a megaphone, not full sized but perfectly formed and sized to fit in a young child's hand, and still be able to reach the offending button to activate it before speaking into it.

        The device is very brightly coloured and using the colours that the character himself would choose, bright purple for the megaphone, green for the button and the voice effects buttons and bright red for the speaker end complete with a skull and crossbones for added effect, it is actually a fantastic looking toy, that is made from rigid plastic and is incredibly sturdy too, this has been dropped more times than I can mention and still works!

        Before use you may well have to place e new battery in the handle (extra small screwdriver needed for this job I'm afraid!), this is due to the child being actively encouraged to play before you buy, with the mouthpiece and button being accessible through the outer pack, we found it was in it's last legs when it came to Con playing with it, unfortunately my husband had the 9v battery needed to power it to hand....grrr!

        There are a few different settings this can be played in, which range from robot voice to alien voice, and all easily enough changed by simply moving the four small slide buttons (found on the side of the device) to either on or off in a sequence, all of which are printed clearly on the packaging itself.

        To use you simply depress the button (you will tell if it is working correctly as it has that little crackle to it like a walkie talkie would), then speak into the mouth piece at the back,

        The voice changing is of course quite limited with the best being the alien option, with not only it completely changing the voice into something very unique (I could never find the words to explain it, sort of mechanical sounding!) with the option of either making it much higher or lower in tone, with there even being the option of making a screaming sort of sound by just blowing into the mouth piece, I have to say it is fun though not at 4am which is when my son decided he would play with it the other day, I swear it took 20 minutes for my heart to stop racing and his bum to stop smarting!

        The other good ting about this is there is no on/off button, as it can only be activate for use when the button is pressed in, so as long as it is stored properly with nothing pushing on the button, the battery will last for ages (batteries are the bain of my life with the toys!), not so good for me or the neighbours, but a lot of fun for my children!

        There are no real age restrictions to this toy as there are no small pieces to speak of, so as long as they can push the button themselves they will have a fantastic time, with this annoying, noisy and brilliant toy!

        Price wise this currently available in www.argos.co.uk for £7.49, and a little more on www.amazon.co.uk.

        Thanks for reading x


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