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Suck UK Emergency Break Glass Money Box

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4 Reviews

Brand: Suck UK / Novelty Toys

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    4 Reviews
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      09.01.2014 19:38
      Very helpful



      Attractive and lightweight fire alarm money box

      ===The Product===

      Emergency Money Box.
      'Save your pennies for an emergency.'
      In Case of Emergency Break Glass.
      Not suitable for children.
      4.75 inches round.
      Holes in back to hang.


      Recommending price on Amazon is £7.50 but currently selling for £3.49.
      Suck UK website still selling it for £7.50.

      ===My Opinion===

      Having two grown up sons to buy Christmas gifts for I find it very difficult to find novelties to wrap up for them.

      I like the whole Suck UK range of novelty items but do find some things quite expensive, especially when you are only buying joke presents that may not be used very much.

      So I was delighted to find this in a local shop reduced down to £2.50 - although currently it is only £3.49 on Amazon. The Suck UK website is still selling them for £7.50 plus postage.

      The description of this money box is deceptive as there is no glass to break.

      The money box comes in a sturdy and colourful cardboard box.

      The money box itself is made to represent a sort of wall fire alarm where you had to break the glass.

      The round box itself is made of red plastic which is the brittle sort that would probably crack if dropped. There is a slot in the top for your money and also holes in the back where you could screw it to a wall if you wanted.

      The novelty value is that the clear front states 'IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS'.

      Do not be deceived though because the front is actually clear plastic and not glass. Also you do not have to break anything as the back pulls off if you want to fit it to a wall or retrieve your money.

      The box will hold a good bit of small change and my sons always hate carrying small change as it gets so heavy - so they save it up and then get their local bank (me!) to change it for them.

      Useful for what it is but more of a novelty than anything.

      A good novelty gift for those hard to buy for people who are usually male. This would not look out of place on a boys or teenager's bedroom wall and is a bit of a talking point.

      Good value on Amazon at its current price.

      Also a good idea to use if you are giving money as you can insert it in the money box already. I did not do this for my son though in case he did not realise it was there!

      Most people will already have a money box of some sort but another novelty one is always fun to have.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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        05.01.2011 19:19
        Very helpful



        A fun item to make into a personalised gift.

        Except that it is not glass - it's plastic, and you would be hard pressed to break it without shattering the plastic frame, as well as giving this a good whack with a proper hammer.

        This was another one of my gifts from Dooyoo and is a plastic box made to look like a fire alarm box with a clear plastic cover which reads "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS". however it would be far easier to just twist off the back panel and remove your money or whatever else is enclosed. It also has a hole in the back to mount this on a wall, to make this more authentic looking. I actually am quite pleased that you do not really have to break this to use it. I find single use items rather wasteful and would rather let this fill up with coins, be able to remove them, and then fill it up again. However, the main purpose of this item, I think , is to buy someone else as a novelty gift. Being able to open this from the back and fill with something other than money makes this far easier to personalise in my opinion. For instance you could place a cigarette and mini lighter in for your nicotine addicted mates, a very tiny single shot bottle of a drink in for the party type, or perhaps a hangover remedy. For someone moving away from home, perhaps a prepaid phone card, and voucher for a local takeaway. We have a good friend who is constantly getting teased for being a woman about his house. He must unfortunately move soon, so I was thinking to look for mini cleaning supplies to fill this. I have a mini bottle of Dettol, so perhaps could just add a dust cloth. Then again, I may just keep this for the boys to play with and fill up. You might even give this to someone going through a tough time with a card with your number inside - and a promise that if they ever need you to call and you'll be there. Other ideas might be tiny lush products for pampering, fishing items and a little card that says "When the going gets tough, the tough go fishing". The possibilities of ways to personalise this box are endless.

        Of course you just fill this with coins as you are meant to - but I never like to use things as they were meant to be used. It just gets so boring!

        Overall I am giving this 5 stars. No it is not terribly exciting but this is not meant to be. It's meant to be a novelty gift, and I think it has plenty of potential as that. It seems quite well made, and I expect will last for ages. With a bit of thought and planning, I really think you could make this into just the right gift to match any personality.


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          04.07.2010 16:18
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          an attractive, well-made novelty cash box, but is one-use only and with low storage space

          Money Boxes are a very easy money-maker for novelty item companies, as generally speaking all you have to do is take a brightly-coloured plastic container and slap "MONEY BOX" or "££££££" or something equally asanine on the side and there you go, a novelty money box! That'll be £4.99 plus shipping please!

          Thankfully however, Suck UK's Emergency Break Glass Money Box is considerably more innovative than that, and a lot more fun. It mimics the design of a fire-alarm or one of those little emergency hammers you get sealed behind breakable glass compartments on trains for breaking windows in an emergency, except in this case the emergency item contained is coins. It's cylindrical in design, with the size and dimensions of a cross-section segment of a mediium-sized apple, (large being granny smiths) and comes with a little slot in the top into which coins of pretty much any denomination and currency can be insterted (its big enough to accept £2 coins too).

          The money box has a flat base, so it can stand on a shelf, and it also has a hook at the back that allows it to be attached to walls, just like a real fire alarm. Its coloured like a fire alarm too in warning-red, with stark white capital lettering on the front as well that denotes its purpose, with the accumulating coins being visible through the glass meaning that you can tell at a glance when the box is full. Once coins are inserted the only way to retreive them is to smash the glass, so the item remains a one-use only product, but on the other hand this makes it a lot more fun and makes for a real event when you finally fill it and smash and grab at the coins within! Its probably worth slowly filling it with 1 or 2 pound cons however, as it doesnt hold very many coins, and will be full, smashed and binned within a week or 2 if you use it for coppers or even lower denomination silvers however.

          As a one-off novelty money box it makes for some great fun, but children should be supervised when smashing it open due to the (obvious) broken glass that results. Despite its drawbacks, the colourful design, sturdy manufacture and conceptual genius of this item make it well worth picking up for the standing asking price of £5-7.


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            13.11.2009 18:11
            Very helpful



            Another way of saving your coins, but with a fun side.

            ~ My Personal Experience ~

            This is one of my favourite money boxes of all time, and yes it's another novelty item, but still when I first saw this online I had to have it, as I thought it would make saving pennies much more exciting!

            If you think of a fire alarm system and the little red boxes with the writing "break the glass in case of emergency" on them then you will know what these money boxes look like, only you put your shrapnel in them.

            Sadly when you do try to break the glass, it cannot be replaced and there is no alarm system which would prevent you from taking the money but still the concept of the idea is fun. My only problem is that I had more shrapnel that it could hold and that is a problem especially when you can get a large "Bells" whiskey bottle which can store thousands of coins.

            I tend to use this little money box when I have silver or pound coins spare and I just chuck them in and can save them for when I need coins for parking, so you can actually use this to its potential even if it isn't saving enough for a holiday in Scotland.

            ~ Price & Shop ~

            You can buy this from the website Amazon.co.uk or http://www.suck.uk.com (which is the creator of the product. The price on Amazon is £9.69 at the moment with £3.91 in postage, a little expensive if you ask me. I bought mine from the Suck website for around £7.50 with free postage so I would recommend using their website when ordering or if you have spare Amazon vouchers from Dooyoo use them on Amazon.

            You can practically use your current shrapnel to pay for this!

            ~ Why did I buy it and how to use it? ~

            Basically it is a great idea, I need money for parking a fair bit and I am sick of having to change notes so when this popped it's head up I thought "Bingo!". This is a great item for kids and to get them motivated about saving. I actually screwed mine into the wall, it looks quite realistic too, apart from the coins showing in the see through part.

            If your like me and spend your coins as fast as you put them in, then you can actually just take the back away from the box and avoid smashing the actual front plastic part so you can use it time and time again, don't be silly and smash it for real as you cannot replace it! You cannot find anything else like it on the net.

            ~ To conclude...~

            This is a lovely little money box and a great idea thought up by someone very like minded like myself. If you like novelty items and other humorous products then you will love this, ideal for a secret Santa item in the workplace.

            The price is just about right and I still think it is a really good idea to get adults and kids saving their coins, so they can use them for certain occasions such as going to the seaside or like myself for parking.

            ~ Description of Product ~

            Add coins at your own risk, only by smashing the glass can they be retrieved. As you watch your money literally build up, you will be torn between the desire to save more or cash in.

            With money rapidly disappearing into plastic cards and online transactions, the physical presence of 'In Case of Emergency' money box will make you think more carefully before you decide to splash out. What will be your moment of need?

            ~ Ratings ~

            Durability Test: 5/5
            Money Storage Test: 3/5
            Design Rating: 5/5

            Overall: 5/5


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