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London 2012 Cadburys Chocolate Machine Money Box

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Mabufacturer: Airfix / Type: Money Box

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    1 Review
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      14.05.2012 08:12
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      At Christmas I decided I was going to buy my son one of those red Cadbury chocolate machine money boxes which I seemed to receive every year at Christmas myself as a child. When I was looking online for one I came across the London 2012 Cadbury chocolate machine money box which was the same kind of idea but obviously based around the 2012 Olympics and so I decided to opt for that one instead of the traditional tall red one. This is my review of the item.

      The product came in a good sized thin cardboard box which featured a picture of the money box on the front so you were aware of what it would look like inside. It also had some small pictures on the front of chocolate being dispensed and then a mountain of coins to depict the money saving aspect of it. We are told that Cadbury is an official sponsor of the Olympic games and the logos for London 2012 are present too.

      Inside the box the money box is a good size and almost like a clock shape that would sit on a mantelpiece with its base to stand on and round face. The bulk of the money box is made from a tough feeling white plastic and then the front is made from a thinner plastic it would seem. The front of the money box has pictures of Wenlock and Mandeville the Olympic and Paralympics mascots in running poses as well as the logos for the games as well. You also receive twenty individually wrapped dairy milk chocolates which go in to the machine for dispensing when you place a coin in there.

      Putting the chocolate in to the machine is really easy as the front of the product pulls off revealing an inner section with twelve individual slots for popping a chocolate in to. The idea is then to replace the front of the machine to secure the chocolates inside which again is really simple as it slots on nicely. It is a shame that it is virtually impossible to then use the money slot to get some chocolate out! On the top of the product there is a section which you must pull out to be able to place a ten pence coin in and which will then turn the inner section allowing a small dairy milk to pop out of the bottom. Sadly this section which needs to be pulled out is just really difficult to get out at all and certainly my son had no chance of doing this on his own and even now as I write this review I am finding it impossible to pull it out to be able to place a coin in there and whilst I am not macho man I do think an adult should have the strength to be able to use this product properly! On the occasions that we did manage to get a coin in to the top section we would find it would not work properly more often than not and would get stuck on the way down to the money holding section.

      The bottom part which holds the money isn't very big but would certainly hold a few pounds of ten pence pieces but that is all and so even as a money saving device it isn't very effective in all honesty.

      As you can imagine my son soon got fed up trying to use money in this product to get some chocolate out and instead just took the front off and ate one as and when he fancied which obviously defeats the object a bit as I could have just bought the chocolate instead of wasting ten pounds on an item which is incredibly poor. I was surprised when I realised the product is made by Hornby as I would have expected better from them in all honesty. I cannot recommend this product in any way shape or form as ours will be going in the bin as soon as I have finished typing this review but should you still be interested in purchasing it I can advise it is available on amazon for £11.10.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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