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The Simpsons Inflatable Talking Bop Bag

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Brand: Halsall / Type: Talking Bop Bag

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    1 Review
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      30.12.2010 17:41
      Very helpful



      A bit of mindless violence, but still good fun.

      I bought the first version of this almost 4 years ago. It did eventually burst this summer, and I was lucky enough to find a replacement on ebay as they have become harder to find. We never have much luck with inflatables, so getting over 3 years of use, with one and then two boys battering this senseless, jumping on it and bouncing about the trampoline and generally climbing all over it is pretty good going in my book.

      This toy is recommended for ages 6 and up, but to be honest I don't see much older children getting a lot of use from this. My oldest will be 6 soon, and he does still play with it, but not nearly as much as he did when younger. He does like knocking it down so he and his brother can both ride this across the trampoline until someone falls off, and will knock it down a few times, but I can't see it being worth buying at his age. I would guess this to be about 4' tall, so it towered over my son, who when he got this on his second birthday.
      I have found young children either love or hate these bigger then they are knock about toys. I do remember one young relation being terrified of a clown toy like this. At first my son would just push him over and watch him bounce back up while shouting out one of his catch phrases "d'oh" , "ohhh why me", or "after lunch, can I whip you?". But as he got older he really loved battering this thing usually taking a running leap at it and rolling about the ground. By the time it finally gave way and developed a leak his younger brother had taken quite an interest in it, and ended up asking all the time for Simpson back, so I ended up buying a new one from ebay. The original cost me £2.00 in a bargain basket, but I ended up spending nearly £10 for a replacement, missing the voice box. Still I am happy enough with that price for a toy that has given the children so much active fun and has been very sturdy and well made.

      As mentioned this toy is roughly 4' tall. It is available with Homer in his classic jeans and white t-shirt, or boxing attire as seen here. There is a small pouch at the back which holds the voice box. I was able to just pop the box from the old toy into the new, or you could choose to leave this out as I can assure you, 3 phrases grow old very quickly. I believe the box takes 2 AA batteries which will last for years. The base of this toy is filled with water, which gives it the weight to keep bouncing back upright, while the rest is obviously filled with air.

      I can not really think of any drawbacks to this toy in our house except that it takes up a lot of room inflated, and it is nuisance to take down and fill up again - especially without a pump. I do think some very small children may be frightened of it bouncing back up, and there is a slight possibility of it knocking a small child down as it bounces about, especially if two children are beating it at once. I can also understand that some people will find this toy offensive as too violent. Other than that, I think it's a brilliant toy and a good way to tire the children out. Both my sons have really enjoyed it, and I am very impressed that it has lasted so long, so this gets five stars from me.

      It is occasionally available on Amazon or ebay, as well as various online toy shops. Prices can range from about £6 - £25.


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