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Playskool Mr Potato Head Taters of the Lost Ark

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Brand: Hasbro - Playskool / Age: 2 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      23.11.2009 15:14
      Very helpful



      A spud's a spud ... but when it's a Mr Potato Head it could be anything !!!

      ~~~ Introduction ~~~

      I guess Mr Potato Head always fancied himself as a bit of an archeologist ... probably due to the fact that pototoes are grown underground. Or could it be that his previous appearances as Darth Tater, Spider Spud and Optimash Prime simply weren't exciting enough ??? Either way, Mr Potato Head is back !!!

      ~~~ Introducing ... Idaho Spud ~~~

      Idaho Spud may be a well respected Prfoessor of Archeology and Ancient History but it doesn't take long until the need for adventure has him dashing off into underground tombs in search of "fortune and glory" ... and the designers at Hasbro have once again created a unique look for Mr Potato Head that fans of the Indiana Jones franchise will instantly recognise and love.

      Whenever I think about Indiana Jones I get a mental image of Harrison Ford in his brimmed hat cracking his bullwhip and Idaho Spud certainly captures this image well. The potato body comes complete with eyes, ears, moth, nose, arms and legs as well as the iconic hat and bullwhip, a fabric jacket and a aluable piece of tresure in the form of a golden spud face mask !!!

      As with all Mr Potato Head toys the various body parts can be mixed and matched to create hundreds of different wacky looks and if you have a different Mr Potato Head the pieces can be swapped to create your very own unique characters.

      ~~~ Mr Potato Head's Musical Debut ~~~

      I also feel that Idaho Spud is a massive imrovement on previous themed Mr Potato Head toys because this time the toy plays music. It's not just any music either ... it's the classic Indiana Jones theme tune that appears in the movies !!! Simnply hold down IdahoSpud's Hat to hear the full theme tune or alternatively give it a quick press to release a short burst ... either way it adds a little additional fun to what is essentailly avery cool looking toy/collectable !!! The toy requires 2 AAA batteries but these are included ;)

      ~~~ Price & Availability ~~~

      Idaho Spud was released in the run up to the fourth Iniana Jones Movie and the price was set considerably higher than other themed Mr potato Head toys ... at £12.99 (rrp). In addition to this not as many were released by Hasbro and it wasn't widely available in shops. It has, therefore, become a much sought after collectable and proces on auction sites (such as eBay) reflect this. It can be picked up for £12.99 at Toys r Us but will possibly start to make it's way into the "cheaper" stores when Indy fever fades away ... if I spy any whilst out "shopping" i will pop back and add an update !!!

      ~~~ Final Thoughts ~~~

      Unlike the previous Mr Potato Head's I have reviewed I don't personally own Idaho Spud but a friend does so I have first hand experience and have erm, thoroughly tested it. In terms of looks it does indeed capture the iconic image of Indiana Jones extrememly well and the addition of the theme music is a touch of movie magic that brings this toy to life. It is, however, my least favourite themed spud ... but as child I was never too hot on the movies personally as I was big Star Wars fan and to me Harrison Ford will always be Han Solo !!!

      However, as a gift for an Indy fan then I would say that Idaho Spud would be perfect ... great for younger children to have a lot of fun with and something for older fans to display (and possibly play too with when nobody's looking).


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        22.07.2008 08:33
        Very helpful



        Great novelty toy


        I guess this review was inevitable for me really given my past history with the Star Wars spuds and the Spiderman one. Unlike those previous characters though, I have to admit to being a bit of an Indiana Jones fan and can't wait to finally find the time to see the new movie, despite the mixed reviews.

        This version of the heroic adventurer is titled, Taters of the Lost Ark, and obviously features from the first film. It's a wee bit different from the others in the series because the play on words goes to the film rather than the character but to be honest with an item like this, the fun is more in the playing so it doesn't really matter that much.

        Mr Potato Head has been on the go for many years and I remember having him and his missus when I was just a little 'un. I would sit for hours apparently, putting different eyes on them and changing their hair constantly. I can't say that I have vivid memories but I do remember them. Of course he got a new lease of life when he featured in Toy Story and the Picasso comment always makes me laugh.

        ***The Age Limit***

        Like the other toys in this series the age guide says for ages 2 and upwards and like the other reviews of these toys, I would re-iterate that this is far too young for this type of toy.

        There are many attachments and a lot of 2 and even 3 year olds might be tempted to put one of the many attachments in their mouths and could perhaps choke, so this is something that should be remembered if a younger child is playing alongside an older one in this case.

        Personally, I would say that this toy is really for the older kids out there, like my husband, who received this the other week for his 30th birthday.

        ***The Attachments***

        As with all these spuds, there is a main spud body with various holes in it for various pieces to be placed in. Now you can either build Indy as is intended or you can try a more Picasso style like the spud in Toy Story did - it's really all about imagination.

        The attachments in this package consist of a pair of eyes, 2 ears, a big red nose, a set of normal teeth along with a separate Indy smirk mouth. It also has 2 arms, one of which is holding one of the famous gold idols.

        The really special bits are the jacket, the hat and the item that Indy would never be without on an adventure, his bullwhip.

        These attachments are great fun and really give the spud that special Indy look, but to top it all off the hat can be pressed to play a little bit of Indy music.

        ***The Toy***

        This spud is made from tough plastic although care does have to be taken when putting the bits in and out of the holes, as they fit in with pegs that could be broken if they were removed at an angle. This is another reason why I wouldn't recommend this toy for a child as young as two.

        Like the other recent potato heads, this one comes with a compartment at the back where you can store smaller items that are not being used although my hubby still keeps all the bits in the box they way they came originally.

        It's nice to see that they have come up with some new gimmicks for this version of the toy and the musical hat is a real treat for those manic fans like my hubby, who almost wet himself with excitement, when the feature was shown to him. The only difficulty with the music is that you do need batteries to make this work although it does come supplied with 2 x AAA batteries to start you off. If you buy this toy from a store you might find that they don't last very long though as the box has a big 'TRY ME!' sign and a hole in the top to allure kids and adults alike to try this out.

        The other item I think is really cool is the jacket, which unlike all the other solid plastic attachments, is made of a soft suede like material, so you can properly dress Indy. This is reminiscent of the Spider Spud outfit although this is easier to put on. The only thing you have to remember to do is to put the arms into the jacket before you attach them to the body because the sleeves won't fit over the big hands.

        With having quite a few of these special Potato Heads, it is possible to have an Indy style Darth Tater or a Spider Indy, that's if your big kid will let you share in the fun.

        ***Price and Availability***

        There are stores out there that sell these for up to £20 but the cheapest one I found was in an old trusted favourite of mine - Play.com, who sell it for £13.99. I believe that Amazon now sells it for the same price although Play gives free postage whatever the value of the goods.

        ***Final Thoughts***

        There is always a little slogan on these toys and this one doesn't disappoint.

        "World-famous Tater-turned-adventurer Idaho Spuds knows how to dig up plenty of action and excitement, but often finds himself in hot water! With his fedora, jacket and bullwhip, there's no limit to the fun he'll whip up!"

        This review also appears on Ciao with photos.


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      • Product Details

        As Indiana Jones returns, potato is back on the menu! The classic face-changing activity toy has a new look... and some adventurous new accessories. Meet Mr Potato Head in the guise of Indiana Spud as seen in Taters of the Lost Ark. Indy works in standard Potato Head fashion, coming with a 'body' in the shape of an Idaho potato, and complete with numerous stick-on body parts and accessories which can be arranged and rearranged in all manner of ever-crazier combinations.

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