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Mermaid Magic Fizz and Surprise

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Manufacturer: Find-Me-A-Gift

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    2 Reviews
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      29.08.2010 21:33
      Very helpful




      I saw the Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise when I was doing my shopping in Tesco. It can be found in the toy aisle and can be purchased for £2.99. When I saw them I knew it would be something my daughter would love so I popped one into my shopping trolley.

      The Mermaid Surprise comes in a yellow, blue and pink blister pack with a picture of a mermaid on the front (in my opinion the mermaid looks like she is suffering from a severe case of trout pout). On the front there is the name of the product and instructions on how to use the product. In the very centre underneath plastic casing is a round ball which looks like a ballistic. Each pack contains 1 of these and there are a variety of colours. The one I got for my daughter was pink.

      The little ballistic looking thing is actually shaped like a shell and is dissolvable whe it is placed in water and once it has completely dissolved it will reveal a little mermaid figurine.

      There are 12 different mermaid figurines to collect and each mermaid has a different name and they have different classes of rarity - some are common, some are rare and some are "ultra" rare. You don't have to collect them all as obviously this is going to be pricey to do. I have failed to mention to my daughter that there are 12 to collect! Unfortunately I was foiled in this plan as she automatically told me she had seen other mermaids on the back of the packaging. Oops.

      The one thing to mention before you use this product is that although it looks like a ballistic, it cannot be used in the bath with your child to the presence of citric acid so this is strictly a thing to do in the bathroom sink.

      My daughter was very excited to get to work with the Mermaid Surprise and had water run in the sink before I could even unpack the shopping! Though she had done it ice cold and you need warm water so we had to start again. The first thing you have to do with this product is remove the shell from the wrapping paper it is in. I was disappointed as when my daughter removed the pink paper (which needed a little snip with scissors to make it easier) we were left with a plain white shell. I thought the shell would remain coloured and turn the colour of the water but obviously I was expecting much too much for £2.99!

      The water didn't change colour when my daughter dropped it into the sink of water. It fizzed for a long time (about a minute and a half) and my daughter stood looking at it all goofy grinned, waiting for something to happen. The shell fizzed and twirled in the water creating a cloud of white and bubbles so you couldn't see the bottom of the sink. When it had finally stopped fizzing, my daughter stuck her hand in and trumphantly pulled out the mermaid. Her mermaid was blonde and big eyed and called Lily with a bright pink tale which changed colour in quite a noticable manner from light pink to dark - my daughter thought this was amazing. And my daughter loves her mermaid. This is one little mermaid figure that goes everywhere with her and I am surprised the novelty hasn't worn off for her yet.

      Overall I was really pleased with this purchase. My daughter had fun and she loves the figure you get even though the mermaid is not very big ponly about 2=3 inches in total but I guess the old saying size doesn't matter comes into play because my daughter really does love it and that is all that matters.

      Highly recommended as a little stocking filler or a little treat.


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      06.03.2010 00:11
      Very helpful



      One for the girls.

      Mermaid Magic (Fizz and Surprise) first caught my eye whilst I was shopping in Tesco. I had never seen one before and knew right away that my daughter would love it so chucked one into my basket. I paid a very reasonable £2.99 for it.


      -What is Mermaid Magic?-

      Mermaid Magic Fizz and Surprise is basically a dissolvable shell with a little mermaid toy inside.

      The shells come in all different colours and there are 12 different mermaids to collect. Each mermaid has a different name and all of them are in different classes according to how rare they are (common, rare and ultra rare). There is also a website where you can create and print off an 'official mermaid certificate' aswell as download a collection sheet. Each mermaid is worth a different amount of points and their tails also change colour in hot and cold water.

      Of course you don't actually have to collect them and most children will be more than happy just to have one or two...

      Mermaid Magic is packaged in bright eyecatching packaging with a pretty mermaid on the front. The shell sits inside transparent plastic (so you can see what you're getting) and is backed by cardboard. On the back is a list (with pictures) of all the mermaids and their details (name, class and points).

      They cannot be used in the bath (due to the presence of citric acid and malic acid) and the age recommendation is 4+ years (possible choking hazard).

      -Our experience of Mermaid Magic-

      My daughter was eager to get started so we filled the sink up with warm water (apparently they work best in warm water). We first had to take the coloured paper off the shell which I thought was abit silly - we had an orange shell. When the coloured paper was removed the shell looked just like a bath fizzer/bath ballistic and was a plain white colour.

      My daughter placed it into the water and it instantly began to fizz. My daughter was a mix between thrilled and confused! It made a hissing sound and bubbled in the water for a lot longer than I expected - about a minute I'd say. It didn't smell and didn't appear to change the colour of the water (although you couldn't actually see the shell when it was fizzing as there were too many bubbles). The shell wasn't messy and went straight down the plug hole without any fuss.

      When it had finished fizzing my daughter stuck her hand into the water and was totally shocked to find a little plastic mermaid sitting on the bottom of the sink. The mermaid was about an inch and a half long and an inch tall. She was very cute - big eyes, pouty mouth, blonde hair with a light pink flower in it and a darker pink tail and bikini top/seashells. According to my daughter she was 'magic'...

      We done our Mermaid Magic 4 days ago and my daughter hasn't yet put down her mermaid - it's been in the bath, in the car, at the dinner table and even to the zoo! I'm not too sure why but she absolutely loves it.

      Our mermaid is an ultra rare mermaid, is called Lily and is worth 40 points (the highest mermaid is worth 50 points and the lowest is worth 5 points so we didn't do too bad!).

      -My overall thoughts-

      Well the main thing is that my daughter loved this toy and if she could write a review I'm sure she would give it 5 stars!

      One thing that I would change is the coloured paper on the shell, as it seems quite hard for children to take off for themselves. Dissolvable paper or a coloured fizzer would have probably been a better idea?

      I wasn't overly impressed with the colour changing tail either. The tail changed from dark pink (in cold water) to light pink (in hot water) but wasn't very obvious - my daughter didn't even realise that it changed colour until I told her. It might have been better if the tail changed totally different colours - Eg. Red to green, or yellow to blue.

      I should point out that the shells are quite small (about 4 inches by 4 inches) and the mermaids are even smaller so don't be too disappointed if you order online! But they do say that good things come in small packages...

      My daughter is a bit too young to appreciate the website so I checked it out myself and thought it looked quite fun. I can imagine that girls between around 5 - 9 years would most benefit from collecting the mermaids and using the website (which seems very simple to navigate around).

      I would say that girls under 5 years would really enjoy this toy but wouldn't feel the need to collect them all as the fizz and the surprise would probably be enough for them.

      The problem with collecting is that you don't know which mermaid you are going to get and you are extremely likely to get lots of duplicates before you can collect the whole set.


      Mermaid Fizz and Surprise is also available at The Entertainer, Toys R Us, Toy Master, John Lewis, Play.com and Amazon.co.uk. Prices vary although I would seek out the lowest price because as I've already mentioned they are very small and they are also collectable, so it could work out a fortune if you're little one decides to collect them all!

      If you do decide to collect there is also a Seashell Island available.


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