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Maplin's Supreme Coin Sorter

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Brand: Maplin / Type: Coin Sorter

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    1 Review
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      21.01.2010 12:49
      Very helpful



      Its an OK item. Could be better, too expensive.

      Supreme... or not supreme...

      One day of your life, maybe you have jars FULL of bronze and silvers just wasting away, waiting until you are ready to change up for your holiday.
      Maplin's Supreme Coin Sorter is available in any Maplin's electronic store. Costing a pricey £14.99-£30.00.

      This cylinder shaped coin sorter is pretty explanitory. Slot the coins and it sorts it right? Its more clever than what you may think.
      This coin sorter has 8 different tubes slotted around the plastic cylinder base. Each labelled the correct coin.
      Remember: This is a coin sorter - It doesnt store notes!

      The coin sorter made me puzzled when I was given this as a present from my other half. haha! When I first had it, you have to unscrew about 8 bolts to enter batteries for it to operate.
      The coin sorter has a front screen and 7 black buttons which do different operations. These include:
      ''On/off button"

      When switching on the on/off button, it will start to make this buzzing sound, and the turning table inside will start spinning. This is clever as the table inside has different shaped circles which will measure the size of the coin which takes it to its certain compartment.
      You will not want to keep it on as the buzzing sound will get really annoying!

      The Tilt button when pressed will open up the separate compartments tilting the tubes outwards so you can retrieve the coins that has been sorted. You are able to pull out the tubes without having to be complicated such as tipping the machine upside down to collect the coins.

      The screen on the front of the machine displays the time which is very useful. This screen will also display the amount of money that has been sorted. The very useful thing about the machine screen is that it will display the AMOUNT of coins in EACH separate compartment. So if you decide you only want to view the £1.00 coins, you are able to do so. You are able to do this with all the different coins, and the overall amount of all collected. Clever!

      The machine also has a hole in the back, so if any coins are not registered, they will send them out the back, and if you want, you can try again.

      There are MANY negatives about this product:
      - Sometimes if you do not slot the tube in correctly, it will not close and it will make this sound and it will try and shut and could possibly break the tube. So be careful.
      - From my own experience, 2ps can be recognized as 50ps or maybe £2.00 coins. If this happens, you have to clear the separate compartment and re-enter the coin. It should then recognize it.
      - Sometimes if you have foreign coins mixed up with your bronzes, it will send it to a different compartment. It would of been easier just to send it to the hole which unregisters coins.
      - Coins that ARE sent to the back, will be REGISTERED onto the screen and you will have to clear the compartments and do it again.
      - With the problems, TAKES AGES to coint them all.

      There are still some bugs about the machine, but it does the job and if any problems occur, all you have to do is clear the screen and try again.
      I think it is a reasonable price at £14 but could be sold cheaper for the problems.

      So no more having to trape to ASDA to try out CoinStar! when you have about 3 hours to waste cointing your coins with the machine... Have fun!


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