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Mattel Hannah Montana Magic 8 Ball

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2 Reviews

Brand: Mattel

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    2 Reviews
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      30.06.2010 14:16
      Very helpful



      Magic 8 Ball not so magic

      I got a Magic 8 ball quite a few years back as a joke from a friend of mine to help me be more decisive, I am more decisive these days but it has nothing to do with the Magic 8 ball but it did use to make me laugh when I was younger. And it was great when we had a few.... beverages.

      I have a slightly different ball than this girly Hannah Montana version but the one I have is the same, minus the colour. Mine is a Ball that looks to be a much bigger version of a pool table's 8 ball (all black except for a big solid circle of white with the number 8 in the middle), the reverse end of the Ball is a glass part that reveals your answer. You shake the ball and it can tell you the answers to all your questions, whether they be "what is the meaning of life" to "should I wear the blue or black shoes tonight". Like I said earlier mine is exactly the same as this Hannah Montana version including the measurements which are 10.2 x 9.8 x 12.7 cm.
      What makes this ball so magical is that it is suppose to be a kind of magical fortune telling device that gives you answers to everything. Most of the time it answers you with a type of yes and no answers like "Yes, No, Who Knows, Maybe, You Will Have To Wait, Ask Again Later...etc.
      So how this works is, you ask your "meaningful" question, give it a hard shake, then turn the ball round to the other side and read your answer that appears on the "Magical Glass". Do you believe what the plastic ball is telling you or do you have a laugh and get on with your day.

      This wasn't a really big hit over here, although people do know it because of the American programmes we have on TV over here (children's programmes mainly), this gadget is quite big in America, don't get me wrong, it's not a sell out over there, I just mean every American kid has probably had one, so they know what it is, just like us and the Tamagotchi, (you know what they are right?). It was so big in America that even friends incorporated it into their sitcom:

      Decision about Rachel

      Ross: Okay then. Here we go. Magic 8-Ball, should I never see Rachel again?
      (he shakes the ball)
      "Ask again later."
      Ross: Later is not good enough!
      (Shakes the ball again)
      "Ask again later."
      Ross: What the hell! This is broken! It... it is broken

      Funny enough, it was an American that got me this Magic 8 Ball and it wasn't helpful at all, although it did make for a good laugh.
      I personally think this is aimed more at kids to mid-teens, it keeps you entertained but for me after a few goes, it bores me.
      This ball is aimed to keep you entertained and for some people it does that, to American kids it does that.
      Even though I don't use it as much these days and it is just sitting under my bed, I can't part myself from it because I have had it for so long.

      These sorts of gadgets are usually available in gadget stores more often than any other stores, you can find them original size like this and you can find it in a key ring size also. Both of these Magic 8 Ball's weighs 318 grams.
      There is a difference in price when purchasing from Amazon:

      Magic 8 Ball (black) £3.99
      Hannah Montana £5.99

      I personally wouldn't spend my own money on this just because it entertains for all of 2 minutes but take a shake and tell me what you think.


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        08.01.2009 18:39
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Not the best toy in the world!

        This toy I will review now in my opinion is a bit rubbish, but as it is branded with Hannah Montana's face and sayings from the show, my mum insisted on buying it for my daughter, so here goes!

        The toy I will now review is - "Hannah Montana - magic 8 ball".

        The box is part open to show off the smooth, pale blue ball within. From the front the only thing visible is the large "8" on it, with a swirl of stars, guitars and the obligatory "Hannah Montana" logo at the bottom.
        When removed from the box the screen at the back of the ball becomes visible.

        The basic idea of this is to ask a secret question to the ball, you then shake the ball and the answer to your question appears... like magic, in the screen at the back of the ball!

        After explaining to my daughter that only yes or no questions should be asked and not viewing times for television programmes she realised how it worked!

        You simply ask a question into the "8", then turn it over on itself and the answer appears in the window. Ok, easier said than done.

        For start off the window works as and when it wants to, the times I have used it I am sitting there shaking it like a lunatic, only getting an obscure answer when the cramp has finally set in!

        The answers are also really random, ok, I am not under the delusion that this cheap toy will answer all my questions but I would like a slightly better answer than - "sweet niblets, yes", or "Smokey, ok!"

        Admittedly it is an intriguing concept, and I may never understand how the answer, that seemingly flips up from the centre of the ball, and looks like electronics, is surrounded by blue inked water, so from that aspect it is fascinating.

        But for me the general concept of the ball is just, well boring, and for that reason I do not recommend this product, even my daughter doesn't rate it that highly, and for a Hannah Montana product that is a first!

        The cost was £5.00 and at the time was reduced, could have been because it was crap or more likely because it was bought from Woolworths, just before they announced they were closing.

        These are available from Toys R Us - www.toysrus.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x


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      • Product Details

        It's the beloved classic Magic 8 Ball novelty toy with a cool Hannah Montana spin! Now you can ask the pop star anything about life, love and fun, then shake her rockin' teal Magic 8 Ball and get Miley's advice in her signature style! Will "Spotlight is on Yes" confirm your heart's desire or "Sweet Niblets No" mean it's not in the rock stars for now? Let Hannah Montana Magic 8 Ball lyrics and lingo guide you to your future! Age 8+

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