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Paul Lamond Chairs

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Paul Lamond

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    2 Reviews
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      28.05.2012 21:26
      Very helpful



      A game that appeals to all ages, easily stored and great fun.

      ==The Chairs Game==

      This game was received at Christmas time, where for the whole day it took up most of the post-Christmas dinnertime playing this fun game.

      The game consists of 24 plastic chairs in three colours, green, red and blue. The way you play it is not dissimilar to anyone who remembers the old 'needle in a haystack game or Kerplunk'. It consists of stacking the chairs as high as they can go, keeping a very steady hand before they topple and crash down. The difference with this game is it is all about getting the height of the chairs stacked and of course with all the chair styles being somewhat different in style, it all gets a bit precarious.

      ==Playing It==

      The beauty of this game is you can play it on your own if you like or with as many people you like in my opinion. There are loads of ways to construct your pile or random chairs as all the chairs have different legs, bags and tops, some are rounded, some are flat and some of the legs are square flat or tapered etc.

      The game comes in a retro style tall metal tin that neatly stacks the chairs away. However if you are in a rush and want to just jam them all back in- don't! As this is what I attempted to do and they all just spilled out the side, you do have to have some order about the way you put them in the tin for them all to fit!

      It is for ages of 5+ and it not only tests your construction skills, but also tests your dexterity and patience! - one slip and that carefully constructed masterpiece comes tumbling down. It is a fun and creative way of putting together a pattern of chairs in a random fashion. Each of the players take a turn to stack one chair at a time. If your chair falls off you're out of the game and so it continues until there is one person left. I must say I have found playing this usually, ends up with regales of laughter as that last chair brings the whole stack tumbling down!


      In summary, I would say this is a super game This is a good game to play with the kids or for when you have friends around over a glass of wine. It stacks neatly away in a cupboard without taking up too much box room. The sturdy tin container is a boon as it means the box does not get squashed, soggy and damp or too dirty if stored out of sight like in the attic.

      This was great to play for all ages on Christmas day and it has not been relegated to the back of the cupboard since (like other games). It has been played since on quite a few occasions. I think also the fact it takes up such little storage space has meant it has been in sight on top of a cupboard, so it constantly reminds you 'I'm here! play me' which means it gets used that more often, particularly when friends are round.

      You can purchase this for £12.49 for the collector's tin version or £7.99 for the standard tin version on Amazon.

      I give it 5 stars***** for the fun factor alone.


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        23.06.2010 10:48
        Very helpful



        Great game for everyone

        What is it?
        Chairs is a game which is slightly comparable to Jenga in that you have to balence chairs in a stack without letting them fall over. The chairs are of four different colours and four different designs (but colour does not corrospond to design).

        Who is it suitable for?
        My grandparents (80) had just as much fun with this game as my youngest cousin (4), and everyone inbetween. The lack of rules means that it is suitable for everyone!

        Any good?
        I really like the game - it appears really simple and easy, but when you get going you realise how hard it is to make a stack, particually when only one chair can touch the floor. It is particually fun I feel as you can play it in many different ways - you can see who can stack the chairs the highest, the most number or have an alloted amount at the start and it is the first to get rid of all their chairs - and if it falls over on you you get all of them! Alternatively you can play it if it falls over on you you are out and then you continue.

        We initally bought the game as something to do between courses on christmas day (there were 13 of us) and there is always a big gap as it takes alot of time to clear the tables, but I would suggest that it is suitable for anyone and everyone for whatever occasion and you can even on you own play to see the size of the stack that you can achieve - I never got more than about 10 chairs high!

        I think for the price (£6.99 amazon) it will give everyone so much fun and is suitable for adults as well as kids which makes it a real investment for both the future and today. It comes in a tin box which means that however much it is thrown around it should last.


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