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Richard Hammond's Blast Lab Its Possi-Bubble

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Manufacturer: Trends UK / Type: Educational Toy

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2012 15:18
      Very helpful



      Don't waste your money.

      When reviewing a product - I do prefer to have the item in front of me. Unfortunately I do not have this item anymore. My husband thought it was rubbish and through it out. And all these years I thought he didn't he didn't know where the bin was! But in all honesty - he wasn't really wrong. It was rubbish and I planning to bin almost the whole kit as soon as dooyoo approved my product suggestion and I had a chance to review it. I had removed the few usable items already, but that left the majority of the contents, which did in fact look very much like rubbish.

      A very small bottle of bubble blowing liquid, which is also very weak. If you were to take a single bottle of Tesco's bubble liquid from one of those multi-packs everyone has been reviewing, dump it in a slightly larger bottle and fill the rest with water, you'd have a fair equivalent.

      Even smaller bottle of glycerin - but this did make my purchase price of £2 worthwhile as I needed this for other science experiments.

      A very small and very poor magnifying glass, which has produces only a slightly larger image, is quite blurry, and basically useless.

      6 sheets of printer paper.

      Small plastic cup - like you get on the top of a Calpol Bottle

      6 plastic straws - actually more like 3 cut in half.

      Very cheap, tiny plastic goggles.

      Plastic pipette - which burst in half with a slight squeeze - and this only works by squeezing.

      A tiny funnel

      A useless instruction book

      A few other odd bits I didn't remember but looking online, I see it was things like a sticker and name badges, and a couple of wires.


      My son spotted this in the local charity shop. He was quite excited, thinking he could make giant bubbles with this, and the price was only £2. It did feel rather light, but the lady assured us we could return it if anything were missing - and the money was for cancer research. For this reason, I don't really mind losing £2. I did need the glycerin, and a £2 donation for cancer research is fair enough regardless. I would feel really wick to take this back and ask for a refund, so I would have kept this even if parts were missing. But after reading the booklet and checking online, I realised this was all there was to it. I am just glad I didn't pay full price for this. At £10, Richard Hammond should be wearing a mask!


      My son wanted to try to make a giant bubble right away. You do need a couple of other things for this though - namely a large string to try to make a loop with, and a bottle of decent bubble liquid. So what do you use from this kit? In all honesty - nothing.

      Next he thought the bubble in a bubble looked fun. We might even try this when we have some tesco bubble liquid. The stuff in this kit was hard pressed to make the most small and flimsy single bubbles, but my 3 year old did take this anyway and managed to get a few bubbles before getting very frustrated and dumping the rest of the bottle. I did add the funnel, to our science box though, and the glycerin was a very welcome addition to the same box. I do hate waste, so I placed the 6 sheets of printer paper in with our own paper as well. My 3 year old wanted to see how the pipette worked - so I attempted to show him with water. It burst on the first try.


      My sons say Mr Hammond is a cheat, and I'm afraid I agree. I feel this kit is simply cashing in on his name, and he should be ashamed to have put his name on this. At £2, with all of that money going to a good cause, I am still well pleased with this purchase. I'd have paid that much for the bottle of glycerin on ebay - and I'd rather see the money going to charity, but had I paid full price I would feel very hard done by indeed. This is available from Amazon at £9.59, or Tesco for £7.99, and there always seems to be at least one on ebay as unwanted gift. If you want bubbles though - skip this and pick up Tesco's own bubble liquid instead. You'll get better results at a fraction of the price.


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