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Moshi Monsters Series One Hansel

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Brand: Vivid Imaginations

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    3 Reviews
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      14.11.2012 13:19



      A lovely addition to a moshi fan's collection

      Moshi Monsters Series 1 Hansel No.59 Moshling Figure

      You may have already read my review on the Moshling Zoo, well the zoo comes with only one Moshling so you will need extra little figures to fill it. Generally figures can be bought in packs of two or five (for £3.00 or £5.00). The cheaper pack the figures are hidden so you don't know what you will get. The latter pack, you see four of the five moshlings and get a hidden surprise one. Moshlings also come with packs such as one in the zoo, and separate ones can be bought alone on such places as Ebay.

      Hansel is a rare figure and so you may have more luck finding it on Ebay. This figure is part of the Foodie group in series one (I believe we are up to series four at the moment though I may be wrong - Moshi Mosters are still quite new to me!).

      Each moshi figure has their own background which children will love finding out about. This particular figure is a little troublemaker who loves stealing sweeties!

      Hansel is of average size of Moshi Monsters at about 1.5 inches and is made of plastic. He has a sweet face and two pink buttons made of plastic icing. Like the other Moshi figures, this figure is very durable.

      My youngster loves Hansel and it is one of her favourite Moshi figures so takes pride of place on her side table at night!


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      03.11.2012 22:41
      Very helpful
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      It's a rare one but a nice one.

      ~*~*~ Moshi Monsters - Hansel ~*~*~

      ~ Who is Hansel? ~

      Hansel is a little ginger man shaped figure, he is a Moshling from series 1.
      He comes from the 'Foodie' group along with Coolio, Cutie Pie & Oddie.
      I have checked online and found a nice little bit of insider info on Hansel -

      059 (Rare)

      * As you can see Hansel is a rare moshling to find, however my son has had him a while now and he remains a favourite of his.


      * The moshlings are split into their own groups. They are so called 'Foodies' as each moshling is based upon a food item.

      Don't be fooled by the fancy frosting, plump raisins and biscuity cuteness - Psycho Gingerboys are naughty little troublemakers. When they're not stealing sweeties and holding up bakeries, they like tripping up passers-by with their delicious but deadly candy canes. Thankfully, they're easy to catch as they can't help dropping crumbs wherever they go.

      Twirling liquorice lassos and bathing in custard.

      Cheesy puffs and pecking pigeons.

      Legend has it these half-baked hooligans were originally cooked at 180 degrees deep inside Cookie Crumb Canyon, but nobody's sure as they seem to pop up anywhere and everywhere. Yikes!

      ~ What he looks like ~

      Hansel is a little tan coloured plastic gingerbread man, he isn't very big, none of them are, he stands at around an inch and half tall maybe 2 inches, he is quite cute to look at with his big brown eyes and pink buttons. The plastic is really strong and despite my son taking him to school no end of times he is still in very good condition. He still has all his markings with no scratches at all.

      ~ Overall ~

      I quite like Hansel to look at, he looks just how a gingerbread man should look and if he were bigger and real I would be so tempted to take a bite! My son likes Hansel, more so because only him and his best friend have him! Despite the figure being taken almost everywhere with him he has not suffered at all and is still in fantastic condition.

      They can be displayed on little Moshi Monster display cases and this is where my son puts Hansel in the nights before bed.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        23.10.2012 15:09
        Very helpful
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        Nice figure

        My niece loves Moshi Monsters and has a collection of over 150. She goes on the website, she has the DS game...she loves them! She was showing me them the other day and was asking which was my favourite on the card of them all etc. I pointed out a gingerbread man as my kitchen has a gingerbread man theme and my mum also said this was her favourite. Ellie said she didn't have this one as it was quite hard to find so when I got home I looked on ebay to see what I could find!

        After buying two halloween ones I bought her Hansel the gingerbread man a couple of weeks ago. I really didn't have the money for moshis but she had been having a very tough time after starting a new school so I didn't think twice about boosting her collection with 6 she didn't already have.

        I bought Hansel from ebay for aroun £2 but he can also be found in the packs you find in supermarkets, toy shops and the like. Hansel is from series one and we are now on series four so I imagine that like Ellie said they are quite difficult to get hold of as I suppose all the new stock in shops is series four.

        Hansel is about 3cm tall and is similar in size to the other moshis. He looks identical to the picture above with a head as large as his body! He is made of a sort of hard rubber and he is a dark orangey colour - quite a bit brighter than I would say an actual gingerbread man was. He has pink buttons and a couple of icing waves for decoration. His back is just plain orange.

        Hansel is simply a figure, he doesn't 'do' anything. My niece does play with her moshis but he in himself doesn't do somersaults or anything!

        I have found that all of the moshi monsters are of a good quality and none of the colours have faded or become scratched. The ones my niece has had the longest look just as good as her brand new ones.

        Hansel is cute. He is smiling and he does bring a little smile to my face! I think his extra large head makes him even cuter! The only change I would suggest would be to make him a bit less orange as he does look a bit like he has had one spray tan too many.

        My niece loves Hansel and I think he was well worth the money I paid. He's cool because he would be a good gift for children as a toy or for adults as an ornament/for decoration. I would certainly like a Hansel to pop in my kitchen! Recommended.


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