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Moshi Monsters Series 2 Moshling Lucky Dip Bags

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Manufacturer: Vivid Imaginations / Type: Novelty Toy

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    2 Reviews
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      03.11.2012 22:22
      Very helpful



      A cheap way to build the set.

      ~*~*~ Moshi Monsters Series 2 Blind Bags ~*~*~

      ~ What are they? ~

      These are little foil pouches known as blind bags as you don't know who's hiding inside until it's been opened. Inside the packet you will find two Moshi Monsters characters and a collectors card containing a secret code for online game play.

      ~ Moshi who? ~

      For those unaware Moshi Monsters is a new(ish) craze that is sweeping through primary schools! At first Moshi Monsters was an online virtual world for children, where they could make their own monster and design their home, unless you paid the fee's you would get limited access as to what you could do, and then soon enough they brought out the collectors cards and little figures which of course soon expanded to a large range of other merchandise that Moshi Monsters fans will just *have* to have!

      Moshi Monsters figures are little plastic toys. There's quite a range of different ones available and they all have their own names and their own look. They are now up to series four so as you can imagine there are a lot of figures to collect.

      ~ Blind Bags ~

      These blind bags are great for children to buy themselves out of their pocket money and it's a good way for them to start to build their collections. My 9 year old is crazy is about them and he will ask for these blind bags when a new series becomes available to start him off, in the blind bags you will get two characters and a card, you cannot see inside the foil bags so it's a surprise as to who you may get and my son really likes this especially at the beginning of his collections. When he has built the collection up he is worried about buying these then just in case he ends up with just doubles of what he already has!

      ~ Price ~

      These blind bags cost around the £2 mark and can be found in supermarkets and Argos and sometimes smaller stores like Premier or Spar.

      ~ Overall ~

      I think these are great for my son, he likes the surprise of finding out who he has got each time. He goes onto the website and enters the codes off the cards where he is able to get secret items, they are a good price and I think it's better than him spending his pocket money on lots of sweets!

      I am not mad about Moshi Monsters myself, at times my home is overrun with the little plastic monsters but they keep my son happy so that is all that matters.

      The figures are well made and strong but really they are just little coloured blobs of shaped plastic with a face!

      Some figures are rarer than others, Lady GooGoo and Blingo for example are rare moshlings, my son is still on the hunt for a Lady Googoo! I refuse to pay extortionate prices for these kinds of characters online so I do buy series 2 blind bags online from amazon/ebay/play in the hope that he will get the rare characters he needs.


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        16.05.2012 06:57
        Very helpful



        A fun new craze.

        For anyone that have children of a certain age (ie from 3 onwards), they may well have heard of one of the many fads or crazes that are currently about, with this one being "Moshi monsters".

        Or those who have never heard of them (you lucky, lucky people!), they started life as a internet site, where children could safely (and to start off with for free!), create and design their own "monster", and then treat it like a virtual pet, creating a bedroom for them, then a house, and collecting any other things available at that time (ie posters, beds, clocks....), to personalise the rooms for the child's monster.

        Alongside the main monster there are also smaller creatures called "moshlings", which are the main things used within the advertising and merchandising campaign that has suddenly erupted from the site, my children have been members of this site for a couple of years now, and only recently has there been a boom in awareness of it.

        Out of all the different pieces of merchandise available my children have found one that means that they can potentially buy two or three packets of afore mentioned "moshlings", without it taking up all of their hard earned pocket money.

        The packs I am now reviewing are what are called "lucky dip" bags, which as you may have surmised are bags that contain two indeterminate moshlings to collect, with these particular bags containing moshings from series 2 (there is of course series 1 moshlings to collect, and now unfortunately also series 3!).

        Alongside the two figures there is also a collectors card (which I am now reliably informed an be used in the latest piece of merchandise, a car swapping and collecting game with folder!), and finally the main reason many children want to buy merchandise in the first pace, and that is the online code, which enables the child to claim a certain item for their monsters room, that is not available to purchase with the site's form of currency (rocks), these range from small things like limited edition wall coverings through to a new and limited edition moshling (the most sot after being Lady Goo-goo and Dustin Beaver!).

        Within each pack it is of course very rare to get two limited edition moshlings, so I have been found on numerous occasions standing in the toy aisle in Asda massaging and trying to determine if they are indeed moshlings my children haven't currently got (difficult as they both have in excess of 30 each!), or in fact 2 "glumps" which are gelatinous round balls with faces, again these can be highly collectable, but are rubbish in my children's eyes!

        There are literally hundreds of characters to be collected, with some of my favourites being Lady Goo-Goo (as she sounds but actually a world famous singing baby!), and also Roxy (a large coloured diamond, they are a girls best friend after all!), and everything inbetween, and the same goes for the collectors cards, but I have (so far!) drawn a ine under the card swapping game, we currently have more footballers and wrestlers residing in my house than the FA and WWE put together!

        Price wise these are actually quite reasonable (for the brand name anyway), with a pack setting you bag £1.97 (Asda), and £2.97 if you wish to buy the lucky dip that has the collectors bag in too (I have to say a must have item, nothing worse than standing a sharp one that has been left on the stairs with bare feet!).

        I would say these are fun, but should be restricted to the 3-4 years and over, as they could be considered a choking hazard (each figure is self standing but only around 20cm in height).

        All in all these are an ok pocket money toy, that even though many may think have a reduced playability factor, are actually well loved and surprisingly well looked after in my house, recommended!

        For more information on products and the site itself visit - www.moshimonsters.com

        Thanks for reading x


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